"I just want some peace" (Volume 13)

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Mike O'Connor

Jun 6, 2002, 10:11:08 PM6/6/02
12 THE COURT: No, I just want to know basically,
13 is it your hope that you can just walk away and --
14 and be no longer involved in any litigation and you
15 go your way and they go theirs and --

16 THE WITNESS: And that I don't bother them. I
17 don't want to speak out about the Church of
18 Scientology anymore. I don't want them to speak out
19 about me.

20 THE COURT: Bother you, bother your wife,
21 bother Ms. Brooks?

22 THE WITNESS: You know, I guess -- yes, I would
23 just like for us to be able to -- you know, I'm not
24 saying we're going to send each other Christmas
25 cards or patch up anything other than the most
1 fundamental issue between us, but --

2 THE COURT: I take it you hope you don't have
3 to pay any money, and if you do, whatever it is you
4 have to pay, is as little as possible?

5 THE WITNESS: Well, that's for sure. That's
6 for sure, your Honor.

7 THE COURT: So -- so those are two things that
8 we said pretty quickly.
9 Now, what else is it you hope to obtain in this
10 global settlement, if anything?

11 THE WITNESS: I just -- I just want some peace
12 and --

13 THE COURT: Okay.

14 THE WITNESS: -- you know, your Honor, since --
15 you know, this has been really hard. It's been -- I
16 just can't do it anymore. I don't want to do it.

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

Only attacks resolve threats.

In the face of danger from Govts or courts there are only two errors
one can make: (a) do nothing and (b) defend. The right things to do
with any threat are to (1) Find out if we want to play the offered game
or not, (2) If not, to derail the offered game with a feint or attack
upon the most vulnerable point which can be disclosed in the enemy
ranks, (3) Make enough threat or clamor to cause the enemy to quail,
(4) Don't try to get any money out of it, (5) Make every attack by us
also sell Scientology and (6) Win.

If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any
organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to
cause them to sue for peace. Peace is bought with an exchange of
advantage, so make the advantage and then settle. Don't ever defend.
Always attack.

Don't ever do nothing. Unexpected attacks in the rear of the enemy's
front ranks work best.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 1960-08-15

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

Find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for
peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person's repute and
to discredit them so thoroughly they will be ostracized. Be alert to
sue for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public
presses from mentioning Scientology.

It is my specific intention that by the use of professional PR (black
PR) tactics any opposition not only be dulled but permanently

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 30 may 1974

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

And I call to your attention the situation of any besieged fortress. If
that fortress does not make allies, does not send forth patrols to
attack and harrass, and does not utilize itself to make the beseiging
of it a highly dangerous occupation, that fortress may, and most often
does, fall.

The DEFENSE of anything is UNTENABLE. The only way to defend anything
is to ATTACK, and if you ever forget that, then you will lose every
battle you are ever engaged in, whether it is in terms of personal
conversation, public debate or court of law. NEVER BE INTERESTED IN
CHARGES. DO, yourself, much MORE CHARGING, and you will WIN. And the
public, seeing that you won, will then have a communication line to the
effect that Scientologists WIN. Don't ever let them have any other
thought then that Scientology takes all its objectives.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 30 may 1974
Magazine Article on Level 0 Checksheet

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

At this instance there are men hiding in terror on Earth because they
found out what they were attacking. There are men dead because they
attacked us -for instance Dr. Joe Winter. He simply realied what he did
and died. There are men bankrupt because they attacked us - Purcell,
Ridgeway, Ceppos.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
Manual of Justice (Public Domain)



Purpose: To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-1.
To train the student to outflow false data effectively.

Training Stress: In Part 1 coach gives command, student originates a
falsehood. Coach flunks for out TR 1 or TR 0. In Part 2 coach asks
questions of the student on his background or a subject. Student gives
untrue data of a plausible sort that the student backs up with further
explanatory data upon the coach asking further questions. The coach
flunks for out TR 0 and TR 1, and for student fumbling on question
answers. The student should be coached on a gradient until he/she can
lie facilely.

-- [Cult document recovered in FBI raid]

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can
control anybody is to lie to them. When you find an individual is lying
to you, you know that the individual is trying to control you. One way
or another this individual is trying to control you. That is the
mechanism of control. This individual is lying to you because he is
trying to control you - because if they give you enough misinformation
they will pull you down the tone scale so that they can control you.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
Technique 88


The past 8 years have consisted mainly of a prolonged, and ultimatly
unsuccessful, attempt to persuade or compel the plaintiff to comply
with lawful discovery. These efforts have been fiercely resisted by
plantiffs. They have utilized every device that we on the District
Court have ever heard of to avoid such compliance, and some that are
new to us.

This noncompliance has consisted of evasions, misrepresentations,
broken promises and lies, but ultimately with refusal. As part of this
scheme to not comply, the plaintiffs have undertaken a massive campaign
of filing every conceivable motion (and some inconceivable) to disguise
the true issue in these pretrial proceedings. Apparently viewing
litigation as war, plaintiffs by this tactic have had the effect of
massively increasing the costs to the other parties, and, for a while,
to the Court. The appointment of the Special Master 4 years ago has
considerably relieved the burden to this Court. The scope of
plaintiff's efforts have to be seen to be believed. (See, Exhibit "A",
photo of clerk with filings, and Exhibit "B", copy of clerk's docket
with 82 pages and 1,757 filings.)

Yet, it is almost all puffery -- motions without merit or substance.

-- Declaration of Hon. James M. Ideman
17 October 1994


Most of the prolix memorandum and almost 1,000 pages of accompanying
exhibits and supplements have nothing to do with anything at issue in
these consolidated cases. Instead, the papers recite every grievance
allegedly suffered by Scientology at the hands of others for the past
forty years. Plaintiffs have assembled this hodge-podge of grievances
into a conspiracy theory, in which each and every grievance is alleged
to somehow connect to this litigation. The ultimate aim is to convince
the court that the counterclaims were dismissed because conspirators
sabotaged this case, not because plaintiffs failed to comply with
court-ordered discovery.

-- James G. Koltz, U.S. Special Master
23 July 1992

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

Don't ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough,
rough on attackers all the way.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOPL 25 Feb 1966


Mike O'Connor <http://www.leptonicsystems.com/>


Jun 7, 2002, 7:22:10 AM6/7/02
On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 02:11:08 GMT, Mike O'Connor <mi...@leptonicsystems.com>

This sounds like the very definition of monetary extortion.
He has to pay them off to quit committing crimes against him.

Thomas Gandow

Jun 7, 2002, 10:08:40 AM6/7/02

ptsc wrote:

> On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 02:11:08 GMT, Mike O'Connor <mi...@leptonicsystems.com>
> wrote:
> This sounds like the very definition of monetary extortion.
> He has to pay them off to quit committing crimes against him.

>>++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++
>>Find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for
>>peace. Originate a black PR campaign to destroy the person's repute and
>>to discredit them so thoroughly they will be ostracized. Be alert to
>>sue for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public
>>presses from mentioning Scientology.
>>It is my specific intention that by the use of professional PR (black
>>PR) tactics any opposition not only be dulled but permanently
>> -- L. Ron Hubbard
>> HCOPL 30 may 1974
>>++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

Dear PTSC,

thank You for posting these very informative quotes from Hubbard

Let me write to You, what I understand, why You posted this:

1. "Find and manufacture" the SO did itself.

2. The victims sued for peace - am I right?

3. Scientology then also "originated" the black PR campaign.

So far, so bad.

4. But now I am thinking who besides SO - which "originated" the
campaign for sure - took part in the black PR-campaign to destroy
one's person's repute and to discredit them so thoroughly?

5. And who took part in the scientology-originated "ostrakismos"
which without doubt really took place here on ARS starting at
least with the anonymous posting from: Anonymous (an...@anon.com)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: 2002-04-07 19:17:22 PST

6. Will there be any stand taken by You and others on ARS against
the specific intention and action we all can see happening, that

by the use of professional PR (black PR) tactics any opposition

not only is dulled and splitted, but that opposition is
iradicated and people are really discouraged to join the fight?

I simply and honestly hope, that You will take the time just to
consider, if we all didn't watched by and took part in an
ostracism as Hubbard recommended it - and what to do now after it
took place?


Alles, wovon Scientology nicht möchte, daß Sie es wissen, finden
Sie bei http://www.xenu.net oder bei: http://www.xenu.de -
Deutsche Abteilung und http://www.xenu.ch - Schweizer Abteilung

Mike O'Connor

Jun 7, 2002, 11:10:15 AM6/7/02
In article <alj0gu8ne97283p23...@4ax.com>,
Penult <pen...@riverstyx.com> wrote:

> On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 02:11:08 GMT, Mike O'Connor
> <mi...@leptonicsystems.com> wrote:

> LRH was well read, as we know by how much he stole from other authors,
> and he also played Chess. There are several quotes below that reek of
> Aron Nimzovitch. Are any of LRH's old pals still alive who played
> chess with him or does anybody have any game records?
> I would love to get my hands on those.
> Gerry Armstrong are you listening?

Well, he sure thought THE ART OF WAR was the bees knees, he made it
required reading for some staff, and I've got this feeling he knows who
Machiavelli is, too. And let's not forget BIG LEAGUE SALES TECHNIQUES.

Mike O'Connor

Jun 7, 2002, 12:06:37 PM6/7/02
In article <8q51gukerdcelsalf...@4ax.com>,

ptsc <ptsc AT nym DOT cryptofortress DOT com> wrote:

> On Fri, 07 Jun 2002 02:11:08 GMT, Mike O'Connor <mi...@leptonicsystems.com>
> wrote:
> This sounds like the very definition of monetary extortion.
> He has to pay them off to quit committing crimes against him.

I think the Judge has got it pretty much figured out at this point, and
the proceedings are slowly getting there, I pray (I've still got more
cathing up to do on the transcripts.) What the cult does and gets away
with by its phony religion cloak, endless cash reserve and religious
dedication to lying is absolutely amazing, year after year in case after
case, it's absolutely amazing. As you know this is one of many, many
amazing court cases. I mean poor Lisa is hardly mentioned any more, it's
all about peripheral tangling up of cult enemies. How the hell does the
cult do it? Let's hope there is some talk about poor Lisa in the actual
trial - but you and I both know there won't be one. After the cult has
gotten maximum harassment value from the prelims (as its own SACRED
SCRIPTURE SAYS TO DO) they'll drop it all and put gag agreement all
around so they can stifle the whole mess. We've seen it a dozen times.
Then, they will busy themselves bouncing the rubble of Mr. Minton, to,
as SACRED SCRIPTURE SAYS if possible, ruin him utterly. Their abuse of
the legal system is appalling. Unbelievable, is the word. Literally!
People just plain don't believe it, it's so outrageously absurd
sounding. I've said it before. L. Ron Hubbard was a GENIUS.

++++++++++++ SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE +++++++++++++

Incredulity of our data and validity. This is our finest asset and
gives us more protection than any other single asset. If certain
parties thought we were real we would have infinitely more trouble ...
without a public incredulity we never would have gotten as far as we
have. And now it's too late to be stopped. The protection was
accidental but it serves us very well indeed. Remember that next time
the ignorant scoff.

-- L. Ron Hubbard
HCOB 29 July 1963


Many of the theories and teachings of scientology are so fanciful that
the reaction of the normal individual on hearing them is generally one
of amusement and incredulity ... the impression may exist ... that
scientology is just harmless nonsense and its followers merely queer
people, that its theories are foolish but funny and that not much harm
is being done by allowing silly people to have their silly beliefs and
carry on their silly practices. Such an attitude is welcomed by the
scientologists, for it serves to obscure the real nature of

-- "Inquiries: Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology"
1965; the "Anderson Report"


It's a pity posts like these don't get seen by the Judge. Instead, she
only seems to get to see the most rabid vitriolic stuff and is given the
impression the group is some kind of underground radical type of
organization. Of course, it's the impression the cult has always striven
for, even to the extent of IMO planting violent messages here
specifically so they can be shown in court as proof that this is some
sort of incubator of violence and lawfulness. No, it's just regular
folks here, good ones, bad ones, just like any street corner or public
park. I've always thought of Usenet as a combination of a coctail party,
with a hundred conversations going on at once with people participating
in several of them, and a town square where everyone gets a chance, or
as many chances as they want, to get up in front of tens of thousands of
people and give a speech, which some folks verbally applaud, and others
toss verbal tomatoes at. In the end it's just words, raw and unfiltered
free speech at its best, impossible to fetter.

She probably has no idea that people here are reading and discussing the
transcripts of her proceeding (God knows who posts them, it's anon
posted) and a lot of the discussion is insightful and based on logic and
reason. Sure there are nutballs here, just like in any town square. But
that's not the meat of this place.

I read a discussion of ARS in the transcripts, even Mr. Dandar got stuff
wrong, for example how many read and participate in this group. Going
from memory (mine is weak but that Judge's is incredible - geesh!) I
think he estimated about 20,000 readers and 100 regulars. We see from
verifiable statistics that on occasion over 500 separate names have
posted here in the space of a week, even without counting cult spam. On
average it's about 300 I think... It goes up and down. Well, let's take
a gander at a recent stat from
<arscc...@wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de> covering 20 May thru 26 May.

There were 2355 postings by 274 persons. A light week, I'd say, mainly
because the cult seems to have gone amazingly and unusually silent with
its usual group-clogging shilling and spam efforts. The top ten most
prolific posters bestowed 780 of the messages on us, or about a third of
the posts. In that week, the top folk seem to be actual people, not cult
spammers. One good thing to come out of the lawsuits, anyway,
Usenet-wise. Guess they want to look nice for the camera.

At any rate, as you know it's not possible to get a stat on how many
people read messages here. But my own estimate is about 30,000 people
per week come in and read at least one message. And, I estimate there is
a lot of "churn," people coming and going. In other words I believe last
week's 30,000 are a substantially different set of people than this
week's 30,000, perhaps 33% different. I base my guesstimates on a rule
of thumb that for every person that posts on a nationwide public forum,
there are 100 lurkers who read but do not post. On another large online
service I was involved in for 9 years, this was the case. There, sysops
could count not only the number of people who posted, but the number of
people who entered a discussion group even without posting. The 100 to
one ratio was suprisingly steady, and a bit distressing, as we couldn't
significantly budge it even when we tried to give incentives for new
people to post. I believe Usenet is close enough that the rule of thumb
is probably valid. In fact, a few years ago there was a group that did
post statistics based on use of Usenet on its large networks
(alt.usenet.lists or someplace?) and those stats did approximately match
the 100-1 rule. On the churn, we saw about 20% and I'm guessing it is
substantially higher (maybe WAY higher, actually) because of the more
free-form (subscriptionless) nature of Usenet, and the fact that
everybody and his brother is on the Net, where a few years back it was
more geeky and techno and such people tended to flit around less.

So with 300 people a week posting here, my personal guess is something
like 30,000 people per week and over 500,000 people per year
(considering churn) read posts from alt.religion.scientology. And I've
heard "the Internet is expanding". It's all best guesses, I'd certainly
like to see others. It's clearly one of the busiest of the around 50,000
(on my ISP) Usenet groups, and that is verifiable by ISP server I/O


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