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Discovery of Legerdemain

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Oct 30, 2014, 9:20:03 PM10/30/14
Discovery of Legerdemain

Here are the best magic tricks I can do. I have gathered them from many sources over many years. Some of them are my own tricks, but most are common among all magicians. I hope you enjoy!

"My Coin Gimick"

I invented a trick coin awhile back. It is just a coin with a hole drilled
straight through it. Using it requires wiring the coin up your jacket
sleeve. You can then produce the coin from nowhere, and once you release it
the coin is then stolen up your sleeve by the pull that is wired to the coin.
If you can get a drill press they are easy to make.

"Gimick Alternative"

Using the Gimick Alternative you can accomplish things normally only done
with a Gaffed Coin. It allows you to do many cool things, but you have to
wear a jacket with open sleeves, like a suit. All you have to do is sew a
pocket big enough for your coin to fit into, on the inside of the sleeve.
The pocket opening should be facing up, so the coin only falls out when you
lift your arm up vertically. Put one on each sleeve, so you can produce an
extra coin twice. You can also drop another coin down your sleeve to produce
2 from each sleeve, and it can be even more magical. I have found from
experimentation that if you stick a playing card in the pocket, it opens it
up more so coins slide in and out easier.

"The Pass"

This is one of the best tricks, but it is really just one sleight. To do
it, you only need to have a card selected and returned to the deck. Just
get a pinky break above the chosen card and square the rest of the deck on
top of it. Next flip the bottom portion up with your left hand, and pull the
top portion over with your right hand. Done correctly this invisibly cuts
the deck, moving the bottom half to the top with the selected card. Then all
you have to do is reveal it however you choose. If you practice in a mirror
to get your angles right this can be done slowly, and you hand covers all of
the angles.

"The Second Deal"

This is actually just a way to handle cards as you appeare to deal them
normally. To get into the grip fold all of the fingers in your left hand
up vertically at a 90 degree angle to your palm, then insert the deck where
your fingers meet the palm. Now grip the sides of the deck with the last 2
fingers on your left hand. Then push down with the left thumb on top of
the left side of the cards, using the whole pad of the thumb and the digit.
Your right middle finger can now slide in to the top of the deck and pull
out a card underneath the first with the pressure of the right thumb. This
technique has many uses as far as gambling. Keep practicing at it even if
you fingers get a little red. My deck actually got bloody when I started
practicing this move.

"Witch Change"

I call this move the Witch Change, because I invented it. All you have to
do is get a pinky break above the selection. Then as you square up the deck
silently and quickly pull the selection out with your pinky, flip it upside
down and to the bottom of the deck. Next I execute a false cut by doing the
pass, and as the top packet comes to the bottom I cut it back up where it was.
This looks just like a regular cut because the pass is invisible. So next I
palm the selection in the right hand as I flip the deck over with my left hand.
I show the bottom card face up, and then wave my right hand over it, dropping
off the selection. The bottom card then changes into the selection.

"Perfect Trick"

This is the Perfect Trick. You have to start by stacking the deck. The only
setup is putting all of the spades go in the middle, and 20 other cards on top.
Then the rest of the cards go on the bottom. All you need to remember now are
the top and bottom cards on the deck. So let someone pick a card from the top
20 in the deck. Then have them replace it on top of the deck and cut half the
deck off the bottom and put it on top of the rest. This puts the selection
right in between the two cards you remembered on the top and bottom. Now you
let them do one riffle shuffle, and then you take the deck back. Give it as
many overhand shuffles or cuts as you want, but then look through the deck.
Look inbetween the two cards you remembered. Their card will be the only one
between those two that is not a spade.

"White Out"

I've created a new way of marking cards that is almost 100% invisible.
All I do is take some white out, and dot the flowers on the backs of
bicycle cards with it. I dotted all of the spades in one deck, and all
of the face cards in another deck. All anyone can see when they look at
the intricate designs on the back of the cards is blue and white, so they
don't notice the markings at all!

"Some magic words..."

This is a new method of forcing cards that is actually very easy. To do it
you need to mark one card that you are going to force. This works best if
you buy a brand new deck of bicycle cards because they fan out better than
old decks. Once you have the card marked, you need someone to preform this
effect for. All you have to do is spread the deck out giving them the option
of choosing the marked card you are trying to force.

Now here is the problem. People will pick cards from anywhere in the deck
just to try to trick you. Even from the very top of the pack or the very
end. So how do you get around this?

Well there are a few magic words you can use. They are:

"Would you please take a card from the *center* of the deck"

This increases the chance they will pick your card by exponential margins.
If they still don't pick it, which will happen sometimes, then you just do
another trick that doesn't need a force card. You can also add another
little touch, just say: "Please, I won't even look." As you turn away.

You still know if they picked the force card because you can tell if they
took the force card from the pack. Thanks for reading...

"Borrowed Mental Epic"

When you borrow a deck crimp the corner of the bottom card,
Then give the deck a shuffle.
Look at the faces of the cards from the bottom inward.
When you come upon your crimped card
Memorize the 3 cards to the right of it
Then cut the rest of the cards after that back to the top.

Not too complicated so far, but to give it a little misdirection
Give the deck a riffled tabled shuffle
leaving your 4 cards positioned at the bottom of the deck.
This is just to keep the stack in order.

Next give the deck a cut, and offer it to be selected.
Fan the deck and stop when you reach the crimped corner
Offer these to your audience.
Even if they don't pick the crimped card,
There are 3 more cards after that they can select.

Here is how it plays out.
If they pick the crimped card you can show them a prediction,
If they pick one of the other 3
You tell them which card they picked after the fact.
This is just, and sometimes even more as amazing.

If they don't pick any of the cards you force,
Just make sure they return the card underneath the crimped force card.
Then you can reveal it anyway you like.

"Classic Riser"

If you put a bit of invisible string on your force card, calssic force
or otherwiae, when you return it to the deck you can then take the
invisible thread and cause the card to rise out of the deck after it
has been returned to the pack.

"Your Signed Card"

This trick requires a red deck and
A double backed red card,
And a duplicate force card.
So stick two red cards together, and read on:

You need a duplicate of whatever card you want to force.
Put the duplicate at the top of the deck and
The double backed card on top of that.

The force card goes in the middle.
Once you force it, give it to them with a permanent marker.
Tell them to write their name *on the back* of the card.

Once this is done, put the card on top of your stack
And get a break under 3 cards.
Flip all 3 cards over together, it is easy.

Now the face of their card is on top, take it off
And all they see is the back of the double.

Rip this card up into pieces, and throw them away.
Now cut the deck.

Good, now the duplicate with the signature
Is face up in the middle of the deck.

A real miracle, if I do say so myself...
And I invented this trick!

"Order From Chaos"

Start by getting one of every card from the deck, suits don't matter.
Order them as such: 3, 4, 10, 6, 9, Q, 5, A, 2, 7, J, 8, K
Deal them into two piles face down, and put the first pile on top of
the second pile. Next overhand shuffle 3 cards off the top of the
pile and move them to the bottom. Repeat this one more time.
Next, crimp the bottom card and cut the deck as if you were shuffling
as many times as you want. Making sure to return the crimp to the
place it started.

Now spell out A-C-E, by moving cards from the top of the pile to the
bottom. The next card is the ace, so turn it over. Now spell out
the rest of the deck the same way, starting with T-W-O and ending
on K-I-N-G. This trick may seem silly, but it always plays well
with someone elses deck!

"3 Card Psychometry"

Take 3 cards, and put a small bend in one card.
Set cards down with bent one in the middle.
While your back is turned, ask someone to look at a card.
Tell them to switch positions of other 2 cards they didn't pick.
If marked card is in center then it is the one they selected.
If marked card is at your left then the selection will be on the right.
If marked card is at your right then the selection will be on the left.

"Secret Addition"

4 Aces Face up on Top
Create break under 3 face down cards.
Pick up entire packet of 7
Turn top 3 cards down onto deck one at a time
Your left with one face up card that has 3 under it
Set them down as one card
Turn face up ace face down
Count off top four cards then place them back on deck
Say that the top four are the four aces
Put top 3 into middle of pack
Now all 4 aces are on top.

"Rubber Band Trick"

When card is returned to deck put pinky under it
square up deck
Rotate top half of deck up with pinky, putting it almost vertical.
Pull bottom of deck up with thumb & index finger
Top half falls underneath bottom half of deck
As two halves come back together
Selection is now on the bottom
Place rubber band around pack (except for bottom card)
Cut deck in half, lifting upper half over and to the right
Revolve it upside down
Close halves together like a book
Hold closed with finger
When you release it, the selection will shoot out

"Needle In The Card Stack"

Deal 4 piles of 4 cards
Let someone pick a pile and shuffle it
Have them mentally select one card in their pile
Then have them return their pile to the other 3 piles.
It will go in one of four positions:

Top (8)
second (7)
third (6)
bottom (5)

Take whole packet of 16 cards
Deal 4 new piles face down.

Turn them face up & Ask which pile contains their card
Turn that pile face down again.

If their card was in the top pile
move 7 cards from the top to the bottom one at a time
The 8th is their selection

if their card was second from the top pile
move 6 cards from the top to the bottom
The 7th card is their selection

if their card was third from the top pile
move 5 cards from the top to the bottom one at a time
The 6th card is their selection

if their card was at the bottom of the pile
Move 4 cards from the top to the bottom one at a time
The 5th card is their selection

"Pressure Force"

Take a new deck
Spring the cards, or give it a pressure fan
Except for your force card
Put force card in reversed
Spring cards again
Finally bend force card backwards
Return it to deck face up.
Now force card is in the middle
Fan deck out
People will almost always take the force card

"Duplicate Scenario"

Preform the "Pressure Force"
But taking another duplicate force card,
Put them both on bottom of deck
Allow any card to be picked
Begin taking off from the top of the deck
Putting small piles into the left hand
This is the Hindu Shuffle.
When they are ready to return the card
Drop off one duplicate on the far pile
When they set it down, drop the rest on top
Slip pinky above top duplicate.
Cut deck at this point.
Selection is now between 2 duplicates at top
Double lift to show their selection
Then deal top card (duplicate) to table
Double lift again showing duplicate
Then deal chosen card to table face down
Reveal that they have switched places

"Catch 22"

Return card to 22nd position in deck
Deal one card face up
Deal next face down
Repeat until all cards have been dealt
Pick up face down cards
Repeat as before
Last card to be dealt face up is selection

"Slap Revelation"

Put card at bottom
Place deck between first & second fingers of their hand
Slap front end of deck with your hand
All will fall except selection

"Random Reverse"

Move selection to the bottom
Reverse selection face up
This can be done with just a pinky break

Take a portion of deck from the top
Reverse it

Take some more off of top of deck
Reverse both portions together


Continue until
Deck is split through the middle
Half of deck face up
Half of deck face down

Flip one half over
Deck is now together again
Except for reversed selection

"Changing Card"

Get a pinky break one card above selection
Square up deck
Bring selection to 2nd from top
Flipping top portion of deck vertical at pinky break
And lifting bottom half of deck on top of it with thumb and index finger
Two halves will fall back together.
Turn over top card
Place it back on top of deck face up
Double lift this card with selection
Say, "Never judge a deck by the top of the pack"
Flip the two cards upside down and set them back on pack.
Now selection is visible and your are clean from other card.

"The 27 Card Trick"

27 Cards are dealt into 3 rows of 9
Ask for a number selected that's less than 28
Subtract 1 from this number
Ask them to say which pile the selection is in
Use the following table to decide
What order to pick up the piles
1st 2nd 3rd
TOP: 0 0 0
MID: 1 3 9
BOT: 2 6 18

Break down their number into
3 numbers on this table

If they selected 21 for example:
First subtract 1 to get 20
Then you have 2, 0, 18

2 is first, then 0, then 18

In our example
Ask which pile their card is in
Put it at the bottom of the 3 piles (2)
Then deal them out again
They tell you which pile their card is in again
Put it at the top of the 3 piles (0)
The final time you will put it at the bottom again (18)
Deal out 20 cards
The 21st card will be their selection.


Have one card removed from pack
Look at rest of deck
Add all cards together:


364 minus your total
Will equal the missing card
Look through deck a second time
And determine the missing suit

"Dice Trick"

Turn your back
Let them roll two dice
Have them turn smaller of two upside down
Add 7 to larger die to get total

Make sure they didn't roll doubles
If they did have them re-roll.

The only time this doesn't work
Is if they roll a 1
In that case
turn larger upside down instead

"Coin Flip"

Take a bunch of quarters
Throw them on table
Note number of heads
Decide if they are even or odd
Turn your back and listen
They turn coins over on table
One at a time
Each time change your count from
Odd to Even
or Even to Odd
They cover up one coin
You turn around
Count if their are an odd or even number of heads
Determine if the coin under their hand is even or odd
Based on the number of heads showing


Add month you were born
To last 2 digits of the year you were born
Now add age.

To get month you were born
take total and subtract 113 (for this year... 114 next year)

Follow this chart to predict their Zodiac Sign:

Aries - April (1) to (20)
Taurus - May (1) to (20)
Gemini - June (1) to (20)
Cancer - July (1) to (22)
Leo - August (1) to (23)
Virgo - September (1) to (22)
Libra - October (1) to (22)
Scorpio November (1) to (22)
Sagitarius December (1) to (21)
Capricorn Jan (1) to (21)
Aquarius Feb (1) to (20)
Pisces March (1) to (21)

As you can see some dates are missing from this chart
That's okay. You still have a 3/4 chance of guessing their sign.
You can ask them if they feel a trait from one sign fits them.
If it doesn't then guess the sign for the next month.

"Book Test"

Write a 3 digit number
Reverse number
Subtract smaller number from larger
It will equal one of these:


First 2 digits represent a page number
Last digit represents a word / line
Just memorize all 9 of these numbers
And memorize the word(s) found in the book

"Throw Away Prediction"

Get 6 objects
Make secret prediction that 1 will be picked
Ask someone to pick up 2 objects
If one is prediction tell them to discard other one
If neither are prediction tell them to discard your choice
Pick two objects yourself making sure neither are prediction
Ask them to pick one to be discarded
Repeat until all but one are discarded
This will be selection.

"Magic Escape"

2 black Jacks are set face up at bottom of deck.
A card is picked
It is replaced, and slid out of the deck and onto the bottom.
Deck is cut at this point
Deck is spread out showing 2 face up jacks
Cut at this point
Get a pinky break under the top 3 cards.
Bottom 2 cards are stolen and moved to bottom
Other jack left on top
Deck is cut
Now selection is between 2 face up jacks
Turn it over to reveal selection
Now real trick begins...
Put an indiferent card between each jack and selected card
But leave the origonal 3 sticking out of the deck.
Push all 3 into the deck
They will protrude through the bottom
Tap on table, and the selection will rise out.
When doing the final move:
Pinch the top of both sides of the deck while pushing cards in.

"More Pressure Forcing"

After preparing deck,
Put force card on bottom of deck.
Give one tabled riffle shuffle
Move force card to middle of deck
Then force the card.
If they pick it, have them return it
Then let them shuffle deck themselves
Ribbon spread deck on table.
Remove force card.
Or.. If they don't pick the force card.
Cut force card to bottom.
Hold the deck in your right hand
Take a chunk of cards off the top of it with left.
Continue doing this, and ask them to return their card
To the pile in your left hand.
Once the card is returned, drop all of the cards onto the left pile
This puts the force card exactly on top of their selection.
Now you can cut it as many times as you want,
Or you can overhand shuffle it as much as you want.
Then ribbon spread the deck.
Pull out the card 1 to the left of the force card.
You find their selection.
You can give the deck a few shuffles, or a partial shuffle
And then pick up the natural break at the force card to start again.

"The Edge Mark"

Get a card from an old deck.
Mark the side of a card, at the very edge.
If it is a blue card run a blue marker on it
A red car, run a red marker.

Leave it anywhere in the deck and shuffle up.

Now let them pick a card, and cut to your marked card.
Let them return it under the marked card.

Now cut the deck then,
Break the two halfs at the marked card.
Riffle shuffle the deck,
Moving the selection to the top.
Or going into another routine.

A card from an old deck makes it very easy to do this.

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