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Book of Shadows

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Oct 30, 2014, 9:20:10 PM10/30/14
The following is a great deal of work that has all been tested well enough that anyone should be able to use it. It is my personal Book of Shadows. But more than that it is a guide to personal self discovery that can be used by anyone. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I would encourage you to actually use it. This guide is hosted on my website with graphics of the sigils that are being used. So without any further introductions here we go!

Hebrew Astromancy
Writen By Corey White
Taken From:

The planets appear to move around the Earth against the backdrop of the constellations, just like the Sun. The word planet means "wanderer" and ancients saw these celestial bodies as free-moving players among the fixed stars of the zodiac. Many cultures have imbued the planets with grand, godlike powers. The sun and the moon are luminaries, but in astrology they are also referred to as planets.

The inner planets are those whose shorter cycles we experience in a lifetime; they are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The outer planets, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were only recently discovered. They are known as transpersonal or generational planets and have long orbits that are tracked as historic trends. Those with the speediest orbits are the so-called personal planets: the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The personal planets shape our natures the most. Also the social planets, Jupiter and Saturn shape how we each act within society. Jupiter's orbit is 12 years, and Saturn's is 29 and 1/2 years.

After reading the works of Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy. I discovered that western magicians have been invoking the planets for magical purposes far longer than I had. In his books he explains how the Hebrew language could be used to call down the heavens for very specific purposes. But his Hebrew wasn't very good, and he only worked with 7 planets. That's when I rediscovered the tree of life, and found that it mapped all of the 11 planets in modern astrology. This was a break through because it proved that the kabalistic tree of life was actually a map of the heavens. Hopefully you will see how easily this can be applied to your magic. And from here I present you with an introduction to Kabbalah followed by the use of the Tree of Life for magical purposes.

The first step in the process by which God began creation was withdrawing his own essence, creating an area in which creation could begin. After this, God created the vessels in the empty space, but when God began to pour his Light into the vessels they were not strong enough to hold the power of His Light and shattered. Then began the process of gathering together, and raising, the sparks of His Light that were carried down with the shards of the shattered vessels

Then while the broken vessel fragments descend, still animated by sparks of light. The fragments became absorbed, animating the world in Creation. As the fragments were animated by exiled Divine sparks, a consciousness unaware of its Divine dependence, so resulting was able to exist independently, rather than being nullified by its source

In Kabbalah generally, the sephirot comprise the inner "life of God", their unification being the task of man. When the sephirot unite in the perfected realm of Divinity, the Divine Presence unites with God below, and Divine blessing is channeled to physical creation. The sephirot only exist from the perspective of Creation. From the Divine perspective only absolute Unity exists. The sephirot are the channels through which creation is enacted.

The sephirot manifest in two general forms, as concentric circles and as a three-column upright diagram, or tree. The circles denote potential creation encompassed within, the female principle. The tree denotes manifest creation, the male principle, where creation proceeds as a hierarchical progression. As concentric circles, the sephirot act sequentially and independently from each other. As a tree, the sephirot act as a harmonized configuration of related powers in the scheme of man. As in the soul of man, and represented in his bodily form, each sephirot fulfills its particular function, while co-relating and sharing with the other powers as a whole arrangement.

The light created each sephirah sequentially, first vessel, and then the illumination within. Each sephirah's light contained also the subsequent diminishing lights to form the following lower sephirot. As the light of the God radiated to form Keter, the vessel of Keter could absorb the life force. In turn, the vessels of Chochmah and Binah could absorb most of their flow, as their proximity to Keter made them strong enough, Keter extending enough relationship to them, as their motivating Will.

However, as the light proceeded to Daat, the root of the emotional sephirot, its vessel could not absorb the abundant radiance for the totality of the emotions, and shattered. This caused the total light to proceed downwards, shattering each vessel in turn. The succession was altered in Yesod, the channel of connection to Malchut. Initially, it received only the light for Malchut, which it projected on. It then also shattered under its own light. However, this enabled Malchut to partially absorb its light before collapsing; the lower, external aspects of Malchut were strengthened, and the collapse in Malchut was only partial.

The shards of the broken vessels fell down from the realm of Tohu into the subsequent created order of Tikun, splintering into innumerable fragments, each animated by exiled sparks of their original light. The more subtle sparks became assimilated in higher spiritual realms as their creative life force. The coarser animated fragments fell down into our material realm, with lower fragments nurturing realms of impurity.

Following is my table of Astromancy, as represented in both Kabbalah and Western Magick.

(1) Pluto - "Pluto"
Sephirah: Kether

"As above so below
This prayer is on its way to go
All the way to Pluto"

See Probability
You may not have an exact figure for it, but you know if you have a good chance or not at whatever it is. This isn't the same as seeing the future because at this level there is no determined outcome.

Bless / Curse
This surrounds something in good or bad luck. It can also have a certain purpose why it is in effect and draw that purpose to it.

Control Chaos
This is every gamblers fantasy. There is so much in this world that happens without a reason. Wouldn't you like to control it?

(2) Neptune - "Rahav"
Sephirah: Chokmah

"In your spirit I commune
As I sing this marry tune
Neptune be with me soon"

This ability is more of an art. It allows someone with sufficient willpower to imagine a scene so vividly that it will actually create whatever they envision.

Remote Viewing
This ability allows you to see what is happening in other locations where you are not currently present. It has been studied by the military, and used by police to find missing people.

Signs & Manifestations
This allows you to receive signs, telling you what to do to create your goals, or what you are doing wrong.

(3) Saturn - "Shabbetai, or Shabtay"
Sephirah: Binah

"Guided by the light of Saturn
Teach me more of the great pattern"

Look into the future / past
This ability is more than fortune telling. Using this ability you can actually see what will happen to a person in the future. Usually however, this is just a glimpse.

Rapidly acquire a skill
To be successful in this world requires more than talent or ability You have to learn how to learn. Some people speak 10 languages, and solve rubix cubes in their sleep. We can all tap into this kind of ability, if we believe in it enough.

Perfect timing
I don't recommend putting this to the test in life or death situations. Speeding through stop lights to get where you need to go can be a death sentence. However if you make it to the bus stop on time it always feels like an achievement.

(4) Jupiter - "Zedek or Tzedek"
Sephirah: Chesed

"Your spirit fills me to the core
Still you leave me wanting more
I worship you lord Jupiter"

Hide From Scrying
This allows you to hide from the spiritual eyes around you. It doesn't make you invisible however, except to other magicians.

Make Invisible
This is a lost art, but a very real ability. I first learned about it from Native American's. They call it stalking, and use the ability to hunt for food.

This is the ability to exit from situations that you would rather not be in. It can also help you to arrive places safely and on time. Masters of this art can disappear completely.

(5) Mars - "Maadim or Ma'adim"
Sephirah: Geburah

"Warrior of the stars
Your light has come so very far
I worship you, God of Mars"

Summon Spirits
The spiritual world transcends time & space so if you call to spirits they will always be able to hear you. If you want to cause change into the world then spirits are the most direct way to achieve your goals.

Control Spirits
Sometimes it is necessary to use your will to overpower a spirit. This is a dark art and almost always involves some kind of sacrifice.

Banish Spirits
To do this you set up a physical barrier between this world and the spiritual world, then send spirits outside of your sacred space. This barrier can protect you from forces you may not even be aware of.

(6) Sun - "Hammah or Shemesh"
Sephirah: Tiphareth

"You are the center and the one
You are the light and the Sun
A power greater there is none"

See Destiny
This is like seeing the ideal future of where you want to be going. It is the potential world of intentions. Magick will naturally try to work its way to bring about destiny, but it doesn't always succeed.

Alter Destiny
This ability allows you to change the direction of destiny. While some magicians want to see results right away, this technique can be used in combination with other magic to achieve longer lasting goals.

Forgiveness of Sins
Whole religions have been built around this concept. Destiny naturally works its way according to karmic forces. If you are clean from sin, then you can naturally expect good things to happen to you.

(7) Venus - "Kokebet, or Nogah "
Sephirah: Netzach

"Behold the Goddess Venus
As we gaze up to her genius
We know that she has seen us"

Control Instincts & Emotions
This is not just about controlling instincts and emotions in other people, but is also about feeling them. This can even allow you to read minds.

Psychic surgery, power of prayer, faith healing. It is all real. Even if there are people out to scam you. The best medicine of course is feeling good on the inside, and we can all work on that.

Peak Performance
This has the power to take your skills and put them to the test. Operate at your peak performance, and give more than 100%. You can even extend this to other people.

(8) Mercury - "Kokab or Kochav Chama"
Sephirah: Hod

"Guide me fully
To your light Lord Mercury
So I may weave my sorcery"

See Spirits
Spirits are not bound by space and time, but you know it when they are around you. You can see them and even talk to them. These spirits can even assist you in completing some things of importance to you.

Channel Spirits
This allows you to open up to spirits around you and let them into your body. Many people are afraid of this, but it can be a potent form of magic depending how powerful the spirit inside of you is.

Bind Spirits
Spirits are bound by contracts in the same way that people are bound by laws. If you make a deal with a spirit they will always honor it. This is totally different than forcing spirits to work for you.

(9) Moon - "Lebanah or Yareach"
Sephirah: Yesod

"Goddess of the Moon
I am but a worthless lune
Who's fallen to your magic swoon"

Cause Sleep
This ability is often called hypnotism. Using it you can put a person into a complete state of unconsciousness until you wake them back up.

Control Dreams
This is the ability to consciously interact with dreams to achieve your goals and desires. Like it has been said, "As above, so below", the world of dreams reflects our physical existence like a mirror.

Go Out of Body
This is the ability to enter the astral worlds of spirits and deities. These worlds speak to us almost like dreams, and can tell us things that we may not consciously know. It is a place where time and space have no meaning.

(10) Earth - "Eretz"
Sephirah: Malkuth

"Mother Earth
To all of us you gave birth
We are all sacred and of worth"

Find Things
This is sometimes caused dowsing. You can find people, places, or things with it. Generally anything you can imagine.

Attract Desires
This is not just limited to physical objects, but events and circumstances as well. You can even attract people to you with this ability

Purify Space
You can use this ability to enchant an area so it is more attuned to your magic. It can also be used to heal areas from negative energies as a result of what has happened there in the past.

(11) Uranus - "Uron"
Sephirah: Daath

"God of Uranus
Your light is forever famous
We ask that you should claim us"

See Magick
This allows you to see magick at work and determine where it comes from.

Diffuse Magick
This stops magic from doing anything at all.

Reverse Magick
This ability turns any magic back on its source, so any negative things only affect the person who wished them.

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