Re: Another bullshit NBC headline, "Where are the bodies buried? Climate change is showing us."

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Let's All Panic!

Jul 3, 2022, 2:40:11 PMJul 3
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> CRT = Black-Klux-Klan.

The shoreline of Nevada’s Lake Mead receding has led to the
discoveries of two sets of human remains and cracked open the
mystery of the nation's largest reservoir's watery depths and
what may be hidden below.

Even more bodies are likely to come to light, police say, as
water levels continue to drop and drought grips the area,
further exposing secrets long obscured in the underwater grave.

This isn't the first time an environmental crisis — which has
seen temperatures rise, water levels dip, drought persist and
wildfires rage across different areas of the nation — has
unmasked strange sights.

Climate change has unearthed human remains, plane crash debris
and missing vehicles in depleting bodies of water, as well as
frozen corpses on thawing mountain peaks.

Here's a look at some of the grim discoveries.


Facts and pictures for ignorant NBC clown Marlene Lenthang.

Click 1895 forward. It's a natural cycle, and in typical NBC
fashion, they ignore it to sell a wheelbarrow full of climate


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