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Aug 13, 2001, 10:36:34 AM8/13/01
From inside the Moon cult comes word that Josette Shiner has, indeed,
divorced her husband. Though not certain, the Moon spokesman believes
she has also separated herself ideologically from the Moonies. Vicki,
Josette's sister, remains firmly buried in the cult environs but at
unknown location.

Now, hold onto your hats !!!! Great news for those Moonies with
serious medical problems ! Mister Moon plans on opening a hospital in
Korea wherein patients will not only be treated by real live doctors
and nurses, but by doctors and nurses from the Spiritual World as
well. Of course, the hand holding the scapel will be a live one, but
that hand may be guided by Dr. Too Han Dock, famous Korean physician
of the 19th Century. And, if you should hear your surgeon talking to
himself as you lay in the Recovery Room ....don't despair .... he's
simply getting his instructions from the "other side."

Big meeting with the Spirit World upcoming soon, most likely at
Barrytown. Not known at this time if Primary Medium will be Dae Mo
Nim or Black Heung Jin. Therefore, it is suggested that you wear your
heaviest clothing and take along a football helmet if you have one.
No, don't take your children with you to this Seance .... anything can
happen !! (Robroy)

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