2004 IAS Freedom Medal Winner Summit

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Feb 26, 2005, 2:54:03 PM2/26/05

IAS Freedom Medal winners

In the past 20 years the IAS has awarded 64 IAS Freedom Medals to
Scientologists. There may be more Freedom Medal Winners but these
are all that I could find.

Each year the IAS holds the Annual IAS Freedom Medal Winner Summit
at Saint Hill in East Grinstead, England.

The summit "provides a yearly opportunity for Medal Winners to meet
and coordinate with one another and make their plans for the coming

Of the 64 Freedom Medal Winners, 42 attended the "Summit".

In attendence

Tom Cruise

Fran Andrews
Lawrence Anthony
Anne Archer
Martha Ballesteros
Jeff Butler
Felice Cantu
Greg Capazorio
Roberto Cestari
Caroline Collen
Chick Corea
Bunny Dubin
Dennis Dubin
Jan Eastgate
Asa Graaf
Isaac Hayes
Wendy Honnor
Kinder Hunt
Vladimir Kuroplatnik
Boris Levitsky
Debbi Mace
Koji Minami
Michael Nielsen
Judy Norton
Jeff Pomerantz
Javier Ramirez
Michel Raoust
Bud Reichel
Ann Roberts
Michael D. Roberts
Elena Roggero
Andrik Schapers
Gabriele Segalla
Galina Shurinova
Gary Smith
Peter Stevens
Jeannie Trahant
Rohn Walker
Rena Weinberg
Bobby Wiggins
Bruce Wiseman
Chrulya Wurfel

Those not attending the November 2004 Annual
IAS Freedom Medal Winner Summit

Barbara Ayash--- missing
Don Moore--- missing
Paul Rood--- missing
Peter Schless--- missing
Phillipe de Henning--- missing
Dennis Clark--- missing
Charles Lakes--- missing
Jane Allen--- missing
Julia Migenes--- missing
Keith Code--- missing
Kirstie Alley--- missing
Jerry Boswell--- missing
John Travolta--- missing
Dr. Oliver Hseung--- missing
John Carmichael--- missing
Sharon Runyon--- missing
Alfreddie Johnson--- missing
Burris de Nieto--- missing
Joan Lonstein--- missing
Joy Westrum--- missing
Rick Pendery--- missing
Eduardo Palomo-- deceased

Except for Eduardo Palomo, it's not known why they were missing ;-)

Too broke to get to Saint Hill? Disaffected? Couldn't find a replacement
for their post? Quietly left Scn?



"Informing people doesn't involve trying to silence those who disagree with you." --Prignillius


Feb 27, 2005, 3:02:58 AM2/27/05
Hmm... I heard from someone a few years ago that Julia Migenes was
waffling and making disaffection noises and the C of S decided to
flatter her and to give her some sort of reward.

Also, there was some sort of flap years ago between her and Jervis
Johnson, her ex-husband.

Anyone know any details?

I haven't seen her on any completions lists in a very long time.

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