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Dec 7, 1999, 3:00:00 AM12/7/99
Scientology TV

Hamburg, Germany
December 12, 1999
taz Hamburg Nr. 6010 Seite 21

Sven-Michael Veit

Illicit video shots in the City concern Senate and Data Security

"I know only too well what master and what purpose they are
serving," said Walter Zuckerer. A recently installed video camera
on the roof of the building at 9 Dom Street has come under the
scrutiny of the current chairman of the SPD faction of the state
representatives. There, in the middle of the city, is where
Scientology's Germany Central has been located since November

And Zuckerer does not at all like the Scientologists having "public
thoroughfares being under private surveillance. That could be an
"illicit encroachment of the personality rights of specific people,"
unsuspecting passersby, for example. Therefore, he has submitted
an extensive inquiry to the Senate yesterday as to whether they or
the Hamburg Data Security Commissioner were already involved
with the matter.

The facts of the matter were not yet known to the latter, at least, as
verified by Data Security Commissioner Hans-Hermann Schrader
upon inquiry from taz (this newspaper). Therefore he could "not yet
make a statement about an actual case." In principle though,
according to Schrader, filming public space would be "permissible
only under certain circumstances." Those would include the
assurance of one's own security or the avoidance of criminal acts.
It was doubtful as to whether these condition would have been met
in the case at hand, even less so since people who were completely
uninvolved could be influenced in their right to their own picture."

But Walter Zuckerer's thirst for knowledge goes yet further. In
several further questions, he wants information from the Senate
about the legal provisions for two Scientology events in October
and November "which had both occurred largely on public ground.
The justification for the organizations self-advertisement by their
office building is questionable as far as Zuckerer is concerned. He
would like to know whether there is a permit for a banner that
covers "approx. half the surface of the wall" and which advertises
an event which took place on November 27.

He believes there is much concern, said the SPD faction vice-chief,
as to how intensely contrary Scientology has been in Hamburg for
several months. He is not the only one.


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