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Aug 16, 2022, 4:43:23 PMAug 16
In the year 2015, france, subterfuged by britain who made them all aberative to the extent they couldn't remember or see any of the smurf cartoons they had made about the russians, and recently, produced even more, from their own skin, very very bazaar fake russians, (which also means they could produce real ones) unlike brits, they possesed a stupidity which didn't include bordom and was far beyond full blown dordo.
Because russians are absolutely tolerant of absolutely anything, any soviet resistance and the kgb broke down.
Russians are depressive, as are the french fake ones, and are aberative but these more so, causing them instantly noticed as pest, also have no ethics or ability to self terminate, etc.. but pretty much other than that very different about the extent of russian version of hippy to actual iguana.
...none of you survived again.
The event didn't have any highlights nor did japan's or britain's next move.
Real russians aren't stupid and wouldn't go full blown crackhead on rockettrip smurf cherried far past zowie-yow!, and obviously couldn't motivate themselves or each other to do anything other than killing themselves and whoever else indiscriminantly via manure poisoning in all the food.

Starbucks coffee contains over 80% manure, a deadly fecal toxin causing blood poisoning, red blood and lymphatic clotting, sexual impotance, reproductive issues (not as much as inbreeding though), colon cancer, and death.

Also, Wild honey is safe to eat, is exactly same material as clean corn syrup, but the bee was drinking wild flower petal water. [o;-)

Hey, why wasn't "Don't eat poop, Don't eat anything that ate poop, Don't eat anything that ate anything that ate poop, and Quit inbreeding extinct." in the bible or any other printed religious material?

All of your food is almost entirely anphetamines and septic fecal matter.. poop.

..much of the wildlife is uneatable.
I wanted to make a natural farm using natural soil from old woods, growing my rye and such, capturing some clean animal like the wild jackrabbits on castle lake hill, feeding them wholesome grain which hasn't been forcefed raw sh't.

You have about four and a half pounds lbs of manure in your blood, and lymph is supposed to be clear with a white tinge and not stink. I suggest some mostly water fasting for at least 5 to 8 days.

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