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Dec 4, 2009, 10:00:32 AM12/4/09
I did not see this posted here so I thought I would show a link and
add some copypasta to let people here know of this survey.

Some EXes may wish to take this survey. It can't hurt and it looks to
me like it will be put to good use.

So here it is in the event you may be interested in helping by filling
this out short survey:


"Greetings All!

The researchfag anons from WWP and elsewhere, are proud to announce an
exciting new data collection & analysis project for the polling
pleasure of all former CofS members et al.

Church of Scientology Exit Survey:

The CoS Exit Survey Project is dedicated to the creation of a simple
20-question polling instrument for those who have left the control of
the Church of Scientology, and publication of survey results online
for further value-added statistical analysis and commentary.

This online survey has been crafted to respect the real-life
experience and current beliefs for both those who continue Scientology
practice in some form and those who do not. It has also been designed
to maximize its usefulness to a broad range of communities and
interests including opinion and decision makers in the major
institutions of society.

For more details on this effort including full disclosure of survey
content, our mission statement, and the tabulated results that will be
published on an ongoing basis for all to ponder on, please read the
wiki page that serves as a central square for this project at:

NOTE: The survey is designed for Ex-Scientologists, Independent
Scientologists, and those unwittingly exposed to Scientology doctrines
as clients, employees, or students of front group organizations. Anons
and others with no direct CofS training or processing experience need
not apply... check out the "Online Survey" dox on the wiki page noted
above to view the text or screen capture version of the live

And please help us spread this to all the sibling forums as well as
forwarding this post to your friends, family, colleagues & favorite
bloggers or other contacts who are amongst those that are disaffected
with or disconnected from their personal CofS experience.

We also apologize in advance for imposing yet another questionnaire on
you - but there has been a great deal of care & attention put into
this survey to reap some value-added info for use with harpooning the
cult in the days ahead. plus its nothing like a CofS survey and the
tabulated results will be very easy on the eye to look at

Special thanks to all the former members of organized scientology &
the many other collaborators who helped us put this together - cheers
to you mates, it oughta be interesting to watch the results come in!"

Deirdre Saoirse Moen

Dec 5, 2009, 5:43:13 AM12/5/09


Dec 6, 2009, 9:56:21 PM12/6/09
Here is a little update on this survey:

Wiki-based reporting has been setup for publishing ongoing survey
results and is available here:

Also, there's a news wire blogspot for subscribing to wiki updates and
latest announcements available here:

I filled out the survey myself. It was quick and easy and you do it

Also, I find the survey results so far very interesting and I thought
you might as well.

The more people who fill out this survey, the more interesting and
informative will be the results. Exposing the CON for 15 years!

Dec 7, 2009, 3:18:56 PM12/7/09


This is the kind of effort that would make a successful presentation
possible - to the probono committee of a HUGE multinational lawfirm..
isn't it?

Ted Mayett

Dec 7, 2009, 5:46:38 PM12/7/09
>The CoS Exit Survey Project is dedicated to the creation of a simple
>20-question polling instrument

It is not 20 questions, more like 20 Pages of questions. And a lot of
pages containing 16 rows of Courses from the Bridge, like
'communication, key to life, grade V Auditor, and etc.'

I filled in about 200 mouse clicks or maybe more to complete this.

It doesn't check for common sense. I answered NO to things like have
you done Grade 1, Grade 2 and so on. And then answered/clicked "done
it twice" to Grade 5, and there was no problem.

Some pages required only one box to be checked before going to the
next page, some pages required two boxes to be checked before you
could continue. You don't have to waste time reading the
instructions or the questions at the top of each page. Just try one
box, if that didn't work click off two of them.

Each generation comes along as naive as the generation before. Anon
doesn't know this, but we had things just like this before they came
on the scene. And the results were meaningless. People like me who
didn't bother to even try to answer honestly.

There is no control check in here, anybody can do this survey multiple
times. But it is NOT 20 questions, I don't care what they say, I
don't care what they call them. You will do about 200 mouse clicks to
complete this survey.

I only did this survey, not to muddy the waters, but because I
couldn't imagine what possible 20 questions could give an insight into
membership in scientology. And because they say it is, "20-question

polling instrument for those who have left the control of

the Church of Scientology." Which of course totally negates the
scores upon scores of people who simply were members for awhile and
then drifted off with no noise or problems. Scores upon endless
scores of people that were never under the control of scientology,

Anyway, about 200 mouse clicks to complete this, enjoy.

On Fri, 4 Dec 2009 07:00:32 -0800 (PST), SME <>

Ted Mayett

Dec 7, 2009, 7:06:14 PM12/7/09

You might want to give that huge law firm the Operation Clambake
Petition also. And certainly give them my petition, the one that
shows that the majority of people who signed feel that Scientology
should not be the Official Global Religion.

I think they call them "supermarket petitions", there is a name for
them. Petitions that hang on a public bulletin board in the real
world. And anybody, children or anybody at all can sign them, and can
sign them over and over again under different names. Petitions such
as that, and surveys such as this here actually have no credibility
whatsoever in a legal sense. This might not be fair, people may argue
otherwise. But they call it Reality, and you learn to deal with
reality.... or maybe not.

I'm sure people here would rather think Anonymous is, due to
intelligence, above the silliness of on-line survey like this one
here. You might want to think that, but the evidence suggests

Arnie, do you think maturity and you will ever have a bond?
You applaud this now, and you applauded that clambake petition
yesterday. At some level you certainly realize this survey will have
to be flawed, it has to be. It is so far removed from academic
requirements as to be mind boggling. How do you not either ignore
this survey or laugh at it? I don't understand you Arnie, I just do
not understand you at all. And maybe the problem is me?

Maybe I should treat this survey with respect in the spirit it was
offered. As something carefully thought out and to be used for
academic purposes. sheesh.

OTOH, there might be intelligence behind this survey. And what it is
really looking for is to find out how many ex-members are silly enough
to think this survey has meaning. Could be.

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