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lawsuit demanding $67,000 refund

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Jun 15, 1997, 3:00:00 AM6/15/97

Below is a court document from the local courthouse that I found. I
cannot vouch for the truthfulness of the below, but I have spoken with
Janice Hayward and she sounds like a rational person to me. Janice
said she had funds for the Dianetics courses from a settlement from an
accident. She was doing this suit as her own attorney, and she had to
quit before it could be finally adjudicated. She still wants a


Janice D. Hayward ) Case no .CV96-10503

PLAINTIFF ) Title: Breach of contract
) Misrepresentation
) of the
Church of Scientology ) Dianetics program
2111 W. University
Mesa AZ 85201

Breach of Contract

I contracted with the Church of Scientology Phoenix Organization to
become a Dianetic Clear and the Special Price was $25,000. I was
guaranteed results or my money back.

Both written adn verbal agreements were broken to extort more money
beyond the agreed upon price. John DeNiro, a staff member said that I
was "a mark" on 24 Dec. 1991. He meant that they were just out to
take my money.

I was guaranteed that the Dianetics produces a well, happy, and
successful person. I was to have help for life to insure the promised
results or my money back.

For three years I receieved everything but Dianetics, and I never did
receive a complete Dianetics process. The quality of my life did not
improve but steadily became worse until I lost my job.

In February, 1995, I was told by Karen Mosher, Acting Executive
director, and John DiNero a staff member, that I could not receieve
the Dianetics program. My contract was broken and I was put out.

-page 2-

My financial and counseling records were altered, and I was charged
excessively, over and over again, and then kicked out with no refund.

This Breach of Contract caused me great mental and emotional anguish.

I appealed to the Church of Scientology Justice system and I was given
a decision on 22 March 1996, by International Chief Justice, Sue
Porter. I was awarded a complete and total refund.

I have not received a refund.

Therefore, I ask that a judgement be awarded me in the amount of
$67,000 for actual financial harm, plus court costs and attorney fees.
In addition, I ask that a judgment be awarded me in the amount equal
to three times my actual financial losses as punitive damages for the
physical and mental stress I suffered.


I contracted with the Church of Scientology to become a Dianetic
Clear. The Dianetics program was guaranteed to produce a well, happy,
and successful person upon completion. I was shown pictures of
successful people such as Kirstie Alley, Tom Cruise, and Priscilla
Presley to convince me about the success of the program.

I went to L. A. on 23 Mar., 1992. While there, Mike, an auditor, in
the Church of Scientology, accused me of being an immoral and
unethical person for three to four hours a day.

I was accused of trying to harm the ethics officer for hours and I had
done nothing bad to her. Everyday for a week, I received a constant
barrage of verbal abuse, until I left and went back to Phoenix.

On or about 21 Dec., 1992 I was assaulted by Wendy Keene, Ethics
Officer. Mary Sugher, Secretary, tried to physically force me to stay
at the Church of Scientology against my will. She called for Wendy
Keen and Kathy Bennett, a Division 6 Supervisor, to attack me. Kathy
ran off, but Wendy slammed me repeatedly into the wall in the
back of the church for over half an hour. Finally, John DiNero, a
staff member, came in and made her stop.

I confronted Mary Sugher about the assault. She told me that L. Ron
Hubbard's policy states that it is alright to physically assault

-page 3-

Since this assault, I have experienced disabling migraine headaches
and continuous chiropractic care on my neck. I was harmed so much that
my condition has caused me to miss work, and it has affected my
ability to work steadily on my job. My condition has forced me to
miss work. This situation has ended ultimately with the loss of my

On or about 19 July, 1991 Jon Luc, the Academy Supervisor, showed me a
silver, semi-automatic pistol, of unknown caliber, that was kept by
the church to use on people. He told me that "people had been taken
to the dessert [sic] and shot because they posed a threat to the

My experience with them has made me fearful for my life.

I asked for an audit of my financial records, but I was denied access
to them. And because I asked for a check of my financial records, I
was verbally attacked by John DiNero, a staff member, and Karen
Mosher, Acting Executive Director, for hours 5 Jan., 1995. On 17
Feb., 1995, they kicked me out of the church without explanation or

I have been treated very badly physically, mentally, and emotionally
by the Church of Scientology. Also, everytime I went to the church
for help or assistance I was accused of doing something bad, immoral,
or unethical.

In conclusion, the processing and training I received have not
bettered the quality of my life. I have been harmed and not helped.

I appealed to the Church of Scientology justice system to correct the
above mentioned situations. Nothing was done.

Therefore, I asked for my money back. In March 1996, as evidenced by
a letter dated 22 Mar., 1996, Sue Porter, International Chief Justice
granted me a compete and total refund which I have not received.

Because of the Misrepresentation of the Dianetics program, and the
misrepresentation of the results that would be received, I acted to my
detriment and paid them $67,009.07 for harmful treatment which has in
no way bettered my life.

Therefore, I ask that a judgement be awarded me in the amount of
$67,009.07 for actual financial harm, plus court costs, and attorney
fees. In addition, I ask that a judgment be awarded me in an amount
equal to three times my actual financial losses as punitive
damages for the physical and mental stress I have suffered.


* There are several exhibits and affidavits included in this case,
but since the court charges $1/page, I didn't copy much of it.

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