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Question (Chuck Beatty!) : what is the TRD - Truth Rundown?

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roger gonnet

Mar 29, 2005, 12:13:40 AM3/29/05
Hi Chuck,

Could it be possible to develop more how the "TRD" is done?

Is that some new form of sec check or jo-burg? Does it have steps etc?


Mar 29, 2005, 11:20:34 AM3/29/05

Truth Rundown as done on the RPF Program by Sea Org members and it is
done almost always co-audited on the RPF. Rarely one-way.

After an RPFer gets a general case cleanup, the main first auditing
action he receives is the Truth Rundown.

If any auditing on the RPF is a direct candidate of the label
"brainwashing", then this action is.

I was on the Truth Rundown over a year, and in the end I just stopped
running on it, I didn't attest to it, I just started on my first FPRD
Form. The significance of this is, that the Case Supervisor didn't
want to allow me to attest for some reason, and just C/Sed me to then
continue on my next RPF program auditing action, which is the Basic
FPRD Form.

The Truth Rundown consists of Rollback and then sec checking. It is an
overall procedure to deal with the Black Propaganda that a staff member
has spread about a well-intentioned group or individual.

Examples of typical Black Propaganda that a Sea Org member might have
said and which he will have to deal with on the Truth Rundown are as
follows. A person has about 50 to 100 of these lines, and similar
lines are grouped into one overall line, so as not to be unnecessarily

1) The CMO don't know what the hell they are doing. They are a bunch
of amateurs.
2) Joe [good exec in fact] is an evil son of a bitch
3) Jane (an auditor) is a fucking squirrel! [When in truth she was
auditor of the year.]
4) LRH does not know what he is talking about when it comes to how to
polish a car.
5) LRH was always cross ordering himself.
6) Joe [Good junior overall in fact] likes to crash his stats just to
get me [his senior] in trouble with my seniors.
7) The RTC Representatives are out to get me, they are like vultures.
[When in fact the RTC Reps haven't acted in any way like this.]
8) Etc., etc.

A Black Propaganda line, called a Black PR line, has to contain a
falsehood about a well-intentioned person. Using the Black PR is false
vilification of a well-intentioned person or group, and the Black PR is
an attempt to lower the status of the person or group that the pc is
spreading the Black PR on, as a justification of their serious overt
against that person or group. When the person handles this serious
overt, and expresses remorse and does a reversal of their viewpoint and
retracts the Black Propaganda statement, then ehy have gotten the
correct result of doing the Truth Rundown for that one Black PR
statement. Each Black PR line is taken to this same result.

The Rollback procedure step of the Truth Rundown comes first and
determines, line by line, did the pc get the idea from someone else, or
did the pc think it up themselves. If the lines came from someone
else, then the person they came from is noted down and the information
is passed out of the RPF to the proper staff so those other persons can
later be investigated to find out where they got the ideas, and so on,
until the person who actually first came up with the idea is isolated.

But for RPFers, they just do the Rollback step all in one session,
going through each line, quickly determining where the line came from,
either the pc, or someone else.
While on the RPF in the years I was there, people usually had from
20-100 approximately, such Black PR lines to handle on their Truth

Next step of the Truth Rundown is to deal with each line, line by line,
with sec checking, to isolate first the serious overt (and this leads
into a chain of other overts) that the person committed just prior to
him uttering or writing the Black PR line.

Once all the serious overt and then usually a chain of earlier overts
are run out, then a "false purpose" underlying the earliest overt
is located, and itself run out.

The person is expected to achieve a reversal of his Black PR viewpoint,
which is called a viewpoint shift.

After much Truth Rundown, a person achieves usually a dramatic reversal
of their viewpoint about the person or group they uttered or wrote the
Black Propaganda on.

This is a very dramatic procedure in obtaining a major shift in the
viewpoint of the Sea Org members.

This is such an intense regulated procedure, regular persons who have
not had at least sec checking, and who are familiar with auditing,
cannot grasp all the agreements that a person undergoing the Truth
Rundown, is already agreeing to, by the time they get to this auditing

In general in Scientology, the pc agrees NOT to wildly complain, in
public. It is a no no in Scientology. It is simply off policy to
natter or complain. One is ordered by policy to save their complaints
and natter for session, which is when the trained auditor will do the
right thing and ask the person for their overts and run them out.

So on the RPF all the Black Propaganda is ONLY discussed by the pc
inside of session. RPFers are NOT sharing their Black Propaganda
outside of session, they don't go joking around with it. It is only
discussed inside of session. It is considered an overt itself to
spread Black Propaganda about other well-intentioned Sea Org members or
Sea Org groups. There is a group agreed upon code of self-muzzled
non-discussion of any natter or criticism and especially any Black PR.

So in the Truth Rundown, to get through it, the person has to recant
all their uttered or written Black Propaganda, and have complete
viewpoint shifts on all of their Black Propaganda points of view, in
order to complete this step of the RPF auditing program before they
procede to the next step of the RPF auditing program.

I do not think this rundown has ever been extensively discussed yet.

The issues of it are all labeled confidential, and only the RPFers are
widely running the Truth Rundown on each other. Only in the RPF is
this auditing action most widely being done.

Comment or questions?

Best, Chuck

1:15pm Thursday 9 Dec 2004

The question is the Truth Rundown effective as brainwashing, or thought

Possibly. A person becomes disaffected with his work environment. He
sees that others have done things to him, and that his views change to
being negative toward those others.

The Truth Rundown claims to get the person in such a disaffected state,
to recall earlier in his life when he himself did things to cause those
others to attack him and do the things he later complains about. When
the person recalls what he did to precipitate the attacks he received,
he then has a reversal of opinion, and forgives the persons who
attacked him, if he indeed makes this connection.

A person can also during the Truth Rundown recall actual wrongs that
others committed, and the information on those wrongs is reported to
appropriate Ethics personnel in the church to investigate further and
deal with the individuals who committed any violations of behavior that
the church deems need addressing.

The crux of whether the person's complaints are valid or not, are if
theperson's utterances fit the definition of "Black PR" (black
propaganda): false vilification of a well intentioned individual or
group that the person is uttering to cover up his own hidden committed
harmful acts. The black PR is a justification for having committed
those serious hidden harmful acts.

The Truth Rundown assumes the person needs it, and is full of black
propaganda that he has uttered or harbors, against other members of the
Sea Org who are in good standing. If you say something critical and
disparaging about another Sea Org member who is in bad standing, that
is NOT black PR, and the Truth Rundown procedure would not be addressed
to statements made against Sea Org members who are busted, and so

Black PR against DM, COB Asst, the top RTC execs in good standing, RTC
as a whole, CMO Int as a whole, Exec Strata as a whole, all the execs
in any unit who are doing good, and all the official church units, all
them are considered good, and any remarks or writings which are false
vilification of those groups is considered black PR.

Every statement of black PR recorded that the person has written or
spoken, is addressed individually.

The end result of the Truth Rundown procedure is that all black
propaganda that one has uttered or written or somehow communicated
against a well-intentioned and well-meaning individual or group (in the
RPF one address just Black PR against Int Execs and Int organizations
and units, and against LRH), one recants and tries in some way to undo
one's wrongful back propaganda.

Chuck Beatty

Deo Morto

Mar 29, 2005, 2:25:03 PM3/29/05
HI Chuck,

well you posted a thought provoking post here.

I am guessing here that the phrase "well intentioned individual"
basically means Command?

I am also assuming that there is no such thing as a valid criticism?
Like, for example "DM has a voice like Donald Duck" - that would be
considered a Black PR line - right?

Did you experience the "viewpoint shift" you mentioned as one of the

I thnk you are totally correct - this sounds like the top candidate for
"brainwashing" rundown.



Mar 29, 2005, 5:09:10 PM3/29/05

Deo Morto wrote:

> I thnk you are totally correct - this sounds like the top candidate
> "brainwashing" rundown.
> Deo

Don't think LRH was a dummy. He predicted this.

PDC 20.

"Therefore, we really do have the remedy before the assault weapon is
Did you ever read poor old George Orwell's 1984? Yes,yes, that's
That would be--------could be the palest imagined shadow of what a
world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology
with no remedy in existence."

It's a very simple remedy. And that's-just make sure that the remedy
is passed along. That's all.Don't horde it, don't hold it; and if you
ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled
Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn't available. Because
he's the boy who would be electing himself "The New Order." And we
don't need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am
concerned, have been filled.

Apr 1, 2005, 12:27:14 AM4/1/05
Hi Deo,

No, I didn't have any marked viewpoint shifts, none linger in my head
that I can recall.

Only thing that lingered were my thoughts about LRH's loud nattering
utterances, and me trying to figure out what LRH's serious overts were
behind his natter (my daydreaming of how TRD applied to LRH).

LRH lambasted the US Justice Dept in one of LRH's tech films. A woman
actor in one of his tech films spits on the ground and sarcastically
utters the words "justice department". That was black PR by LRH, and
LRH's serious overt was likely writing the 1967 policy letter regarding
Simon Bolivar that encouraged MSH and the GO to push the envelope of
legality in the years leading up to MSH's and GO people's prison
sentences. LRH was very likely additionally hooked into the events
that MSH and the others went to jail for. That's LRH's prior serious
overt I surmised, and why he was so pissed about them nailing MSH and
almost getting him! Now if LRH had admitted what I say here, and
apologized in another policy to the Justice Dept, in public, then that
would have been to LRH's credit.

But even this example showing LRH's own life and my conjecture of TRD
relevance to LRH himself, this anyways is simply inadequate to
capturing LRH's motivations for lambasting of the Justice Dept (and LRH
really let them have it in the 1982 HCOB or HCOPL on Justice, he goes
maddog in that 1982 policy/HCOB.)

TRD has a simplistic agenda to connect statements and utterances to
people's overts. But in real life all sorts of things actually happen
instead of the correlation that LRH pronounced in the TRD materials.
In life for instance, if one's done something wrong, sometimes one's
overt gets brought to light, one gets punished sometimes, sometimes one
takes responsibility for it, and handles it somehow, or does not handle
it, sometimes one suffers even though not punished, or sometimes one
takes responsibility and handles it and benefits, or maybe one goes
honest and gets incorrectly further toasted, or one lies and lives
like a king sometimes, but in truth there are a LOT more variations in
life to the events. TRD connects only certain dots, but there are lots
of other dot patterns, and TRD ignores those dots.

A good number of Int RPFers finished their TRD and RPF auditing of a
zillion FPRD sec checks (all dynamics), went back to the Int Base, and
then got in trouble again. Some left the Sea Org.

I concluded there are no end-all/be-all results from ANY Scn/LRH
auditing procedures.

TRD and all auditing I feel is unecessary. One can just decide to
just be honest, starting right now, instantly. One can just decide to
act decently, right now, instantly. One does not have to get auditing
to just start acting decently and honestly! One just decides to do so
and then one does so!

There are so many damn smarter people in the world than LRH. Their
knowledge is written, and anyone can just go read it in libraries, for
free. No auditing required.

I highly recommend a person wishing to compare auditing to the wisdom
in the world, go to a used bookstore, or B Dalton's, etc., and pick up
the Bartlett's Quotations book, and just read the wisdom of those
quotations and compare them with LRH's utterances.

All the contemporary great magazines and newspapers are free to read in
libraries, and one can find out about the far more intelligent people
alive today in the world compared to LRH, in my opinion.

My all-time favorite magazine is the New York Review of Books. It is
the best.

Best, Chuck


Apr 1, 2005, 3:21:48 AM4/1/05
Dear BB, Chuck, etc.

Well, BB, the quote you cited is really good. Very good quote and
applicable because DM Scn has made Scn less and less accessible.

Chuck, the true end phenomena to getting off one's overts and witholds
is the restored ability to act and to take responsibility for not only
producing but also correcting non-optimum conditions in one's sphere of
influence. Beating someone down for spotting, communicating about and
tackling a non-optimum pattern of behavior, or whatever, is
suppressive. That's all there is to it.

Using any technology to keep oneself and one's cohorts in power at the
expense of the the good of the group and the sanity of the individual
is evil.

Thank you for posting this rundown.

There is some OT code somewhere that lists the overts one would commit
on a spiritual plane. Perhaps what I'm thinking of is on the whole
track sec check. I'm not sure. But one of the most heinous acts,
according to this code, is to use Scn to degrade another being. What
you describe about the application of this rundown is the
institutionalization of degrading beings.

And, somehow, running out the flow zero of having allowed oneself be
victimized by this rundown would, I think, go nowhere. Better to just
go out and do some good. Enjoy life.

The RPF must be Scn hell.


Apr 1, 2005, 9:16:15 AM4/1/05
to wrote:
[snip all except:]

> TRD and all auditing I feel is unecessary. One can just decide to
> just be honest, starting right now, instantly. One can just decide to
> act decently, right now, instantly. One does not have to get auditing
> to just start acting decently and honestly! One just decides to do so
> and then one does so!

This is exactly what was happening when Avatar swept through
the independents in 1987. One realizes that you can actually ~~change
your mind~~. There's even an expression in common English usage:
"change your mind". What one thinks, feels and decides are not
entirely mechanical outcomes of complex machinery which only highly
trained experts can understand. One can actually make decisions and
change things like other people in the real world do.


Larry T.

Apr 1, 2005, 9:34:08 AM4/1/05
"Ed" <> wrote in message


Did you know that Avatar was very popular in New York City at one time and
they had at least one office located on 7th Avenue in Chelsea?

They were also declared a Suppressive Group by the Church of Scientology
because the list of Suppressive Persons and Groups was shown to me and
Avatar was on them.

I never got involved in Avatar my self, but because they were in such a
conspicuos location (atop one of Chelsea's finest eaterys) I often wondered
what they did there, probably like a lot of other New Yorkers did as well.

They are not any longer there.
© 2005 Lawrence Toomajan


Apr 10, 2005, 2:49:19 AM4/10/05

Dear Larry,

I was wondering if you know what happened to Scn Fifth Avenue? I
believe that Howie Rower got declared in the early '80s with all the
other Mission Holders -- but do you have any details?

Also, did you know John Allerdice? Just curious. What about Andy

Larry T.

Apr 10, 2005, 9:37:42 AM4/10/05
"friendship" <> wrote in message

Dear Larry,


I know a lot! (SMILE)

The Fifth Avenue Mission moved to #1 Hudson Street where it stayed for a
while. Howard got delcared and Mary Rower ran the mission for a while and
then the mission closed. There is a restaurant there now.

Andy Savas and his wife Kathy I never kept tabs on but they lived in Queens.

John Allerdice is still married to Sally as far as I know, and when I last
saw her she was in the Sea Org at Flag from 1986 to 1989.

They could be dead.

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