The people on WWP who believe the lies of Garry Scarff (Smurf) must be the dumbest people on the planet.

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Barbara loves Marty

Nov 5, 2009, 9:19:35 PM11/5/09
Google the name Garry Scarff. Not just Scientologists say that he is a
notorious liars but there are enough critics who said the same thing.

Scarff lies now on WWP that he didn't post on ARS for over a decade.
Yeah right, he still posts here constantly using socks and remailers.
Scarff's posting style is no primitive that 90% of all ARS readers
recognize him right away.

He lies on WWP (yes, bad news travel fast) that I live from welfare.
Never did. Not in Germany, not in Iran, not in the UK, not in
California, D.C. or Utah. Never anywhere. That is rather what psych
drug popping Scarff is doing.

Then he lies that I was arrested in Utah. Never happened. The
disturbed guy makes it up. Happened just in his psych drugged dirty

Then he lied that my complaints against LAPD officers where ignored.
That is false too.

Then he lies that I filed complaints in 48 states about him. What a
nut and liar he is. I knew that he lives in a crummy little room in
Los Angeles without a stove. I never filed any complaint against him
outside of California and I just filed complaints against him in
California because this disturbed and criminal man continously stalked
and defamed me. I never filed any complaint about that idiot to any
military base. What a lying peace of trash he is.

I never claimed that he "works for Uncle Adolf and his Hollywood
apartment is actually the headquarters of the German Nazi Secret
Police with its own underground subway system".

I don't care who the lunatic works for but I sure heard that he can't
hold any job and sued notoriously his former employers. He lives in a
room so small that almost he, the fat guy, has not enough space in.
How can a small room be the HQ of a secret service? (He just wants to
be important, that is why he is making it up.)

And some WWP posters are really so dumb and believe the lies of this
psych intoxicated piece of garbage who blames each lawless act that he
commits on the psych pills that he pops.

He is a fat unhappy guy and blamed me on his horrible life.

Then he claims that "OSAbots Charlie Earl & Kirsten Caetano have
admitted to enjoying leading this moonbat."
I never heard of this people. I never had any contact with them or
others of OSA.
He sucks it out of his fat fingers.

I am warning you, Scarff. You stop there horrible defamations on me
with your lawless socks or you wander in my signature line for years
to come.

I posted that I would not link anymore the RFW in my sig line because
they do not clarify that Mr. Texas is not the original Marty Rathbun
but Scarff might get me to reconsider. I might find a way speading the
news what a guy Scarff really is.

Barbara Schwarz

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Nov 6, 2009, 4:49:29 AM11/6/09
On Nov 6, 3:19 am, Barbara loves Marty <>

> Google the name Garry Scarff.

Please do not automatically cross-post everything you post to
nl.scientology. This post and most of your many other posts are off-
topic here.

newsgroup nl.scientology is primarily for discussions about the Dutch
situation, and/or in the Dutch language.

Therefore, just because the subject is related to Scientology does not
automatically mean it is on-topic in nl.scientology.

Peter Widmer

Nov 6, 2009, 6:58:16 AM11/6/09
petersteenkamp schrieb:

It is useless, Psychobarbie is a Usenet-terrorist :-)

Peter Widmer <>
3803 Beatenberg <>

Peter Schilte

Nov 6, 2009, 10:21:46 AM11/6/09

Tja, Barbara vindt zichzelf nu eenmaal erg belangrijk, dus doet ze
dolgraag aan crossposten. Hele nieuwsgroeppopulaties kunnen haar wel
villen, zijn al over haar heengevallen, hebben haar al voor rotte vis
uitgemaakt, maar ze trekt zich er niks van aan. Barbara is een
paranoide schizofreen die de wereld kond wil doen van haar
"belangrijke" mededelingen. Kotsmisselijk word je van haar en haar
idiote samenzweringstheorieën. Om maar te zwijgen over haar
overtuiging dat ze de dochter is van Hubbard, de kleindochter van
Eisenhower, haar werkelijke naam Sarah Hubbard is, dat ze opgegroeid
is in een onderwtaerdorp dat in The Great Saltlake ligt, dat in ieder
geval alle critici van CoS oorimplantaten hebben waarmee de Duitse
Geheime Dienst deze critici controleert en opdrachten geeft, kortom:
zo gek als een deur.


"These people believe the souls of fried space aliens inhabit their
bodies and hold soup cans to get rid of them.
I should care what they think?"
- Valerie Emmanuel

Barbara loves Marty

Nov 6, 2009, 12:00:35 PM11/6/09
All you lawless defamers and liars, get out of my way, before I forget
that I am a lady.

To WWP posters: I do not want to post on WWP because it is moderated.
As a real Scientologist per L. Ron Hubbard, I do not well under
control and in cults.

Barbara Schwarz

Nov 9, 2009, 4:13:14 PM11/9/09
Yes, please do not cross post this stuff to,
the Church per se is moot and off topic here.



In petersteenkamp <> wrote:
> On Nov 6, 3:19?am, Barbara loves Marty <>

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