Cthurch of Scienology forges police approval for TWTH (2005)

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Android Cat

Jan 3, 2007, 11:32:03 AM1/3/07
Scientology playing nicey-nice with Captain Mike Downing in 2002:


In support of this fact, LAPD Hollywood Division's Captain Mike Downing and
City Councilmember Eric Garcetti both presented certificates to the
Celebrity Centre on the night of the 33rd anniversary gala, recognizing
their unconditional and continued support to the community.

Fast forward to 2005, when Capt Mike finds out that Scientology forged his
endorsement for The Way to Happiness:


But according to LAPD Cmdr. Mike Downing, the Church of Scientology forged
his endorsement on The Way To Happiness Web site, prompting the LAPD to
disavow any endorsement of Scientology and The Way To Happiness.

"We cannot endorse the Church of Scientology or any religion as the LAPD,
and we very specifically said they could not use the LAPD name as it related
to their book. They know they are clearly overstepping their bounds" in
linking to the LAPD as an organization that works with The Way To Happiness
Foundation (TWTH).

TWTH, Downing told the Pasadena Weekly, also apparently fraudulently posted
on the Web a letter of commendation from the LAPD that was not signed by
alleged writer Chief William Bratton, and also forged Downing's approval by
rubber-stamping his signature to the image on the site, www.twth.org
But that isn't the only time TWTH, which has distributed booklets to more
than 12 million American schoolchildren in 12,600 public schools since its
inception in 1984, allegedly fabricated information to promote its product.

In the case of the LAPD, the booklets were distributed by the department,
but only after TWTH representatives approached police officials repeatedly
and only succeeded in disseminating through the Hollywood Division. Even
then, when TWTH attempted to distribute the booklets with the LAPD's name on
them and depict a book-cover drawing of a policeman wearing an LAPD badge,
they were ordered by police to remove the badge image and remove the
department's name from the back cover.

One of the covers:

Hmm, let's check those TWTH commandment, er, precepts again... Yup, there's
a couple that CoS *didn't* break and it was all for KSW, so that's okay.

Ron of that ilk.


Jan 3, 2007, 11:42:51 AM1/3/07
In article <7d3d7$459bda8b$cf704d28$53...@PRIMUS.CA>, Android Cat
<androi...@hotmail.com> wrote:

Forgery has been a long-standing practice of the cult. When I read the
contract to the "Revolt in the Stars" script written by Elwrong
(contract with him and A Brilliant Film Company) I recognized that his
signature was probably forged and people around the project later told
me they felt the same way. It just never occurs to them that these
things catch up with them sooner or later.

Rev Norle Enturbulata

Jan 3, 2007, 2:32:45 PM1/3/07

"Skipper" <skipsp...@charter.net> wrote in message

How else could L. Ron Hubbard have gotten through school without forgery?
Thus he regarded it as an essential tool for "handling" everyone else on the


Rev. Norle Enturbulata
"Church" of Cartoonism
* " You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way
you can control anybody is to lie to them."
* -- L. Ron Hubbard, "Technique 88"
* "...Never discuss Scientology with the critic. Just discuss his or her
crimes, known and unknown. And act completely confident that those crimes
* L. Ron Hubbard, "Critics of Scientology", November 5, 1967
* "All men shall be my slaves! All women shall succumb to my charms! All
mankind shall grovel at my feet and not know why!"
- L. Ron Hubbard, "Personal Affirmations"

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