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Jan 25, 2006, 12:34:06 PM1/25/06

Scott Yeager

4251 S.W. Step~enson
Portland, Oregon 97219

I was involved in Scientology ill Portland, OR from 1977
through 1982. I spent over 20,000 dollars with very few
results. I spent the bulk of the money ($14,000) signing up
for the Dianetic Clear Special Intensive through OT 3. OT 1
through OT 3 were never delivered because the money was used
up at a rate of $300 per hour trying to fix past incorrect
auditing through lengthy "Correction Lists", "Repairs", and
yes, even repairing the faulty repairs called "Reviews."

In 1981 my wife Susan Yeager got acute lymphocetic
leukemia. After her 3rd relapse in 1982 she was told by
Bruce McKenzie, the Portland mission's ethics officer that I
was the cause of her cancer. He told her that I was an SP
(Suppressive Person) and she got cancer because she was
married to me. Note - I have never been declared an SP by
the C.O.S. (Church of Scientology). Bruce told her that the
only way she could live was by divorcing me. Several weeks
later after getting auditing and being disconnected from me
she was very sick and I was able to get her admitted to the
City of Hope Hospital where she died in December, 1982. I
attest that everything in this statement is true.


It's all coming down! It's all coming down!
- Texas Chainsaw Massacre II

Cheerful Charlie


Jan 25, 2006, 1:31:46 PM1/25/06

Anybody has a date for this affidavit? (can't find this information



Jan 25, 2006, 2:27:13 PM1/25/06
Povmec wrote:

No, doesn't have one. This came from a CD of all sorts of stuff from This CD consisted of a lot of tiffs of scanned
documents, and many bad OCR jobs. This dec was in support of Lawrence
Wollersheim in his suit against CST for fair gamming himm and destroying
his life. So its all about ten years old or more, late 80s, early 90's.

Many of the original files do not seem to be on FACTnet anymore.

I was just wandering through this CD of mainly crap and digging out
the few pebbles of goodness. No dates on this one I am afraid.
A lot of this stuff, if it was online seems to not be any more.
Some of this stuff I have never seen such as the Tonya Burden
Declaration where she fingers Elron and Mary Sue as knowing
Paulette Cooper's distress over their Fair Game attack on her.

This one I ran across with several similar, and I am posting them.
lest they be forgot.

Many unfortunately are bad scan and OCR jobs that look like
. // ,, , ,`,.`. Scarfe,, testiF. ,':;; - said thaII .. ,,
For pages and pages.

I grab what I can read. Sorry, best I can do.

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