Control and Scientology

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Phil Scott

Jun 22, 2006, 1:06:35 PM6/22/06
With the hidden post hypnotic aspects of scientology the cult
member thinks his haluciantions are real because they read on
the meter.

This provides validation that a 'new insight' has been
achieved.....'progress'..... more glee...and more insanity

..the person IS 'happier'...just nuts and destructive now that
he believes his mother is a marcabian psychiatrist out to
murder the rest of the family and busy making layer cakes with
bombs in them.

The mother or any other target is left with no defense because
these are not told of this insane conclusion... and can't
fathom that anyone would be so far gone as to assume she is
anything other than a normal person.

One is left defenseless in the face of a blind attack from
insane sociopaths, insanity created fully by none other than L
Ron Hubbard.....

you dont even realize you are attacked until its too late.
....this is why Hubbard said that there was no defense against
scientology....and why it would prevail..

You do not know why or the basis for the attack are
left with no effective counter options and completely in
mystery as to the actual 'reasons'...

... in the case of a disconnection you are told that its
simply because you did not support progress or whatever and
are therefore a destructive person. amazing, and
unfathomable in this context.

One cannot easily counter the unfathomable.

it is the culturing of such sociopaths and forwarding such an
attack agenda that is limitlessly destructive... yet another
Hubbard reversal,

Phil Scott
Ideas are bullet proof.

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