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Mar 20, 1999, 3:00:00 AM3/20/99
Monique Edwige Yingling was born on October 28, 1951 in
Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to the late Mr. and Mrs. Carl S.
Yingling, Jr. She works as a partner at Zuckert, Scoutt &
Rasenberger, L.L.P., 888 Seventeenth Street NW, Washington,
DC 20006-3309. Her telephone at work is 202-298-8660, fax
number 202-342-0683, and her email address is

She and her husband, Gerald Alan Feffer, were married on
September 24, 1983 in the Bethlehem Cathedral of the
National Cathedral in Washington, DC by Reverend Elizabeth
Weisner. They met while both worked at the Justice
Department Tax Division. Monique opted to keep her maiden
name. They have at least two sons, one which is eight and a
half, and the other is six and a half years old. Gerald
Feffer was previously married, but this marriage ended in a

Monique’s professional areas of practice are, naturally,
federal tax controversies, federal taxation, income tax, tax
controversies, tax exempt organizations. She was admitted to
the bar in 1977 in California and the 9th Circuit Federal
Appeals Court, in 1982 to the US Claims Court, in 1983 to
the U.S. Tax Court, in 1984 to the District of Columbia
Courts, and in 1989 to the U.S. Supreme Court. She was
promoted to partner in the fall of 1985.

Yingling attended Cathedral Academy in Camden, New Jersey, and
then Vassar College, where she obtained a Bachelors degree,
graduating cum laude in 1973. She attended the University of
Tennessee, where she received her law degree in 1977 and
Georgetown University where she obtained her LL.M in Taxation
in 1984. At Tennessee, she was an Assistant Editor on the Law
Review. She worked as a trial attorney with the Department of
Justice Tax Division from 1978 to 1983. She is currently a
member of the DC Bar, the California State Bar and the American
Bar Association.

Her husband, Gerald A. Feffer, is a highly-sought after
criminal defense attorney at Williams & Connolly, 725 Twelfth
Street N.W., Washington, DC 20005. His telephone is 202-434-
5000, and his email address is He was born on April 24,
1942 in Washington, DC. He attended Lehigh University, where
he received his Bachelors degree in 1964, after which he
attended the University of Virginia where he received his law
degree in 1967. He was admitted to the bar in New York in 1968,
and in 1980 to the District of Columbia bar.

Mr. Feffer is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Charles Feffer of
Asheville, North Carolina, and formerly of New York. [Mr.
Louis Feffer had been an economic officer at the United States
Embassy in Paris.]

From 1971 until 1976, Gerald Feffer served as the Assistant U.S.
Attorney in the Southern District of New York. From 1979 until
1981 he was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Tax
Division of the Department of Justice. He is a member of many
law organizations and committees. Notably, he was the 1985-1987
Chairman of the Committee on Civil and Criminal Tax Penalties.
He is or was the Chairman of the ABA Annual National Institute
on Criminal Tax Fraud. He was a partner in the New York law
firm of Kostelanetz & Ritholz, and then was a member of the
Washington law firm of Steptoe & Johnson, before joining
Williams & Connolly.

Feffer has had a number of very high profile clients,
including Leona Helmsley (about whom Feffer has publically
stated was quote a tough bitch unquote, but then asked the
jury to leave judgment on that count to a higher authority.
Feffer also defended former Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp.
Chairman Richard Scott, fashion designer Aldo Gucci, former
United Way head William Armony, and the U.S. Postal Service.
Feffer’s friend and former law partner John J. Tigue once
told the New York Times that Feffer was so meticulous he
“brings trial preparation to a neurotic level.”

Moreover, Feffer’s firm has defended President Clinton in the
Whitewater allegations, [and thus presumably had possession of
privileged and confidential information from the President in
connection with this case]. Partner Brendan Sullivant Jr.
defended Col. Oliver North during the Iran-Contra scandal.
Partner Vincent Fuller successfully defended boxing promotor
Don King for tax fraud, and then followed up with an
unsuccessful defense at Mike Tyson’s trial for rape.

In 1992, it was reported that Gerald Feffer charged $350 an
hour. He is described to be calm, genial and restrained. In
1985, he was selected by David Miscavige and Lyman Spurlock to
defend the COS executives against charges of conspiracy to
defaud the IRS. Feffer quickly disposed of the criminal tax
investigation in November 1986. “We went to the Department of
Justice and they decided not to even authorize a grand jury”,
Feffer has said. Feffer continues to advise Miscavige and the
church on “special projects”, as he calls them. Feffer, for
example, negotiated the terms of Miscavige’s appearance on Feb.
14, 1992 on ABC’s Nightline to respond to the Time Magazine
articles on the COS. Following discussions Feffer says he had
with Nightline producer Richard Harris, Miscavige had a rare
one-on-one session with Ted Koppel and was given plenty of time
for comment. The interview went a half hour over the allotted
time so Miscavige could respond to specific criticisms of the

Feffer also says that Miscavige has relied upon him to help
select new lawyers for the church. For example, in 1985, he
brought in DC-based tax exempt organizations specialist Thomas
Spring, and in 1987, he brought Monique in to work with Spring
to help unravel the COS’s longstanding civil tax problems with
the IRS. Feffer has also located outside counsel in eight
European countries to handle the COS tax and corporate legal
work over there.

But the Yingling’s main residence is 3000 Garrison Street NW,
Washington, DC 20008. They paid $5749.96 in property taxes on
this homestead in 1995, $5,690.68 in 1996, and $5481.42 in
1997, In 1995, the land had a market value of $226,826 and
the improvement value of $395,953, for a total market value of
$622,779. In 1996, the land had a market value of $226,826,
and an improvement value of $395,953, for a total market value
of $622,779. In 1997, the land had a market value of $218,906,
and a market improvement value of $382,076, for a total market
value of $600,982. The large 3897 square foot house sits on a
huge lot, 13,656 square feet.

They have another property at North Shores, Anchor Road, Lot
89, in Rehoboth Beach, in Susset County, Delaware. This is
probably the beach house referred to above. In 1997, the
market land value was $30,000, and the market improvement
value was $103,600, for a total market value of $133,600.
But these market values are from the 1974 assessment year.
They bought the beach home in 1988, for $250,000, recording
the deed on January 27, 1988. The prior sales price had been
only $6,667 when the previous owners had purchased the cabin
on January 3, 1984.

This beach house is described in a lengthy article in the July
22 1993 Washington Post Newspaper. The Yinglings had a small
1200 square foot 1960s era beach house built on a canal,
basically a small cabin. At first, Monique simply wanted to
add a master bedroom suite and a study so that she could bring
her work home and spend a month or so in the summer there with
her young son. The project grew until they ended up building
a collection of buildings under a series of roofs. The colors
are pastel, reminiscent of Seaside, the planned resort
community in the Florida Panhandle. There are whitewashed oak
floors, fir walls, hickory kitchen cabinets, some of the wood
knotted, give the house a moderately rustic look. There are
large windows, high ceilings and a skylight. A spiral staircase
from the master suite leads to Yingling’s octagonal tower study,
which she painted deep blue, adding gold stars on the 11 foot
ceiling. Monique says: It’s a very soothing sort of
environment for working. It’s nice to be able to talk on the
phone and gaze out these windows.

Monique Yingling appears to be one of the best tax attorneys in
the nation. Gerald Feffer is reputed to be one of the best
criminal defense attorneys in the nation.

Best wishes, SP4 & Adm. TOXE CXI
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