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Reading Playing Cards.

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Oct 30, 2014, 9:20:06 PM10/30/14
I've developed a system for reading playing cards that seems just as valid as tarot. I don't use key words and phrases, instead I have a script for each card that you must memorize. It isn't that hard, and I have done it. I suggest if you want to learn you personalize each of the readings for the cards to your own taste. Remember too that you can alter each interpretation during the course of a reading. I'm going to do one of these systems for tarot cards eventually, and perhaps convert this over to tarot. I hope you enjoy!

Ace of Clubs

You can set an example for others by being self-directed. Now is the time for making plans, and moving forward with your goals.

Ace of Spades

You feel apart from your surroundings, and are ahead of the others around you. But now is a time where life is moving in new directions, and things are balanced between all and nothing.

Ace of Diamonds

You are capable of having good financial sense, and you will need it to take advantage of new opportunities. You will have a new start with money, but you need to remember to save what you have now for later on in life.

Ace of Hearts

It could be time to look for a new relationship, or maybe for a new start to an old romance. You have a naturally attractive personality. You just have to be ready and commit to a relationship.

Two of Diamonds

Make sure not to spend money that you will need later. Patience & diplomacy are required with money. There is a risk of becoming too dependent on others around you, but it is also a good time to look for work or to change careers.

Two of Hearts

This card is a sign of a healthy partnership. Patience is required concerning romance, and you will need some give and take with love. If this is a platonic relationship it could turn into something more.

Two of Clubs

Your plans will take time to develop but if you are a team player you will see them through. You have a strong need to express yourself, and would do good working in cooperation with others.

Two of Spades

Let go of old baggage and avoid bad relationships. You will need to be strong as changes occur, and still be able to work with others to accomplish your dreams.

Three of Hearts

You have more than one option here, and can be content with all of your relationships. Now is a happy time to be in love, and there is hope for a deeper relationship.

Three of Diamonds

You could use a little help to manage your bills. There are more than a few opportunities out there for you. It's possible you could even land a new job if you are ready to change careers. Keep your fingers crossed for a raise or a promotion, and don't be afraid to ask for help.

Three of Clubs

You are having a busy time at work, and it can be hard to manage life at the same time. You know you need some help to succeed with your goals, and sometimes just wish you could make a career change

Three of Spades

It isn't easy, but you are great at managing work and other obligations at the same time. There still isn't enough time to finish everything you would like to get started. It might be time to go out with the old ways of doing things and in with the new. You just need a little help to make the changes you would like to see.

Four of Diamonds

Money has only come to you through a lot of hard work, and you still need to stretch every buck. You deserve more money than you are making, and are accomplishing more than you are given credit for.

Four of Hearts

You are having difficult times with a lover, and it is hard to find the time you need to work it out. In fact it seems like you are doing all of the work. Sometimes you just have to stop before saying what's on your mind.

Four of Clubs

You enjoy hard work, and being of service to others. And if you just stuck to your plans, you could finally be proud of yourself.

Four of Spades

You have a real desire for direction in life, and you need to take it. Hard work is required to prevent a weakness from falling through. Make sure you are not leaving anything incomplete.

Five of Hearts

There is plenty of freedom and happiness in your relationships. You are surrounded by unconditional love, and know how to enjoy platonic friendships. But you have to be careful taking any of them too far.

Five of Diamonds

Be open to new opportunities. It's a good time to invest in yourself, so spend your money on what you want. Just don't let it go to waste.

Five of Spades

There are sudden unexpected changes coming. You have to be flexible to do whatever you need to do to handle them. If you are getting restless waiting, get ready for an escape from the ordinary.

Five of Clubs

You are ready for a change and need to expand your horizons. Rethink what it is you want to do, and don't be afraid to try something new. Right now is a good time to enjoy new goals and interests.

Six of Hearts

You have deep love for everyone in your family. And being responsible for more than yourself means sacrificing yourself for your family. This can give your happiness even when life is hard.

Six of Diamonds

You are concerned less about your own needs and more about the needs of your family. Right now this comes down to the bottom line. So use your money wisely, and care for the ones you love.

Six of Spades

This card is a warning not to be self-centered. Don't get anxious over what's bugging you. Think of these feelings like guides to what is really important. This means changes concerning your whole family.

Six of Clubs

Try and find things to appreciate, and give yourself a purpose. Bring harmony back into your life by working with your family members to heal your relationships.

Seven of Hearts

If you are depressed about a relationship or doubt that someone cares for you then you need to realize that this a temporary situation. Now is a time for peace and quiet, and to remember any separation from loved ones won't last forever.

Seven of Diamonds

You are finding yourself thinking about money more than you feel you need to. Are you out of work, or owing more than you can pay? You just don't feel like you have enough. It might be time to invest in your education, and not worry so much about your current situation.

Seven of Spades

Sometimes you feel surrounded by obstacles, skeptical anything will work out. These kinds of changes force re-evaluations in your thoughts. Sometimes all you can do is to admit defeat and ask god for help.

Seven of Clubs

You are able to reason your way through your problems. Done correctly this can be a very slow process. Overcoming obstacles is very often a moral victory, rather than just a physical one.

Eight of Hearts

Don't try to be the center of the family. Instead remember that you are all equals. So don't let financial matters involving your loved ones stop you from having strong and healthy relationships.

Eight of Diamonds

Get ready to enjoy material success. You have good opportunities in the future for financial advancement. Be careful not to become greedy. Doing the right thing is more valuable than any amount of money.

Eight of Clubs

Make the most of what you have, and your financial goals will soon pay off. I see you enjoying what you are doing, maybe even working for yourself.

Eight of Spades

Troubles with work because you don't enjoy your job or are having problems with your employer will soon melt away. Be ready for some financial changes, and keep up the solid effort.

Nine of Hearts

Don't be afraid of disappointment by becoming emotionally attached. By helping other people you can become truly fulfilled.

Nine of Diamonds

You are generous by nature, but expect too much in return. The joy of fulfillment is the only happiness you really need from helping others.

Nine of Clubs

Remember that to feel good about what you do means following your conscience and seeing value in your hard work. You are at your best when you are busy helping others with their needs.

Nine of Spades

Accept life on its own terms and don't wait for someone else would help you. You need to change your approach by taking responsibility for yourself. Then maybe you will be there to help someone else.

Ten of Hearts

You can gauge the success of your romance by asking yourself if it is just another relationship or if it is true love. Don't worry because there is a new love interest waiting for you, you just need to remain self-confident and make sure not to sabotage it.

Ten of Diamonds

It's time to be ambitious because there are good financial opportunities all around you. You are going to be a success with business, and are up for a raise or promotion in the future.

Ten of Spades

Major changes are making you feel like it's time to start over. Anything can happen, and the best way for you to move through it is to accept whatever comes your way.

Ten of Clubs

This is the beginning of something big. Goals will rapidly develop, but you will need to think for yourself to make some very important decisions. So look at the big picture before you set out to do anything specific.

Jack of Hearts

You need to take action for your ideas and inspiration to be realized. It is a little too soon to be falling in love right now, but as long as you are responsible it may happen down the road.

Jack of Diamonds

You need help financially. This could come through a new job even if it is one you would rather not like. It could also come through receiving some money, but not from gambling. The best thing you can do right now is learn how to budget.

Jack of Clubs

Your quick thinking will get you out of any uncomfortable situations. Beyond your years, you have had many ideas worth using. The dreams you had back in the day are becoming real for you now.

Jack of Spades

Don't be a rebel without a cause. Even if it is time to initiate changes, you have to be careful taking action into your own hands. Right now you really just need to be listened to, so find someone close and talk through it.

Queen of Diamonds

An independent woman who lives by her own principles. Marrying into money may seem selfish to but it is also romantic, so keep a look out for Mr. right.

Queen of Hearts

You have a need to feel important and that your love is being returned. But you just need to become more receptive to communication from others around you.

Queen of Clubs

It is hard work sometimes just to express your individuality. Don't be too quick to pass judgment on the others around you, but remember to listen to your intuition when making your decisions.

Queen of Spades

You are able to make your own rules most of the time, and are a true individual. You try hard not to be judgmental, but you know how to change things to suit your mood.

King of Diamonds

You have created a life for yourself, and are becoming financially secure. Take initiative when you can with your finances, and it won't hurt to ask for help from others.

King of Hearts

It may be time to settle down. This person could actually be the 'one'. Whether you are in love, or the object of someone's affection, it is time to think seriously about where this relationship can go.

King of Clubs

Creative and hardworking, you are business driven. People find you respectable, and you'll become something of an authority in your field.

King of Spades

Don't jump to conclusions, or pass judgment prematurely. If you want to cause some change then the best approach is to not be passive aggressive.

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