TECH outside COS: More on Original upper level 7.

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Jul 4, 2007, 6:48:24 PM7/4/07

TECH outside COS: More on Original upper level 7.

This is from Pat and Ray Kreniks group in Washington State.

Here is a great volunteered success story from Frank Riha.
He wrote one a few days ago, but he just had more he wanted to say!

Now that is GREAT when days later the pc still wants to say more!
This is the original OT VII Frank is talking about.

"OT VII has been the greatest level for me! It cleared up so many
areas for me that I feel I probably got the EP for OT VII plus a few
others they haven't named yet. It was actually the 1st level I am
attesting to in 35 years without reservation- -for real!

See, Real Life Bennie (Benefits) I am in PT and am really tough to
budge. My intention is right there and I can spot efforts to block or
divert it and I have been very able to handle those efforts.

My sincerest thanks to Pat for providing me direction and to my
auditor, Chris Parker! I know, without doubt, that he was the key
ingredient. Without his understanding, patience and dogged
determination (without my even knowing it) I'm certain my wins would
not have been so complete.

Thanks again,

Frank Riha"

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