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aurora tonight?

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David Dalton

Feb 24, 2015, 1:00:07 AM2/24/15
Tonight (until 0700 UTC Feb. 24) there is supposed to be
a medium geomagnetic storm, and I can feel some tingling
in my palms, so I figured I would repost the material below.
Note that the aurora may be visible where you are, for
more see .

Chi sensitivity
Sometime in the spring of 1992 I began to be sensitive to chi
in my palms and fingers --- i.e, I could often, especially
late at night, sense a tingling or warming in the hands,
sometimes orientation dependent, and sometimes stronger
during geomagnetic storms. Later this has progressed to
warming/pulsing of or between individual fingers, or even
dowsing effects (flashes in fingers when walking, perhaps
over buried streams), and to spark sensations which I will
describe later. The tingling is intensified at some music
concerts, and I think is related to low frequency acoustics
among other things. It is also intensified by some yoga
asanas, especially twists, and by bending back/stretching
the fingers. It may be related to the acupuncture effects
of the thorns described on
(though the thorns were thicker and blunter than acupuncture
needles, and more painful).

Mystic sparks
Over the years, beginning in perhaps 1994, I have experienced
in addition to the chi warming (sometimes cold fire) and
tingling other effects such as throbbing/warming in
fingertips or knuckles, of course the orca hot foot which
I will describe later, and some spark/shock type effects.
Some may say that these are just static sparks, but they
have occurred in humid conditions when I am motionless and
well away from metal, and concentrating on swirling chi
with music or on a yoga pose, or sometimes just sensing
the environment. Sensitivity increases after walking for
twenty minutes.

The first spark occurred when my BC yoga teacher Gioia Irwin
was demonstrating a pose where one leg is stretched back
behind, one folded in front, and arms up and back, back
arched. As she raised her forearms back I got zapped with
a spark to the centre of the right forearm. The pose
she was demonstrating was Valakhilyasana, and the
Valakhilya are said to be thumb-sized entities that
follow the sun's chariot (and I call them "little
messengers of the sun"). These mystic sparks feel more
like living hummingbird sparks than dead static ones.
I haven't experienced one in a few years now.

Orca hot foot
Also, my orca hot foot occurred in November of 1995, at the
Vancouver aquarium orca pool. I did a yoga mula-bandha (deep,
rooted, raspy, my niece said mine sounds like the wind)
breath near the orcas. I think the female, Bjossa, was
closest but am not sure; there were also one or two other
orcas (Finna, Hyack?) and I think one dolphin in the pool,
and belugas in a nearby pool. I got an extremely strong,
almost electric shock on my right foot, which I had to raise
slightly. I doubt this was a pinched nerve as someone has
suggested, since It has never occurred on any other occasion.

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You must face alone the plans you make/Decisions they will try to break"

David Dalton

Feb 24, 2015, 1:30:05 AM2/24/15
Note that my last post was numbered 1000 in alt.witchcraft
on the Eternal September newsserver.

Good night,
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