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Sep 5, 1994, 4:16:30 PM9/5/94

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First Amendment with its practice of disconnection and of
limiting the right of free speech of its members?
For instance, we were declared to be Suppressive. One day
nobody we had known for many, many years would talk to us. Were
they all simply exercising their individual liberties? Or were
they acting out of fear...the fear of being similarly put in
Coventry and denied this most fundamental freedom?
The world we woke up to this morning is not one which is
dominated by scientology. But it is one in which people have,
indeed, become reluctant to exercise the freedom of speech on the
subject of scientology. Among those who are most reluctant are
former members. For they know the church's actual position on
this freedom. They know that declared SP's do, indeed, become
Fair Game (meaning that they can be lied to, cheated, embarassed,
attacked or even destroyed by other scientologists).
Former members, particularly those who have been declared
Suppessive Persons, know what all this is supposed to purchase:
the silence of those who would be critics of scientology. Some
of us were raised with the notion that "I might not agree with
what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right
to say it."
So, here we find Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the
Church of Scientology, International, proclaiming himself and his
"church" to be the real champions of the freedoms of the First
Amendment. And here we find the workaday scientolgists, the
Ethics Officers, the Auditors, the Directors of Processing, The
Technical Secretaries, and scientologists in general, engaging in
what amounts to wholesale destruction of those very rights.
They say it is designed to "keep a safe space" for the
expansion of scientology. And what does scientology do when it
expands into some new area? More of the same.
Will the earth ever enter in a post-"cleared" era like the
one described above? We don't intend to wait and see. But if it
does, you can be assured that you will no longer have the
protection of the First Amendment (or any other amendments or
constitutions for that matter). In its place will stand the
Substance and First Duty of HCO, as diligent scientologists
gather up the copyrights and trademarks of dianetics and
scientology and ensure their safety and security against
infringement on the infinite numbers of worlds that lie beyond
the stars and which, in the days after the earth has been
cleared, will fall, one by one, beneath the boots of Sea Org
members as they make their way back to the stars from whence they
believe they came.
These are the demons of freedom. These are the lads and
lasses who threaten us while we sleep with their dedicated
service to mankind. Make no mistake about it. If you are a
citizen of planet earth, you are represented on the Battle Plan
of scientology. If you are still a wog (i.e. a non-
scientologist), even if you've never even heard of scientology,
it is really only a matter of time before you have your status
clarified. If all goes as scientology has planned, sooner or
later, you will know.
And if you do wake up one fine morning and begin to realize
that no one is talking to you, at least you'll know what's going
You probably just voiced the wrong opinion about the wrong
"defenders of freedom". Right?

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