CO$ Celebrities: USEFUL IDIOTS

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Feb 13, 1998, 3:00:00 AM2/13/98

Okay. So the clams have John Travolta, Tom Cruise, et al in their hot li'l ol'
P-R hands --and some of these Hollywood glitterati airheads can actually fake
intelligence and erudition in talking about their favorite cult.

So-o-o-o-o-o WHAT?

I for one and NOT impressed, and nor should anyone else be impressed! So some
well-known "artists" --whose chief idea of intellectual discourse is 5 minutes
on "Politically Incorrect" or "The Tonight Show"-- have the time and money
(ESPECIALLY the money) to pursue an intellectually vacuous, ethically bankrupt
belief system like Hubbardism? BIG DEAL!

Don't most people know by now that nearly the entire community of West Coast
"actors" and "actresses" put together tend to be dumber than a box of rocks?
After all, these same grossly-overpaid twits, if they weren't getting
"audited" and doing "tech", would instead be sticking needles in their
arteries or snorting white stuff up their noses. Even when they're undrugged
or sober, there's not a hell of a lot going on to indicate anything close to
approximating sound judgement, critical thinking, and rational discernment.

So if CO$ wants to continue to insist that it's somehow "repectable" or
"mainstream" because JT (for example) is one of their own, my response is:

Well, CO$, how come famed physicist Stephen Hawkings isn't a Scientologist?
And what about famed paleontologist and EVOLUTION EXPERT Stephen Jay Gould?
Has he re-examined the fossil record and found --LO!-- transitional forms
confirming your clam-to-man theory? WHAT! No fossil record?!? WHAT! Gould is
not a Scientologist?!? And where, for that matter, are all the prominent
marine biologists who have become Scientologists because of man's bio-chemical
ancestoral link to clams?

And how come you would never be able to name any prominent historians,
archelogists, anthropologists, philosophers, or even theologians, as

And how about all those famous JOURNALISTS out there, CO$? Can't name even ONE
who is a Scientologist? Not even <shudder> <biting lip> Geraldo?!?

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! . . . .Gotcha, morons!

80 years ago Vladimir Illych Lenin coined a term for empty-headed and/or
willfully ignorant Westerners, especially "celebrities," who swallowed the
Soviet PR scam hook, line, and sinker for decades. These "artists" and
"prominent" people gleefully praised and supported his glorious revolution and
the regimes that followed . . .to the tune of over 50,000,000 deaths and the
brutal Gulag Archipelago. None of them exercised what little brains they had
to learn the truth; and those who did talked themselves out of the truth.
Lenin called these people "useful idiots."

How fitting, but hardly surprising, that CO$ should be taking a page (and
probably LOTS of pages) from Lenin's strategy book --if not Lenin's entire
totalitarian ideology.

John M. Esparolini

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