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Re: Mayor right to end Scientology program to combat drugs (Las Cruces Sun-News)

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Dec 15, 2008, 7:27:55 AM12/15/08
On Dec 15, 9:12 am, wrote:

Here's a direct link to the article.
Miyagishima said when he first initiated his "Drug-Free Marshal"
program, he was unaware that it was funded by Scientology. A sticker
on the back of badges given to area third-graders identifies them as
being "a trademark owned by the Church of Scientology International."

The real concern was not so much the badges, but pamphlets that were
to have been distributed to fifth-graders. Those pamphlets condemned
not only illegal street drugs, but also legal drugs such as Ritalin
that Scientologists strongly oppose. That is a classic example of the
inclusion of church doctrine into the program, and was a valid reason
for the mayor to pull the badges.

Those trademark notices tucked away on the backs of badges will get
you every time. ;-)

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