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Anonymous offering, 80's Flag, extreme predicaments of Sea Org life

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Mar 29, 2005, 1:16:08 PM3/29/05

An anonymous person offered this to be posted. Anyone wishing me to
post similar please email me: chuckbeatty77

Good Morning Chuck! This thread about physical abuse is really getting
to me. Here are a couple things that happened to me, there are lots
more but these are the worst. You can post them if you want, but
anonymously please!

While I was at Flag, there was a time when there was a "cluster" of
accidents, including some "accidental" deaths and this created a big
flap. (They are on the "whyaretheydead" site already.) My husband and I
were in a minor accident during this time. Of course this was a big
ethics cycle, and I was told it was MY PTS situation with my family
that caused my husband to be hurt, and that he did not want to see me
and we were to be separated. I was very upset and did not believe it,
and was very worried about him. Late one night 2 security guards 8Ced
(forced) me into a car and took me to our berthing to get my things.
While out front, 2 other guards came out of our room holding my husband
by both arms. I could see he was very upset and I tried to get out of
the car to go to him, but was physically restrained, and one guard held
his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet because I was yelling, while
the other held me down because I was kicking the door trying to get
out. We did not talk about this for a long time, but it turns out they
had told him that I didn't want to see him!!! This broke my heart and
his for a long time, even though later we got back together.

Another time, I got really sick and couldn't keep any food or water
down. After losing a lot of weight and not getting better after a
couple weeks I was sent to ethics and put in isolation in a room in the
FH. Again, I was "enturbulating" my husband by being PTS. The door was
locked, and only the MLO came a few times a day to bring "cal-mag" and
vitamins and soup. I was pretty freaked out, and thought I was going to
die there all alone in that dark, stinky moldy room, but I knew if I
made a fuss I would NEVER get out, so I was very cooperative. One day,
she left the door unlocked. It must have been Thursday before 2,
because when I walked through the lobby and out the front door no one
stopped me. I went to the hospital down the street with the intention
of going to the emergency room. When I got there I sat on a bench
outside, and decided that if I went to the hospital unauthorized, I
would probably be declared, or at least fitness boarded for running up
a big medical bill. Plus I was feeling a little better, probably just a
nice walk in the sun and getting out of that room. So I walked back to
the MLO's office and acted all uptone and told her I was feeling better
and wanted to go home to my husband. She was pretty shocked to see me,
and probably didn't want to get in trouble herself because she never
wrote it up and gave me medical clearance to get out of isolation.
Later, when I finally left the SO, I found out I had a very serious
hereditary medical condition that would have in fact killed me
eventually without proper medical treatment!

I was a "techie", so I was aware of some other peoples problems that
most staff wouldn't know about, because no one is allowed to talk about
their "case", not even to their spouse.
It is so outrageous that you are penalized for asking for help, and are
not allowed to help anyone else in the Sea Org, not even your own
family when they need you. Sea Org members are supposed to be OT and
make it go right. Anything bad that happens is "out-ethics" or
"dramatizing your case." One good example is when Mike Rinder's baby
died at Flag and he was not allowed to return from California to even
go to the funeral or comfort his wife. He probably thought he was
doing the "greatest good" for the planet and what the hell, it is only
a meat body anyway. That is how a "good scientologist" thinks. That is
how $cientology teaches you to think about others, and even yourself!


Mar 30, 2005, 1:45:01 AM3/30/05

<> wrote in message

Thank you so much for posting these, Chuck, and my thanks to the person who
wrote it. Jeeesh, with C of S, these stories never seem to end, do they?
The tragedy is so huge, it's almost beyond comprehension that they have

May those still trapped in somehow find their way
true freedom.



roger gonnet

Mar 30, 2005, 7:49:38 AM3/30/05

"Magoo" <> a écrit dans le message de news:

> <> wrote in message
>> An anonymous person offered this to be posted. Anyone wishing me to
>> post similar please email me: chuckbeatty77
>> Good Morning Chuck! This thread about physical abuse is really getting
>> to me. Here are a couple things that happened to me, there are lots
>> more but these are the worst. You can post them if you want, but
>> anonymously please!
>> While I was at Flag, there was a time when there was a "cluster" of
>> accidents, including some "accidental" deaths and this created a big
>> flap. (They are on the "whyaretheydead" site already.)

Could she (or you, Chuck) give the names ofvthese "accidental deaths" which
are already on



Mar 30, 2005, 12:26:48 PM3/30/05
Thank you for posting this, Chuck.

Holding someone against their will and denying them medical care is a
serious offense in the United States. As far as I know, it is a felony
and anyone involved could be prosecuted and do serious jail time.

I have heard from someone who recently left the Sea Org that this
practice is still going on. This person also told me that s/he knows
of around 60 marriages that were broken up between Int staff and Sea
Org members not on the Int level. Or Int staff who were put on the RPF
and coerced into divorcing their spouse who remained in Int. The
married couple, in one instance, were not allowed to talk to one
another and were heavily third partied by other Sea Org members. In
other words, they were not allowed to communicate to one another, even
in writing, and were told that the other didn't want to continue the
relationship. Often a spouse on the RPF will be browbeaten for months
to sign a request for a divorce.

Chuck, in your opinion, if a regular person were to approach Sea Org
members when they are outside and ask them if they want to leave and
offer them a ride away from the Sea Org facility would any go? Just

Mar 30, 2005, 11:56:37 PM3/30/05

Only work if the Sea Org member is being prevented from leaving, or on
Sea Org members secretly harboring strong blow thoughts.

I was on the RPF when my strong strong blow thoughts were happening,
and I was under the impression that I would be restrained from leaving,
physically. Under those circumstances I would have welcomed a
"drive-by" offer of help. I was so wanting to get the hell out for
almost 5 of my last 7 years in the Sea Org, I would have instantly
taken the help instantly.

I could talk for an hour answering this, specifically.

New news for you:
In the past 2 weeks, another ex-Gold Staff blew, he got to LA, called
his family who called a famous critic, who gave the family some phone
numbers, mine included. Unfortunately the ex-Gold blown staffer had
also contacted Gold again, he got talked into coming to OSA at the HGB,
was speedily declared, signed the legal doc giving up his free speech,
etc., before he could be warned NOT to sign the legal doc.

But importantly Gold and OSA did NOT try to hang onto him and do their
usually normal routine of auditing/salvage. They just let him go. No
holding onto him. That is a major damn improvement in my opinion!

He got hooked up with other ex-Gold staffers who'd blown or blown and
routed out themselves, who knew him. He got advice from them, and he
emailed me and I gave him my advice.

This IS the most uptodate blow I believe from the Int Base, he's out
less than 2-3 weeks as we speak here.

Back to the point of drive-by help for Sea Org members. If my wog
brother had driven by, I'd have just said bye to Scn and the Sea Org,
and I would have cried with joy! But I was being held WAY WAY too

If the Sea Org are speedy in letting Sea Org members out, not hanging
onto them against the person's will, then there will likely be no need
to do these types of drive-by bail-outs.

If the new blown ex-Gold person contacts me again, I'll try to remember
to ask him if he knows of recent Int Base staff who might have been
being held against their wills. Usually Int Base staff are troupers
and normally tolerate it. I will post any info I find out.

Best, Chuck


Mar 31, 2005, 2:57:01 AM3/31/05

Dear Chuck,

Thanks for this reply. In the case of Gerry Armstrong I can sort of
understand the courts upholding the agreement he signed with the C of
S. However, if the C of S has a staff member sign such an agreement
upon leaving staff in an effort to stifle the revelation of crimes
committed by other Sea Org staff members then I don't think it would
hold up. Also, I don't think the C of S would risk that type of
revelation in a court of law. It would be too risky.

Of course, I'm not a lawyer and it would be interesting to get some
legal opinions regarding this. I think this is probably done more to
intimidate the blowing staff member into silence than as something that
would actually hold up in court.

As regards driving by Sea Org facilities and offering to help any staff
wishing to leave -- well, that's an interesting idea. Have to think
about that for a while.

These exchanges are very interesting. As a long-time Scn who was never
in the Sea Org it is fascinating to me to see how people can become
conditioned to accept humiliation, degradation and servitude. Not that
that is completely isolated to the experience of the S.O., but it is
certainly the most extreme there.

My best wishes to those who have left. It can take years to unravel
one's thoughts and reassess things and I have found for myself that it
is better not to rush that process.

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