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Beau Vlad

Dec 22, 2000, 10:59:50 AM12/22/00

In <> wrote:

>Sorry if I've kept you wondering, but you can put your mind at ease
>because I am none of the above. I have never been one of their members
>nor have I ever been a member of any other religion. I am very skeptical
>about life and I don't believe in an after life whether it's believed to be attained
>through reincarnation or revival of dead frozen bodies or whether I will go to
>hell or heaven. I believe that I live once and when I am dead that's the end of
>it, there is no coming back. But here is the trick; if I am free to believe what I
>just explained to you, then Scientologists are free to believe and worship
>what they want. I don't think anyone should be harassed for what they
>believe - that is the reason why I got involved in posting to ars. I post to
>another ng with my real name but I find it too risky to post with my real
>name in here. I hope that satisfies your curiosity. I know the net well and
>was here long before ars was given "birth".

It seems to be important to you to create the image that you have nothing
to do with Scientology, but you would have been better to do it earlier, since
you have already blown your suitable guise.

You have previously made all sorts of claims about law enforcement
and your contacts with them which you could not have had without being
a complainant, as law enforcement agencies do not discuss ongoing
investigations with complete strangers, even pursuant to subpoena.

Here is an examples of claims of this sort you have made. To show your
mendacity in full, I'll note that you later realized how badly you had
screwed up and made up a different version of the story.

- ---

From: Clar...@juno.comSubject: Re: Bogus Cult's Bogus Web Site
Date: 12 Nov 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

On Sat, 11 Nov 2000 00:44:24 GMT, wrote:


Let's see if this is the new LMT defense line for Keith Henson.

I made a few calls and inquired about your gratuitous and
unsubstantiated allegations.

First of all did you know that there are two ongoing investigations
regarding this web site?

Did you know that there is prosecutor investigating this matter based on a
criminal complaint that was filed by

And did you know that the complaint was filed at the beginning of this year
after Scientology received tons of threatening emails followed by a couple
of web sites that were taken immediately down after complaints were filed
with the ISPs?

You are more than welcome to help Scientology (the prosecutor and the
police) to find who was so busy sending death threats by email and
putting up web sites with death threats.

Now, go back to Bob and redo your homework.


PS: regarding the web ring anyone can submit those and I would not be
surprised if you guys set this up to blame Scientology. I am pretty sure
that the prosecutor will find who did it and I will not be surprised if he/she
is an LMT paid "geek". Perhaps Martin Hunt can "help" answer a few of
these questions.

Or maybe David Rice can "assist" you in finding out who this mysterious
person is.

- ---

In this article, you claim that Scientology before filing the complaint had
"received tons of threatening emails" and remarked on a "couple of web sites."

However, later you sang a different tune. Did someone tell you you had
blown it or did you notice this yourself?

Here's your different version of the story. A mere two weeks later you had
"forgotten" that you had been told about the "tons of threatening emails"
and "couple of web sites." In this version he was "very polite" but
"wouldn't give me any other information."

So which was it?

You are either lying or suffering from a very strong form of amnesia.

- --

Subject: Re: Bogus Cult's Bogus Web Site
Date: 25 Nov 2000 00:00:00 GMT
Message-ID: <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology

On Thu, 23 Nov 2000 21:49:44 GMT, wrote:

>In article <8uvno6$h3i$>,
> wrote:
>You folks might be amused that ten days has now passed, and guess
>what? No contacts from anyone in law enforcement re the dexer
>threats, inspite of "Clark_Bor" insisting that there were two
>investigations into the dexter threats. Why am I not surprised?

I have been waiting to see your evidence posted to ars. Ten days have
gone by and all you have to say is that no law enforcement agency
contacted you? Do you expect them to read ars and call you?

It took me a couple of calls to find out that there is an ongoing
investigation due to a complaint filed by Scientology. Though the
officer I talked to was very polite he wouldn't give me any other
information. But at least that much I found out - it only cost me a few
dollars for the long distance calls I made. You have not even been able
to get that far.

I know that at times you don't even remember your name, but get a clue:
if Scientology's headquarters are in LA wouldn't the police department
in that area be knowledgeable about this investigation? Or could it be
that they don't trust you? Or is it because once you have spoken to
them you will post your twisted version of what happened with them?

Are you waiting for Dexter to murder a Scientologist so that you can
then step forward and blame law enforcement for "failing" to contact
you or because they did not read ars?

Let's hear it Keith- what do you know about Dexter?


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