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Jul 24, 1994, 6:35:50 PM7/24/94

Hello. I am Dennis Erlich, publisher of the inFormer -
a newsletter devoted to sharing former insiders' points of view
about scientology's actual (underlined) practices, beliefs and agenda.

The two main things most people would be fascinated to learn about
scientology are:

1) The OT (higher, confidential, more costly) Levels deal with
exorcism and the myriad of entities implanted into your body
75 million years ago who make up what Hubbard called "Reactive Mind".

2) They believe that if they think something is true, it becomes true.
Reality is what you agree to. If enough people believe the same lie -
it BECOMES reality.

The scienos and their lawyers have tried to harass me -
directly and via friends and family - to intimidate me into silence.
Meantime, I have co-operated in investigations, published
and continued to speak out.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Meantime, here's a bit of satire from the inFormer:

Dennis Erlich
For those readers who never knew cult-talk, I apologize for
the following. But since the story is absolutely true and
occurred while I still was, as salesmen put it, "under the
ether," I will write it as I lived it. If you don't understand
the words I use, as the chinaman said, "You betta off!"
I have commented previously that leaving scientology and re-
entering society was like landing on a different planet. I had
to learn the customs and language of the "natives," adopt their
manners [or lack of] and hope there was a place for me to fit in.
But an even greater shock was going to Flag [in Clearwater]
when it first opened for business in 1976, to become Sea Org crew
in the "Mecca of Technical Perfection."
First of all there was the matter of deceiving the "local
wogs" with our shore story. All staff and students were told
exactly what lie to tell any Clearwater residents who asked about
our presence: we were all religious students on retreat at the
new United Churches facility in the Fort Harrison Hotel.
Fortunately for us, few of the locals even cared to talk to the
staring, stiff, and sullen students and staff. But still, it
didn't take long for them to realize we were not who we claimed
to be. It became very unfriendly in town.
Meantime, "The Friendliest Place on Earth" was also proving
to be something less than that. For me it was more like basic
training in concentration camp management. New staff and
students were packed like sardines, twelve to a tiny hotel room,
in bunk beds four high with barely enough room to squeeze between
them. Any time the income fell below half a million dollars a
week everyone was assigned to "Rice and Beans." On these
numerous occasions, all we were fed was spanish rice and boiled
beans. This was all part of showing the new recruit what he was
worth. The spiritual pecking order was energetically applied and
strictly enforced. Anyone new to Flag began as low man on the
scrotum pole.
Flag crew considered all "outer org" students or staff to be
DBs [degraded beings.] The fact that I had a wonderful
reputation in the field and had run the most successful
Internship in the history of the cult, made no difference. When
I arrived at Flag I was treated like scum. Everyone was.
Brian Livingston [Class XII] was the Intern Sup and Jeff
Walker [Class XII] was Cramming Officer. What a line-up!
Brian, who has since blown the Sea Org and is no longer a
scieno, made a habit of getting up on a chair and screaming his
lungs out at individual interns. The standard message was that
they were squirrels, out-ethics or just plain stupid. His
bellowing could be heard all over the tenth floor ballroom of the
Fort Harrison and the HCI [Hubbard College of Improvement.]
Students would hear him and go silent with terror at the thought
of having to confront Brian's wrath when they finally arrived on
the internship. But this was just fine with Brian. It made them
a more cowed and compliant [than they already were], when
eventually he did have to deal with them.
Brian was the "nice" one of the two. Walker was the most
feared. He didn't have any completion statistic or bonus to
contend with. He had no vested interest in seeing that interns
survived his "handling" of them. Thus, he could act like the
ruthless little prick he was.
Walker was famous for getting right up inches from your
face, poking you in the chest and screaming "PIG SHIT!" when he
didn't like your answer to his questions and wanted to show his
disgust for you. One intern [who eventually ended up in the
galley], reported to cramming on a session she'd done. After
Jeff read the errors in the folder, he threw open the 10th floor
windows next to his desk [which had no screens], pointed outside
and commanded her to jump. She talked about the incident for
years afterwards, claiming she barely had enough self-control to
withstand his control. This kind of thing was a joke to Jeff.
He never failed to show his disdain for people. Usually disgust
was the kindest emotion he exhibited when dealing with outer-org
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