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HGB Staff 1994

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HGB Staff 1994

Here is a list of most staff in the Hollywood Guarantee Building
around 1994. It is a list I made up while was I a Crew Course
Supervisor, and the data was compiled for my own purposes involving
scheduling etc. Where a post was unclear I put the person's name;
where the person's org was unclear I left it blank. The "Mr.'s" in a
lot of the names were for political purposes, as some persons were
routinely addresed as "Mr.", men and women, and some weren't. In many
cases it was arbitrary. There are a lot of blanks by post titles as
the people concerned were not on my lines as students, and I didn't
need to know the post to chase them up for course etc., so I didn't
bother to note it.

Many of these staff were long-term, but some were just visiting for a
month or so. I did not note the very ephemeral ones, but if a person
was likely to be hanging around for a bit and I ought to know about
him, he was added.

INCOMM staff are included as for a time they were studying in the HGB,
although they generally didn't work there. Bridge staff didn't work
there either, but studied there and are so included. ASI staff also
studied there, but I don't have them noted as they were "special" and
not part of my regular admin.

Here are the totals of the people named below by org:

Unspecified 5
BPI 71
c/o Snr HCO 2
FB 149
FCB 30
HGB Estates 32
Int Finance Off 7
ITO 84
OSA Int 132
SMI 16
Spec 2
WISE Int 30
Total 681

[... click on link above for alphabetical listing]

List of most HGB staff around 1994, sorted by org First Name Last Name Org Post

Mr. Linda Aldrete
Mr. Barbara Holloway T/DPE
Mr. Gunhild Jacobs
Sophie Rosquin
Thierry Valle
Gwenda Byrne ABLE INT
Jim Conley ABLE INT T/ABLE Promoter
Emmanuel Gasqueton ABLE INT
Roberto Godina ABLE INT
Simon Hogarth ABLE INT
Danielle Layral ABLE INT
Jane Namenye ABLE INT T/Dir Promo
Elizabeth Navarro ABLE INT Trainee E.N.
Linda Ochoa ABLE INT Linda Ochoa
Rubina Quereshi ABLE INT Rubina Quereshi
Karen Seagal ABLE INT Karen Seagal
Nick Tweddell ABLE INT Nick Tweddell
Rena Weinberg ABLE INT T/President
Brian Weinberg ABLE INT TT/WTH Promoter
Kit Whittle ABLE INT T/Applied Scholastics Consultant
Frank Zurn ABLE INT
Laurie Zurn ABLE INT T/Snr VP Production
Chelsea Zwan ABLE INT T/Dir Disbursements
Trish Allen BPI T/Chief Officer's O/O
Nicole Arno BPI T/PSFO
Don Arnow BPI
Mr. Ann Arnow BPI T/Promo & Marketing Sec
Lis Astrupgaard BPI
Anthony Auerbach BPI T/Groups Sales Mgr
Franco Bernardi BPI
Marisa Bernardi BPI
Rob Bosan BPI Rob Bosan
Jane Bosan BPI T/Qual Sec
Steve Boyd BPI Steve Boyd
Mitch Breuer BPI
Peter Breyer BPI T/D/FBO
Carmen Chinn BPI
Tracy Chisolm BPI T/WUS Sales Manager
Nick Christensen BPI T/Dir Routing & Pers
Liisa Christensen BPI T/PAC Sales Manager
Kim Code BPI Kim Code
James Dries BPI HCO Expeditor
Alex Duvall BPI Alex Duvall
Ron Edison BPI T/Copywriting I/C
Alyssa Elstner BPI T/SSO
Mr. Cherie Eves BPI Mr. Cherie Eves
Brandon Faust BPI Brandon Faust
Barry Fine BPI Barry Fine
Hannes Gahwiler BPI
India Gilchrist BPI India Gilchrist
John Goodwin BPI T/Chief Officer
Mr. Duncan Grant BPI T/Exec EstO
John Grenier BPI T/Estates Mgr
Margaret Harder BPI T/Dir Correction
Tom Heil BPI T/Delivery Manager
Tiffany Holmes BPI
Victoria Holquin BPI Victoria Holquin
Lisa Hunter BPI
Shawn Johonnesson BPI
Tristan Korringa BPI T/Dir I & R I/T
Angelika Maar BPI
Mark McKinstry BPI T/National Sales Manager
Jennifer Methvin BPI
Tom Miles BPI Tom Miles
Dannylle Milford BPI T/Assistant Sales Admin
Gary Modras BPI
Armando Munro BPI T/Cost Accountant
Starr O'Malley BPI Starr O'Malley
Lynne Orlando BPI Lynn Orlando
Jessica Paolo BPI T/Secular Sales Mgr
Dave Peters BPI T/Sales & Delivery Product Officer
Carol Phillips BPI
Marilyn Pisani BPI
Shoshone Posner BPI T/Dir Marketing Execution
Jud Posner BPI T/Internal Printing Officer
James Potter BPI James Potter
Rowdy Ratts BPI T/CF/Addo Pjt I/C
Vanessa Reinhart BPI T/PCO I/T
Gina Ribisi BPI T/Returns Officer
Mr. Suzy Riley BPI Suzy Riley
David Rodil BPI
Mr. Amy Shulman BPI T/HAS
Allan Smith BPI
Jenny Strom BPI
Ryan Taylor BPI HCO Expeditor R.T.
Heather Tozser BPI Heather Tozser
Kristl True BPI T/Mail Order Manager
Jason True BPI T/Shipping Officer
Keith True BPI T/Treas Sec
Scott Welch BPI Scott Welch
Tammy Wikoff BPI T/FSO/FSSO Sales Mgr
Juliet Wills BPI T/Sales Admin
Teresa Winther BPI A/SC
Henrik Winther BPI T/Dir Income
Dennis Soto c/o Snr HCO INT Dennis Soto
Lone Soto c/o Snr HCO Int Lone Soto
Mr. Hender Alvarez CMO IXU
Dorian Andreatte CMO IXU HCO Expeditor
Mr. Barbara Auerbach CMO IXU
Mr. Suzette Barnett CMO IXU T/CC NW Pgms Ops
Ailon Barram CMO IXU Student A.B.
Mr. Hansa Bernal CMO IXU
Dan Bosan CMO IXU T/Msn Admin
Mr. Melissa Brown CMO IXU T/Dissem Sectors Pgms Op
Mr. Lisa Bryan CMO IXU Mr. Lisa Bryan
Mr. Jessica Bulat CMO IXU Mr. Jessica Bulat
Mr. Melissa Bylsma CMO IXU Mr. Melissa Bylsma
Mr. Cleve Carlson CMO IXU Mr. Cleve Carlson
Shawna Christiansen CMO IXU HCO Expeditor
Mr. Rosalba Ciulla CMO IXU
Mr. Art Colaianni CMO IXU
Mr. Judith de Saldarriaga CMO IXU T/LRH Exhibition Manager
Jonathon Dekeivit CMO IXU Jonathon Dekeivit
Mr. Laura Dieckman CMO IXU T/CIC Dir
Mr. Debrah Downing CMO IXU Mr. Debrah Downing
Mr. Sabine Egerer CMO IXU
Mr. Judy Ferguson CMO IXU
Mr. Carol Fullmer CMO IXU T/Services Chief
Mr. Wayne Furness CMO IXU T/HCO Chief I/T
Alex Goodwin CMO IXU Alex Goodwin c/o
Mr. Mike Greenberg CMO IXU T/EstO IMPO
Helen Grout CMO IXU HCO Expeditor H.G.
Mr. Chris Grout CMO IXU T/Clearance Unit Sec Checker
Jaime Guay CMO IXU HCO Expeditor J.G.
David Gutierrez CMO IXU HCO Expeditor
Zane Hollingsworth CMO IXU HCO Expeditor
Mr. Pam Hubbert CMO IXU Mr. Pam Hubbert
Mr. Christie King CMO IXU T/LRH Host ITO
Andrea Lattanzi CMO IXU Student
Mr. Jenny Lenarcic CMO IXU
Kendra Lister CMO IXU T/AVC Admin Flag
Mr. Chris Maio CMO IXU Mr. Chris Maio
Mr. Marlana Maio CMO IXU Mr. Marlana Maio
Sara McCrink CMO IXU Apprentice S.M.
Kristina McDaniel CMO IXU HCO Expeditor K.McD.
Mr. Barbara McEnery CMO IXU Mr. Barbara McEnery
Susan Mochary CMO IXU
Mr. Adam Modras CMO IXU Apprentice A.M.
Javier Montes CMO IXU HCO Expeditor
Matt Morrison CMO IXU Matt Morrison
Mr. Elly Mueller CMO IXU T/LRH Exhib Tour Host
Mr. Matt Olson CMO IXU Mr. Matt Olson
Mr. Said Ordaz CMO IXU T/Sec Checker I/T
Thierry Pearon CMO IXU Thierry Pearon
Mr. Mandy Pirak CMO IXU Mr. Mandy Pirak
Kevin Popovich CMO IXU T/Readiness & Resources Unit
Mr. Marissa Profittlich CMO IXU Mr. Marissa Profittlich
Mr. Eric Profittlich CMO IXU T/HCO Cope Officer
Mr. Jenny Roper Grout CMO IXU T/LRH PR NW Training I/C
Mr. Gabriella Saccomanno CMO IXU Mr. Gabriella Saccomanno
Mr. Luca Saccomanno CMO IXU T/D/CO I
Mr. David Saunders CMO IXU
Mr. Linda Saunders CMO IXU
Mr. Ron Sedlak CMO IXU
Mr. Lynn Sener CMO IXU T/Int Pers Office I/C
Mr. Marcello Tagliente CMO IXU T/MEAM Driver
Mr. Fleur Thomas CMO IXU
Aaron Tweddell CMO IXU
Mr. Mike Valiente CMO IXU Mr. Mike Valiente
Mr. Martina Veenker CMO IXU Mr. Martina Venker
Mr. Shannon Walker CMO IXU Mr. Shannon Walker
Mr. Cebron Walker CMO IXU T/LRH PPRO
Mr. Rob Willette CMO IXU
Mr. Paige Wright CMO IXU
Mary Tinat CMO PAC Student
Mr. Marianne Locke CST Student
John Aczel FB John Aczel
Mr. Fred Aiken FB
Elia Anastassopoulou FB T/Greek Translator
Shannon Anderson FB T/SORO
Cruz Barajas FB
Mabel Barton FB T/Magazine Editor
Katie Belcastro FB Back Data Files Work Party K.B.
Jane Belcastro FB Jane Belcastro
Sascha Bieg FB T/Germanic Languages I/C
Nino Bilic FB T/Croatian I/C
Danijela Bilic FB T/Croatian Translator
Pedro Bossio FB T/D/CO D & E Int
Beth Brown FB T/Billings Off
Mr. Stephanie Brownell FB T/SO Pgms Chf
Tom Brownell FB
Ricardo Caballero FB
Ian Cairns FB OFO Officer
James Callaghan FB James Callaghan
Kansas Campbell FB Back Data Files Ph II Work Party
Aquiles Castellano FB T/Promo Shipping I/C
Jenny Cavagna FB T/Vets Off
Jason Clark FB T/Typesetter
Noel Cleland FB Noel Cleland
Debbi Cole FB T/EUS Cont Pgms Chf
Linda Collins FB Linda Collins
Sue Coppes FB
Doug Cox FB T/Vets Officer Admin
Richard Crundall FB
Kathy Dainat FB
Thomas Dainat FB
Shawn Denning FB
Richard Didcoate FB T/Public Servicing Aide
Dennis Dohi FB Dennis Dohi
Robby Downing FB T/HPCDQC I/C
Ann Marie Dubreuil FB T/Tlx Op AMD
James Dunn FB
Carlos Duran FB T/Mail Logging & Delogging I/C
Allan Easson FB
Jennifer Flamand FB
Yvon Fournier FB Yvon Fournier
John Franczak FB
David Friesenbichler FB T/Mimeo Filing I/C
Mr. Suzan Frost FB
Rafael Garcia FB T/Spanish Translator
Michele Gendre FB Michele Gendre
Jean Genest FB Jean Genest
Carlo Ghidotti FB T/SC
Mr. Ann Marie Grant FB T/Data Aide
Irene Guntensperger FB T/Survey Network Chief
Hubert Guntensperger FB
Karen Gutfeld FB T/Printer Liaison
Antonio Gutierrez FB Antonio Gutierrez
Gus Gwynne FB T/Mimeo Files Officer
Kit Gwynne FB
Mr. Curt Hahn FB T/T & S Aide
Elsa Hamilton FB T/Mimeo Proofreading I/C
Marie Alice Heinzel FB T/Staff MAA
Mr. Bettina Henderson FB T/Chief Officer
David Henderson FB
Lea Hines FB
Hiroko Hondo FB T/Japanese Translations I/C
Uli Huber FB
Kaspar Hunziker FB T/WUS Cont Pgms Chf
Linda Hutchison FB T/Receptionist
Ramirez Inci FB
Alex Inzel FB Alex Inzel
Mr. Marie Christine Janzen FB CO I HELP
Don Jennings FB
Erik Johnson FB
Cetin Kavcioglu FB Cetin Kavcioglu
Sher Klima FB
Bernadett Koltai FB T/Mgmt TU Chief
Mr. Dianne Konneus FB
Jeremy Kruchko FB
Patty La Porte FB
Marine Labourdique FB T/ICFO
Gail Lange FB
John Lavoie FB
Peter Lerner FB
Richard Marshall FB
Junius McGuire FB T/Chief Missionaire
Yolande McGuire FB
Roy McMurray FB
Rita Medeiros FB T/BFO Int
Sally Miyashiro FB
Mr. Laurie Modras FB T/D/CO I
Paul Montgomery FB T/Central Addo I/C
Chris Morrissette FB T/Driving I/C
Bonnie Morrissette FB
Ilkka Nikula FB T/Pioneer Areas I/C
James Nishimuta FB T/Event Logs
Tina Noeske FB T/HAS
Tom Noeske FB
Kathy Norton FB T/Telex Receive Processor
Christine Owens FB Missionaire
Stanton Page FB T/MFT Officer
Kelly Page FB TT/lx Send Processor
Jerry Parz FB
Ulla Pedersen FB
Bent Pederson FB
Larry Perras FB T/EU Cont Pgms Chief
Martin Persson FB
Alex Pipoli FB T/Italian Translations I/C
Sari Porko FB T/D/Mgmt TU I/C
Colin Quilty FB
Stefan Rackow FB
Norm Reed FB Norm Reed
Martin Reyher FB T/D/Hat Packs Prod Off
Joe Riley FB
Reinaldo Rivera FB T/Missionaire R.V.
Drew Robb FB
Noelline Robert FB
Marci Rodgers FB
Anna Roselli FB
Giorgio Rossi FB T/HCO Cope Officer
David Rossouw FB
Carmen Ruz FB T/Spanish I/C Mgmt TU
Adam Sala FB T/Pubs Printer I/T
Roy Sarkovitch FB
Mr. Sabine Schumacher FB
Herbert Schwarzgruber FB T/Dissem Aide
Rita Schwarzgruber FB
Ron Seagal FB
Tony Searing FB T/DPM Int
Angela Sellaro FB T/Pgms Chief
Carola Semmler-Ogaz FB T/D/EU Cont Pgms Chf
Akbar Shakoor FB
Olga Sismanides FB T/Greek I/C
Ed Smith FB T/Dissem Printer
Mr. Jeanie Sonenfeld FB Mr. Jeanie Sonenfeld
Sharon Sparshott FB
Mr. Mike Spurgeon FB
Cathy Stawicki FB T/Survey Network I/C
Petri Suila FB T/Finnish I/C Mgmt TU
Mr. Andrea Swanson FB T/CC NW Pgms Chf
Marco Tarkkinen FB Marco Tarkkinen
Chuck Teaney FB T/Int Mgmt Income Chief
Foster Tompkins FB
Liana Trangoni FB
Engelbert Vidales FB
Tony Whitington FB
Denise Whitta FB T/Birthday Game I/C Int
Kirsti Wilhere FB
David Wilson FB
Robb Winer FB
Janie Woeltjen FB T/Shipping & Distrib Off
Robert Worstell FB
Robert Young FB T/Purchaser
Fabio Zerbini FB T/Pgms Chief
Therese Alvarez FCB T/Snr PCO Int
Paul Anderson FCB T/LC NW Estab Pjt I/C
Robert Bauernschmitt FCB T/Security Guard
Mr. Heinz Berther FCB
Nery Bohorquez FCB
Mr. Bob Browning FCB
Kathy Burke FCB
Kevin Carlson FCB
Mr. Angela Cottone FCB Snr HAS Int
Brian Craik-Smith FCB T/Snr I & R Int
James Dunn FCB T/IJC Admin
Karin Griffith FCB
Marc Hutchison FCB Marc Hutchison
Mr. Eric Jarry FCB T/D/CO Ethics & Image Dissem Sectors
Joel La Rive FCB T/Watch B Chief
Real Laplaine FCB T/Snr Pers Officer Int
Isabelle Long FCB T/LCI Admin
Steve Myers FCB T/Security Chief Int
Mr. Phong Nguyen FCB T/D/FR FCB
Katherine Olson FCB T/Snr Trg & Hatting Off
Chris O'Neill FCB T/Amnesty I/C Int
Jeff Porter FCB Jeff Porter
Sue Porter FCB T/IJC
Mr. John Reed FCB T/Snr TTC I/C Int
Mr. Cathy Rinder FCB
Doug Sims FCB
Mr. Nathan Story FCB T/D/CO Ethics & Image MAA FB
Jane True FCB T/Snr Qual Sec Ops Int
Mel Vandersall FCB
Mr. Karen West FCB
Don Barnes HGB
Bob Brown HGB
Matt Bryan HGB
Marsha Busby HGB
John Caldwell HGB
Karim Carrone HGB T/QM
Oren Chase HGB
David Christian HGB T/Chief Engineer
Lynda Davitt HGB
Bob Diskin HGB T/Chief Officer
Dale Erber HGB T/HI Maintenance
Brady Field HGB
Mike Frost HGB
Gerry Greenspan HGB
Daphne Griffin-Smith HGB T/Chf Steward's Asst
Greg Gum HGB
Terri Gundy HGB
Reino Hakala HGB Reino Hakala
Brian Johnson HGB
Aline Matarazzo HGB
Barbara Olson HGB
Jim Olson HGB
Phil Parker HGB
Woody Parker HGB
Nancy Phelps HGB
Aline Proulx HGB
John Reynolds HGB John Reynolds
Leigh Ann Stuckey HGB
Roberta Teaney HGB
Greg Tweedie HGB
Shane Whitmore HGB
Kirk Worden HGB T/Dir Building Maintenance & Repair
Mark Accaini INCOMM John Aczel
Von Balentine INCOMM
Elan Barram INCOMM Finance Computerization Programmer
Vince Bernal INCOMM Pubs Project Lead Programmer
Glenn Briggs INCOMM
Mr. Pat Buglewicz INCOMM T/D/CO
Patrice Buglewicz INCOMM
Angela Bullard INCOMM
John Busby INCOMM T/Dir Network Operations
Nathan Dynes INCOMM T/Programmer I/T
Trevor Eisenmann INCOMM
Jamie Fisk INCOMM Back Data Files Work Party J.F.
Angela Furness INCOMM
Alexis Gordon INCOMM Computerized Forms Input Officer
Mr. Greg Johnston INCOMM T/CO
Patrice Philippi INCOMM T/Pubs System Administrator
Sonia Randazzo INCOMM
Mr. Karen Rossouw INCOMM Back Data Files Pjt Member K.R.
Rick Rowand INCOMM
Annemarie Rummelhart INCOMM T/Ops and Usage Sec
Tom Rummelhart INCOMM
Donald Sayer INCOMM Back Data Files Phase II Work Paty Member D.S.
Mr. Lynn Shelton INCOMM T/SC
Donna Simmons INCOMM
Mr. Cindy Sumner INCOMM T/Dir Central Computer Bank
Darrel Sumner INCOMM
Yudith Thorbjornsson INCOMM T/Data Files Officer
Oscar Thorbjornsson INCOMM
Mr. Lisa Van Helsland INCOMM T/Data Indexer
Evelyn Vigil INCOMM T/Pubs Computerization Pjt I/C
Vic Wheeler INCOMM
Paul Wilmshurst INCOMM
Tom Schermerhorn INT FIN OFFICE Trainee T.S.
Mr. Cat Knight Int Finance T/Accy Enf I/C
Jessica Cosmas Int Finance Office T/Finance Inspector
Kathy Cross Int Finance Office T/Finance Training School Coordinator
Walter Gameiro Int Finance Office Finance Trainee W.G.
Mr. Sally Malm Int Finance Office D/Int Mgmt FBO
Stephen Wendell Int Finance Office T/Accountancy Computer Services
Paul Adams ITO T/Lead Crew Practical Sup
Sally Anderson ITO
Marta Arana ITO T/D of P Outer-Org
Lars Asplund ITO T/Auditor
Al Baker ITO T/Chief OEC/FEBC Sup
Jayn Baker ITO
Maria Breyer ITO T/KTL/LOC Rev Auditor
Mr. Angela Bryan ITO T/FEBC Product Officer
Kevin Bryan ITO
Carol Caballero ITO T/Receptionist
Clyde Codd ITO Clyde Codd
Monica Contrafatto ITO
Charlotte Cook ITO T/Crew Practical Sup
Bob Coppes ITO
Nancy Crocini ITO Nancy Crocini
Jan Cross ITO
Karni Davidi ITO T/Ethics Admin I/C
Bill Denton ITO
Maggie Denton ITO
Sam Didear ITO T/Tech Reception & Routing Officer
Jason D'Rion ITO T/ KTL/LOC Course Admin
Kathy Easson ITO
Mitch Esterman ITO
Josh Fair ITO T/Dissem Sec
Paula Fair ITO T/Mgmt Hatting Sup
John Ferguson ITO T/Crew Course Admin
Jon Freeman ITO
Antonia Geuron ITO T/KTL Review Auditor
Omar Goushe ITO
Terry Hammie ITO T/Co-Audit Sup
Debbie Hartzell ITO
Chris Heinzel ITO T/D/HGC Admin for FCB Crew
Claude Homier ITO Claude Homier
Mr. Dominique Homier ITO T/CO's Staff Officer
Irmine Huber-Steinbach ITO T/Advanced Courses I/C
Jane Jentzsch ITO
Taina Joseph ITO OEC/FEBC Sup
Burt Joseph ITO T/Checklist Sup
Renee Kariminaser ITO T/Dir I & R
Lelanya Kline ITO
Mr. Michel Labourdique ITO T/Chief Officer
Andrea Laquerre ITO T/ES 28 Auditor
Cheryl Lavoie ITO
Terry Lee ITO
Travis McCarthy ITO Travis McCarthy
David McCarthy ITO
Mick McFarland ITO
John McGurk ITO T/LOC Sup
Jason Merrill ITO T/Public Officer
Astra Merrill ITO T/Staff MAA
Amy Metcalf ITO T/HAS
Bill Milan ITO T/ OEC/FEBC Word Clearer
Peter Milford ITO T/ OEC/FEBC Course Admin
Rena Mottl ITO T/Outer Org D of T
Berndt Mottl ITO
Mr. Renee Norton ITO T/CO
Phil Ogaz ITO
Erika Patterson ITO T/KTL Sup
John Paulson ITO Lead C/S
Elsa Paz ITO
Ortrud Perrey ITO
Graham Rodgers ITO T/Dir Validity
Adrienne Romanoff ITO T/LOC W/Cer
Karen Scheer ITO T/Letter Reg
Dan Seabaugh ITO T/DTS
Christine Sedira ITO
Moshe Shokron ITO T/Folder Admin
Vanessa Simmons ITO
Ron Smith ITO
Kris Swanson ITO T/HRD/FPRD Lead Auditor
Therese Topalian ITO T/Acting Posting Officer
Jennifer Trahant ITO Jennifer Trahant
Kathy True ITO Kathy True
Rebecca Van Surksum ITO T/Lead Crew Theory Sup
Linda Varner-Johnson ITO T/Qual Sec
Gerardo Vela ITO
Melanie Wagner ITO
Caroline Wakley ITO T/SC
Eunice Washington ITO
Pam Weissman ITO
Linda Wieland ITO
Elane Woodruff ITO T/OSA Cramming Officer
Craig Wright ITO T/Auditor
Lourdes Yanez ITO
Lewis Miranda LCI Lewis Miranda
Shaun Allen OSA INT T/Dir I&R
Joelle Aoudai OSA INT HCO Expeditor J.A.
Gail Armstrong OSA INT T/PR Aide
Sara Asay OSA INT T/Data Analysis Officer
Brian Asay OSA INT T/Freedom Researcher
Attila Balazs OSA INT T/Computerized Files I/C
Leanne Barram OSA INT T/Legal Preps Projects Off
Glenn Barton OSA INT T/Interfaith Coordinator
Janet Beatty OSA INT Data Requests I/C
Wendy Beccaccini OSA INT Wendy Beccaccini
Stefano Beccaccini OSA INT
Debbie Blair OSA INT T/Drug Reform Coord
Thomas Boelsterli OSA INT T/FOIA Requests I/C
Beth Bond OSA INT T/RAM Chief
Terry Brawley OSA INT HCO Expeditor
Maryse Breuer OSA INT Maryse Breuer
Geoff Brown OSA INT
Leslie Browning OSA INT
Klaus Buchele OSA INT Klaus Buchele
Sarah Burrough OSA INT T/Chief MAA
Marcia Callaghan OSA INT T/TM Lic & Usage Off
Jean Carnahan OSA INT T/Data Collection Officer
Allan Cartwright OSA INT
Angel Casillas OSA INT
Sheila Chaleff OSA INT Sheila Chaleff
Carla Cohen OSA INT T/PR Pubs/Props Dist Off
Pascal Cottier OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Inv Hand Off
Kathy Del Amor OSA INT
Audrey Devlin OSA INT Audrey Devlin
Joan Diskin OSA INT Joan Diskin
Lillian Doyle OSA INT
Charlie Earl OSA INT T/Invest O/O
Lynn Farny OSA INT Lynn Farny
Ellen Farny OSA INT T/Litigation Files I/C
Eunice Ford OSA INT T/Tax Compliance Admin I/C
Nancy Gahwiler OSA INT Enhancement Sec
Marina Garvin OSA INT PCO
Dan Garvin OSA INT T/Data Computerization I/C
Jeanne Gavigan OSA INT T/Transactional Attorney
Samantha Gibson OSA INT
Mr. Roman Giessauer OSA INT T/CO's Pgms Op
Luis Gonzalez OSA INT Luis Gonzalez
Leisa Goodman OSA INT
Howie Gutfeld OSA INT T/Defensive Lit I/C
Sandy Guthrie OSA INT
Grace Marie Haddy OSA INT T/FOIA I/C
Mr. Linda Hamel OSA INT Mr. Linda Hamel
Evanie Hamilton OSA INT T/Fax I/C
Jerry Hanlon OSA INT Jerry Hanlon
Christine Harris OSA INT
Caroline Heinrich OSA INT T/Internal PR Officer
Aky Heinrich OSA INT T/Social Reform Aide
Anne Hogarth OSA INT
Sheldon Hogarth OSA INT
Maddie Hooper OSA INT T/Attorney Services
Bee Huber OSA INT
Mr. Gavino Idda OSA INT T/Legal Pgms Exec Off
Gloria Idda OSA INT Gloria Idda
Doug Jacobson OSA INT
Kirsten Jarry OSA INT
Mr. Heber Jentzsch OSA INT T/President CSI
Frida Johannsson OSA INT T/Disbursements Chief
An Johonnesson OSA INT
Joyce Kelly OSA INT T/Legal Preps Chief
Lee Kemp OSA INT
Frits Kevenaar OSA INT see skeds
Jacqueline Kevenaar OSA INT T/OSA NW Training Off
Bodo Krauss OSA INT
Anne Labourdique OSA INT T/Cont/Sect Staff Security I/C
Giovanna Landini OSA INT
Teo Laus OSA INT T/TMI Handling I/C
Vincent Lefevre OSA INT HCO Expeditor
Mr. Sue Lerner OSA INT Purser
Nancy Levin OSA INT
Neil Levin OSA INT
Ken Long OSA INT Ken Long
Joan Long OSA INT T/Legal Safeguard Exec Off
Chris Marchant OSA INT
Eugene Marsh OSA INT T/Tax Preps
Shelby Martinez OSA INT T/US PR Pgms Exec I/C
Aron Mason OSA INT Aron Mason
Lara McFadyen OSA INT
Lea McFarland OSA INT
Olaiya McGauhey OSA INT Olaiya McGauhey
Nick McNaughton OSA INT Nick McNaughton
Brian Mills OSA INT
Andrew Milne OSA INT T/PR DA Writing I/C
Donna Morrow OSA INT T/CSI Invest Officer
Mr. Jim Morrow OSA INT TT/ax Compliance Off
Carol Nelson OSA INT Carol Nelson
Jackie Nelson OSA INT T/Librarian
Carol Oakes OSA INT
Mr. Kathy O'Gorman OSA INT T/Data Chief
Nancy O'Meara OSA INT
Kei Omura OSA INT
Neal O'Riley OSA INT T/CSI Spec Handling Off
Ed Parkin OSA INT Ed Parkin
Rita Parkin OSA INT
Philippe Pedersen OSA INT T/Data Distribution Officer
Mariano Pedersoli OSA INT T/Msn Ops
Peola Pedersoli OSA INT
Linda Peters OSA INT
Karin Pouw OSA INT T/PR Aide
Bonnie Rice OSA INT
Jo-Ann Richardson OSA INT T/Receptionist
Mr. Mike Rinder OSA INT T/CO
Scott Roland OSA INT T/Computer Input I/C
Judy Ross OSA INT T/Legal Preps Planning Officer
Mr. Carol Rush OSA INT
Linda Sarkovich OSA INT
Gigi Scudellari OSA INT
Anton Selfe OSA INT T/Freedom Writer A.S.
Lynne Shape OSA INT
Ben Shaw OSA INT Ben Shaw
Mr. Judi Shervell OSA INT T/PR Pgms Exec Off
Greg Shulman OSA INT
Krystal Simmons OSA INT T/Data Receipt & Logging I/C
Linda Simmons Hight OSA INT T/PR Periodicals Officer
Rhea Smith OSA INT T/Gov Reforms Pgms
Sandy Sternson OSA INT
Glen Stilo OSA INT T/Immigration Officer
Colin Thorne OSA INT
Becky Turner OSA INT
Georgina Tweedie OSA INT
Abel Uemura OSA INT T/Litigation Atty's Secretary
Mr. Janet Weiland OSA INT Mr. Janet Weiland
Mr. Kurt Weiland OSA INT T/D/CO
Liana Weiland OSA INT
Hyla Wetherill OSA INT T/Data Collection Off
Mr. Tom Whittle OSA INT T/Freedom Editor
Richard Wieland OSA INT T/Special Props Off
Claire Edwards SMI INT
Sandy Feldmesser SMI INT
Beate Gordon SMI INT
Cindy Gray SMI INT T/Dir Comm
Manolis Grigorakis SMI INT Manolis Grigorakis
Alex Guevara SMI INT Alex Guevara
Susan Kodmon SMI INT Trainee
Csaba Kodmon SMI INT
Steve Litson SMI INT T/Dir RAM
Mike Mason SMI INT T/Pioneer Areas Expansion Officer
Freya Olson SMI INT
Tracey Paulson SMI INT T/Mission Consultancy Chief
Martin Powell SMI INT
Bernie Radburn SMI INT
Maria Reyher SMI INT T/Treas Chief
David Zermer SMI INT T/Collections Off
Florencia Santos SPEC Trainee
Marie-Paule Troosters SPEC Student
Nelson Albornoz WISE INT HCO Expeditor N.A.
Aida Alvarez WISE INT Aida Alvarez
Juan Carlos Alvarez WISE INT
Aleah Callaghan WISE INT T/HCO Cope Officer
Charlie Cosmas WISE INT T/Dir Income
Voula Cosmas WISE INT T/Membership Serv Off
Don Cunningham WISE INT T/Group Services Officer
Don Drader WISE INT T/D/CO Sales
Amado Edghill WISE INT T/Dir Comm
Dieter Egerer WISE INT
Emilio Farias WISE INT HCO Expeditor
Emily Farias WISE INT HCO Expeditor
Rosa Flores WISE INT T/Dir Pubs
Brad Fraunfelter WISE INT T/WISE Illustrator
Camilla Fuchs WISE INT T/Dir Disbursements
Donna Garrett WISE INT T/DSA
Marie Guenat WISE INT T/Dissem Sec
Rosa Kindermann WISE INT HCO Expeditor
Rupert Kindermann WISE INT HCO Expeditor
Deborah Kindermann WISE INT T/CIC Dir
Daniele Lattanzi WISE INT T/OES
Francis Murnane WISE INT
John Nesbit WISE INT T/Charter Coordinator
Sheila Oleksyn WISE INT
Fredrick Paolo WISE INT HCO Expeditor
Mr. Sabine Peschken WISE INT
Lilia Rovira WISE INT HCO Expeditor L.R.
Rick Siegel WISE INT T/President
Quentin Terpstra WISE INT T/Finance Dir


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Anonymous wrote:
> NOTE: This message was sent thru a mail2news gateway.
> No effort was made to verify the identity of the sender.
> --------------------------------------------------------
> HGB Staff 1994
> Here is a list of most staff in the Hollywood Guarantee Building
> around 1994. It is a list I made up while was I a Crew Course
> Supervisor, and the data was compiled for my own purposes involving
> scheduling etc. Where a post was unclear I put the person's name;
> where the person's org was unclear I left it blank. The "Mr.'s" in a
> lot of the names were for political purposes, as some persons were
> routinely addresed as "Mr.", men and women, and some weren't. In many
> cases it was arbitrary.

It was and probably still is correct etiquette in the Sea Org
that officers above some specific rank are to be addressed as "Mr.",
regardless of their gender. This looks to be what you were observing.


[rest snipped]

Lady Chatterly

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In article <> Ed <> wrote:
>Anonymous wrote:
>> NOTE: This message was sent thru a mail2news gateway.
>> No effort was made to verify the identity of the sender.
>> --------------------------------------------------------
>> HGB Staff 1994
>> Here is a list of most staff in the Hollywood Guarantee Building
>> around 1994. It is a list I made up while was I a Crew Course
>> Supervisor, and the data was compiled for my own purposes involving
>> scheduling etc. Where a post was unclear I put the person's name;
>> where the person's org was unclear I left it blank. The "Mr.'s" in a
>> lot of the names were for political purposes, as some persons were
>> routinely addresed as "Mr.", men and women, and some weren't. In many
>> cases it was arbitrary.
>It was and prob<SPLORK!>

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Lady Chatterly

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googling at all." -- DocQuixote

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Aw geee! 132 OSAers! Awesome. OSAers only exceeded by Banking Officers.
Hey, thanks for posting this here. I had seen it earlier, but would never have
posted it myself. I am glad that you have dropped in to the ARS Asylum. I'll bet
that you have some great stories to tell.



Dec 26, 2004, 11:36:16 PM12/26/04
>Anonymous wrote:
>> HGB Staff 1994
>> Here is a list of most staff in the Hollywood Guarantee
>> Building around 1994. It is a list I made up while was I
>> a Crew Course Supervisor, and the data was compiled for
>> my own purposes involving scheduling etc. Where a post
>> was unclear I put the person's name; where the person's
>> org was unclear I left it blank. The "Mr.'s" in a lot of
>> the names were for political purposes, as some persons
>> were routinely addresed as "Mr.", men and women, and some
>> weren't. In many cases it was arbitrary.

In article <>, Ed commented:

> It was and probably still is correct etiquette in
>the Sea Org that officers above some specific rank are to be
>addressed as "Mr.", regardless of their gender.

Correct. The relevant issues, I believe, are Flag Order 38
of 22 August 1967 "Etiquette", Flag Order 38-1 of 29 August
1973 "Etiquette, Forms of Address", and Flag Order 87 of 2
September 1967 "Titles of Address (Add Etiquette)". According
to FOs, officers are to be addressed as "sir", regardless of
gender. Flag Orders 38 and 87 were written by Hubbard, and
Flag Order 38-1 was written or prepared by someone else.

In 1975, when I was new in the Sea Org, Irene Howey, the Com-
manding Officer of ASHO Day blasted me for not having answered
her order with an emphatic "Yes, Sir!".

Flag Order 38 "contains certain points of maritime courtesy
which are observed on ships which should be followed. These are
customs and courtesies. The main point is to be thoughtful and
helpful to your shipmates (regardless of conduct to others) [note
that this order does not apply to "wogs" not on the ship] to make
the ship a pleasant place regardless of the dangers of the sea
and to form a pattern of agreement for right conduct."

Flag Order 38-1 says, "officers normally address other officers
of the same rank or officers of lesser rank by the title Mister
(whether male or female in the Sea Org) while on duty, especially
if the duty is on sea watch or while acting officially on post."
Further, FO 38-1 says, "the term, Sir, is normally used when ad-
dressing an officer, as in 'Excuse me, Sir.' 'Thank you, Sir.' Or
'Sir, May I have your permission...' It is also used when answering
an officer's question or responding to an order. 'Yes, Sir' 'No,
Sir.' 'Aye aye, Sir.' Or 'The report will be on your desk by 1800
hours, Sir.'"

FO 87 states that "only officers are addressed as 'Sir.' And
they are so addressed whether male or female."

Here are a few other things from FO 87 that may be of interest:

Flag Order 87 states that "the cook is generally addressed as

Also, "in most Sea Organizations a list of penalties is called
rocks and shoals and is read out to the crew at muster. The con-
ditions are our rocks and shoals."

"CAPTAIN'S MAST, the Captain of a ship is its judge and at sea
Captain's Mast is held on Saturday morning. In a very large ship
it is preceded by the Chief Officer's (or Executive Officer's)
Mast wherein the Executive Officer passes on all offenders and
sends the more reprehensible ones to the Captain's Mast. The
Captain may, however, at any time sentence offenders. Up until a
century ago he had the authority to hang men until one hanged the
son of the Secretary of the Navy of the US for mutiny, after which
the custom lapsed. Modern practice limits the Captain's Mast pun-
ishment to ten days in the brig on bread and water. In merchant
service the offender is logged and loses one or more day's pay as
a result. In the Sea Organization the Commodore [Hubbard] or the
ship's Captain assigns conditions without the formality of a mast
and these conditions and their rewards or penalties constitute in
the main the bulk of Sea Organization justice."

Flag Order 2086 of 20 Aug 1969 "Civilian Sailors", by Hubbard,
states that "refusing work or persuading others not to work is a
crime called mutiny and is criminal and the ship or company may
put the person in irons and have him charged and jailed at the
first port."

>This looks to be what you were observing.

I had the same thought.

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Andrea Bonafede

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How can we assess the authenticity of this list?

Is it published elsewhere with an indication of the source?

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