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Links to Hour of Slack #1102 "Big Brother Is Googling You Watching New Age Pornography"

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Rev. Ivan Stang

Jun 11, 2007, 3:18:04 PM6/11/07
Live 2007-06-10 59:43

A lively live show (recorded at WCSB studios) in which Rev. Ivan Stang
gets carried away ranting about New Age pornography, to the chagrin of
Princess Wei and Lonesome Cowboy Dave. Also: recent crazy-guy phone
calls to the Church Message Machine, and posts to alt.binaries.slack


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1 LeMur: PR Gnus #1309 00:16
2 Right Bob? 00:10
3 Mummy - That Sound Again 00:08
4 LeMur: HOS Intro #697 - Count 4 "Bob" 01:28
5 Here's "Bob" #04 00:20
6 Poor Humans - StarTroopers2 01:12
7 Lookin & Bookin 00:21
8 LeMur: Andy of Bug Porn #013 00:29
9 "scratchin_bob" - Gord Fynes 01:09
10 Rev. Norel Pref: true identity 00:51

LIVE SECTION A - Stang, Dave, Wei

Making fun of goofballs w/ Dave-O and Wei-O - The funniest clown is
"Bob" - Toilets from Space, I took too much... The Future is Coming -
BIG BROTHER IS GOOGLING YOU - watching your back on Action 5 News. Your
home is your concentration camp. Fatantics for "Bob" - Onward SubGenius
Soldiers - We will kill you to save you. FWAP's poem - Dr. His Name -
Surgery to remove "Bob's" Pipe - "Bob" Loops - Can't Escape "Bob" Loops
- Dave Ad Job Offer - Razna Credit - Prof. Frederick Filtertest was big
in porn... The Frogs of Brushwood - credits - They Mocked Me! Dragged
me through the mock. We're excited by X-Day! The World Ends tomorrow!
Modmac's press release... intro to Angry Christian Caller:

11 Prescriptures - July5 00:14
12 Phone Message - Christian Vs X-Day 00:45


The Conclusion Jumper and The Judgemental will be at the Judgement.
Also the False Bobs, Bobbies, Imabobs, Imabobbies, (with SODDI's NPOV
tune in bg)
News: Ask Dr. Hal on Net Radio (
Bigfoot Sighting in India, Bigfoot sighting in This Studio - Witch from
Outer Space - Ug & Ort the yetis -
Dr. Dark's News: Bare Pulls SubGenius Girl from Tent at Brushwood
Dave interviews Stang re: Slakers. Intro to Slacker Call:

13 Slacker Phone Call 00:51


BEER GOD THE THIRST FUCKER - History of Beer God - Dirty words in ads -
possessor of the true Luck Power?? Dave tells of the old songs (Carter,
Pisces from 9X-Day singing) - X-Day bands - Amino Acids rant - Lonesome
Cowboy Dave and the Underworlderssss - Papa Joe and Dr. Hal - Hal has
the vocabulary, and all our memories

14 Dr. Loa: Future Always Nonsense 00:22
15 Glassmadness: Bob Is a Rock 00:32
16 By_Gobbs1 00:14
17 Brak - Big Fat Squid 00:59
18 LeMur: Believe It or Kill Me #0144 00:42
19 Supercar 01:30


Supercar Voice Over -- Dave, Wei and Aliens - STANG RANT ON YOGA
JOURNAL AS PORNO - poser hippie zine - outhrust chests - and yet shaved
pits! Porno for rich wimps afraid to buy porno - "Empowerment" HA! -
Pinkness! Dave upset... What of the mutant girls? Utne Reader = Rush
Leftbaugh. The evils of smugness, New Age Hitlers. Wishy-washy teasing
closet lesbian soccer moms - GET OUT OF THE CLOSET!! ((Stang goes
nuts!)) You don't need that Chem-Can. Yoga Journal Utne Reader
Portlandian Coffee Shop Pinkness. Would you SHAVE your prairie squid??
Mr. Normalmen Vs. Mr. Weirdman sermon. Der bristling hairy chest
muscvles of der Strong Connietites! - URL and out.

20 Rev. Norel Pref: idle hamerican 00:43

Kirkendahl Voyd::

Rev. Norel Pref:

Look for Puzzling Evidence show recordings by way of

"Bob's" Slacktime Funhouse, WREK, MP3 podcast:

Slack, J.R."Bob" Dobbs, Bob Dobbs, Hour of Slack, comedy, conspiracy,
collage, experimental, anarchy, X-Day, nudity, sexhurt, Prairie Squid,
SubGenius, Church of the

The Church of the SubGenius Radio Ministry seeks to brainwash you
totally into abject lifelong subservience to The High Epopt and Living
SlackMaster, J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

The SubGenius Foundation, Inc.
(4th Stangian Orthodox MegaFisTemple Lodge of the Wrath of Dobbs Yeti,
Resurrected, Rev. Ivan Stang, prop.)
P.O. Box 181417, Cleveland, OH 44118 (fax 216-320-9528)
Dobbs-Approved Authorized Commercial Outreach of The Church of the SubGenius

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