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Sep 5, 1994, 4:16:28 PM9/5/94

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historical, religious precedents for strict codes of conduct,
etc., this fact remains. When it comes to talking to people who
have been declared Suppressive or discussing the faults of the
group, scientologists are simply not free to do so.
To understand the force with which scientology attempts to
impose this limitation of the freedom of speech, one need only
consider the consequences of being declared a Suppressive Person
and expelled from the church. When one is thus declared, one
suddenly finds oneself cut off from everyone with whom one has
lived, loved, worked, and played.
This is precisely what happens (or what is supposed to
happen) to a scientologist who is declared to be suppressive.
This is disconnection. Think about it for a minute. Think of it
in terms of your own life. Imagine that you live in a community
heavily populated by scientologists.
For the sake of argument, let's say that you live in a
community that has wholeheartedly embraces the tenets of
scientology. After all, it's only a matter of time before there
are such scientology communities? Isn't it?
Picture youself living in a world run by scientology. Let's
pretend that scientology has achieved it's goal of world
domination. The Zone Plan has succeeded. The planet has been
"cleared." And while the Sea Org gears up for Target Two (the
expansion of scientology to other worlds), the administration of
Earth continues according to Hubbard's policy.
Remembering that you are an American, a descendant of Thomas
Jefferson, et al, you awaken one morning and decide to test
whether or not your most fundamental freedoms have been in any
way abridged or limited. Perhaps you are suddenly tired of
believing that your are possessed; of auditing entities off your
body and off the bodies of everybody else you know and off the
furniture and the cars as they go by and so on. Maybe you've
decided to change your mind about a few things or you just wake
up angry...for no particular reason other than you're just angry.
You decide to speak out.
You go to the window and, remembering how effective it was
in a movie, you stick your head out and start yelling, "I'm mad
as hell and I'm not going to take it any more."
What happens next?
By noon, you are reading the Knowledge Reports which your
neighbors have written and forwarded to your Ethics File. Of
course they sent carbons to their own files as evidence of their
adherence to standard policy.
By 12:15 you are being interviewed by your Committee of
Evidence. (Remember, this is a scientology world, so everyone is
required to be extremely punctual and efficient.) The Bill of
Particulars is read out by the Committee Secretary. The
witnesses are called and heard. The Committee reviews the
evidence and directs some questions towards you.
Seeking to establish the truth, you honestly report that you
were simply fed up with the BT's and clusters and just wanted to
exercise your first amendment right to tell your friends and
neighbors so.
The committee members nod and half-ack as you talk on for a
few minutes. By 12:30 the Findings and Recommendations are
published along with Ethics Order 12,375,894,995,863...declaring
you to be a Psychotic Person, a Suppressive Person, etc. and
directing all scientologists (which, remember, constitute the
entire population of Teegeeack, or, as it was briefly known in
the late 20th century, Earth) to disconnect from you.
Now it's 12:45. You're hungry. This sort of thing always
makes you hungry. So, you step out into the sunlight and head
off towards the local McDonalds. There, you figure, you can
drown your sorrows in a Big Mac (a Big Ron?), fries, and a
chocolate shake.
However, to your chagrin, your ethics order has been
published electronically all over the world. It has arrived at
the order desk just before you. And the young woman who works
there will not talk to you or take your order. Her senior won't
talk to you either. No one in the place will talk to you. You
head for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
They won't talk to you either. The clerk at the supermarket
does speak, but only says that he won't talk to you. The other
shoppers seem annoyed. They won't talk to you. You wander home
along streets that fall strangely silent as you pass, and when
you finally arrive home, you find that your landlord has thrown
your things into the street, including your parrot. Even he
won't talk to you.
Your mother's voice on the phone is cold and distant. She
tells you, somewhat reluctantly, that she won't talk to you.
Your wife is gone with the kids. Or your husband's gone with the
kids. The next morning, your boss has ordered the company's
Ethic's Officer to inform you that since no one at the office
will talk to you, you can't possibly do your job and job.
Your doctor won't talk to you. You definitely don't feel
well. The District Attorney won't talk to you. Only the
International Justice Chief will talk to you. And all she will
say is that you need to do steps A-E of HCOPL blah de blah.
OK. That's enough. But ask yourself does it really matter
that this tyranny was perpetrated against you by a "church"
rather than an agency of the state? Is there any difference at
How do we reconcile scientology's claims of championing the
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