Josephus A. Havenith--How Did He REALLY Die?

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Apr 23, 2008, 1:38:24 AM4/23/08
Josephus A. Havenith was a Dutch music teacher who came to the U.S. to
study Scientology. After only two months of Scientology "treatment" he
was found dead in a bathtub full of water so hot, it boiled his skin
clean off. The cause of death was listed as "drowning", but it must be
noted that his head was not under water.

How did he really die? Was he on the Introspection Rundown, and upon
entering the bath, the strain was too much for his already stressed
body, causing him to faint? It's certainly a possibility---overdoses
of calcium and niacin can effect the heart's function and cause
irregular beating.

However, there is another possibility that's even more sinister.
Suppose Josephus' handlers found him dead due to his treatment. They
knew they were in trouble at that point, and decided to make it look
like he'd just died before reaching the hospital for life-saving care.
The problem was, Mr. Havenith was cold, and perhaps even beginning to
stiffen a bit. Is it possible that Mr. Havenith was put in the bath
AFTER his death, in order to warm the body up so his death would
appear more recent? If that's the case, they really botched the job,
and made his death even more mysterious than just a sudden death in a
bathtub. After all, how does one drown with one's head above water?

For more information about Josephus A. Havenith:

(WARNING: there is a GRAPHIC PICTURE of Mr. Havenith's DEAD BODY on
this page, if you're squeamish, DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK)

phil scott

Apr 23, 2008, 4:00:33 AM4/23/08

on my last and fatefful trip to flag, when I was being reverse
processed. I was put in his room, people kept stopping by to say hi
and wanted to look at the bathroom...i had on idea why at the time,
they would aske if i used the tub etc...

yearlier in the year i was doing courses at the ceders complex (the
shsbc)... and was taken to the basement and shown around inexpicably
into a room with a granite table, and a groove around the edge... I
was told it was the hospital autopsy table (it was). and asked if Id
like to lay on it... I was too dense at the time to see what was being
attempted....i thought these people were just being idiots.

the reverse processing was rather well orchestrated it seems.

Phil scott

Feb 15, 2018, 12:11:06 PM2/15/18
A guy I knew told me about Mr. Havenith's death. He said he had personally observed the body laying in the hotel room bathtub along with the coroner who examined it. The coroner told the fellow that the skin peeling from the body was the same phenomenon that occurs in drownings. But it takes a while to occur. So the question remains what was the time of death?

Another fact the guy told me was a letter was discovered on a table in the room. It was from the girlfriend of Mr. Havenith back in Germany. The letter's contents expressed loving care for Mr. Havenith and deep sorrows over the depressions and anxieties he was suffering. He said it sounded like Mr. Havenith had expressed dissatisfaction with what he was doing at the church. This letter was never shown to the coroner or police as the church worried it would be made public and cause a public relations problem.
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