South of the Border at the Road Kill Cafe (part 1)

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Keith Henson

Apr 30, 2002, 6:43:04 AM4/30/02
[Third attempt to post this article. This time I took out the PGP
block at the end and tick mark variation on Cafe in the subject line.

I have posted other even longer articles and they all made it hkh]

For some reason this post didn't make it to Google or perhaps anywhere
except lightlink. So here it is again. About 95 percent of it is old
material. Here is the new stuff so you don't have to wade through the
entire post--even if I think it is a cool recitation.

Keith Henson

So far this is a recap of what we already knew or had guessed right.
What we *didn't* know (or at least *I* didn't know) was that the
people around -AB- in INCOMM were also horribly abused. They were
blamed for not detecting an SP! Some were sent to the RPF, a few of
those most remote from -AB- were kept because otherwise the computers
would have been shut down, a bunch of them went to "lower" sea orgs
like FB and PAC Estates after intense interrogation and a few months
of house arrest. Those in the RPF were in for various lengths of
time, some for years, and one of them may be there to this day. None
of the tossed INCOMM people ever went back to INCOMM.

However this information was obtained, I got the impression from the
person I was talking to it had been known for a *long* time. Perhaps
NSA's interest in the cult didn't end in 1977 and they *did* have a
fly on the wall. Or perhaps people who were there have since talked
to the Feds like Jesse Prince did.


South of the Border at the Road Kill Cafe (Part 1)

By H. Keith Henson

There is too much red in the Road Kill Cafe's decor. The miniature
palm trees on either side of the door are ratty, like someone left
them out on a freezing night. The specials de jour are chalked on a
red A-frame sign. There are advertisements for someone's cleaning
service and a note about an "open to the public" bakery surplus next
to a pay phone inside the double door "airlock." A poster for a
sports team named after some vicious animal is tacked on one wall.

The Road Kill Cafe's windows go all the way to the floor. There are
low curtain rods made of 2-inch brass pipe about 3 feet off the floor.
The bar has a shingle roof built over it. In one corner there is a
library of old books, real as far as I can tell. They are too far
away to make out the titles. I am there mid afternoon. It is the
wrong time of year for the outdoor patio to be inviting.

No ID is offered; "Don't be silly." My speculation about a
three-letter agency is neither confirmed nor denied, but substantial
amount of cash changes hands. My activities, reports, and analysis
are recognized though it is not clear who does. As an aid to further
analysis there is an extended period of discussion. I get to ask
questions. Some have answers, some do not and some are of the kind
that if I were told . . ..

Eventually the discussion works back to the early days of scientology
vs. the net, to Tom Klemesrud, Linda Woolard, -AB- (Rummelhart), and
penet in early 1995. The seemingly pointless Ms Blood operation has
long fascinated me. Only in the last year was the point of the
operation understood (to get Tom locked up and shut down
for an extended period while the police looked for a body to go with
the blood all over Tom's apartment). Some of my knowledge of these
events is confirmed, and a few more pieces of the puzzle are added.

The Ms Blood story is a spectacular example (on a par with framing
Paulette Cooper) of a scientology operation against Tom Klemesrud.
When the plan went sour and an internal leak came to light, possibly
exposing the whole operation, scientology manipulated the police as
far away as Finland through their lawyers and private investigators
and used the police to manipulate others such as anon.penet and
CalTech. They later manipulated the judge in a small claims court
which would not even *look* at Tom's side of the story when Ms Blood
sued Tom over being so scared of him she started bleeding again when
Tom was 1500 miles away at his father's funeral. They manipulated
Judge Whyte's court, and Tom's insurance company into an entirely
unjustified settlement. So far scientology has gotten away clean from
a long list of crimes and civil rights violations against Mr.

To recap for new readers, in early 1995 Tom was the sysop of, a BBS/ISP run out of his bedroom. was then
the connection point to the net for major SP and former high-level
scientologist Dennis Erlich. "Jerry Ladd" was also posting from I am not sure he was ever identified. Tom had some
previous experience with the cult's corruption and knew some of the
IRS agents who had been involved. From:

"Prior to January 14, 1995, [the date of the blood incident] I was
contacted by attorneys for the Religious Technology Center
(hereinafter referred to as "RTC"), a Church of Scientology
organization. The attorneys for RTC informed me that a subscriber to
my system, Dennis Erlich, was allegedly violating RTC's copyrighted
materials by making postings of those materials to the Internet. RTC's
attorneys demanded action to block Mr. Erlich's access to the Internet
via my bulletin board system. I contacted RTC's attorneys and
requested that they provide me with copies of the copyrighted
materials so that I could compare it with what Mr. Erlich had posted
to the Internet. They refused to do so and I refused to take action
against Mr. Erlich.

"On January 14, 1995, I was in contact with plaintiff [Linda Woolard,
aka "Miss Bloodybutt"] herein for the first and only time in my life.

"I met the plaintiff at a bar. Contrary to her assertions that I
approached her, she approached me. She identified herself as an agent
for the IRS. [Editorial note--Linda may have been an IRS/"Church Tax
Compliance Committee" agent authorized by the secret deal between the
IRS and scientology.] Part of our discussion concerned the bulletin
board system I operated and she expressed an interest in seeing the
system. Therefore, the plaintiff accompanied me to my apartment in
North Hollywood.

"The bar was in Burbank on my way home. I have not been there for
years. I do not hang out there. I know the management there and is why
I chose to go there. You would think they had to have been following

"She--or someone else--had to have at least been following me from the
Burbank airport. The cab driver was the only one who knew where I
wanted to go. We had trouble finding the place too, driving back and
forth on the surrounding streets. They may have been in touch with the
airline, according to info I have.

"'Miss Blood' got access to the internet site by claiming to be an IRS
CID agent, re-investigating the tax status of the CoS. I sat down a
light colored dinette chair for her to sit on. There were no stains on
that chair after she had sat on it--I have witnesses. So, she was not
bleeding-- "soaking," before she went into the bathroom.

"She excused herself to the bathroom. She took some time, so I checked
on her to find much blood _smeared_ all over the bathroom: On the
floor, walls, shower doors, but little in the toilet. After I had
discovered her, she came out of the bathroom and said: "I am from the
Church of Scientology, and I think that you should do as Thomas Small
has instructed you to do--delete Dennis Erlich from the BBS."

"I am just reporting what happened. The first thing she said when I
found her sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with about a pint of
blood on the floor in front of her was: "Tom, we have got to stop
having rough sex like this."

"Of course, I was fully clothed, with my shoes on, being a gentleman,
because previous to this, she was an IRS Criminal Investigation
Division agent in my mind. She impersonated one, and dropped names
that are only know previously in confidential files at IRS CID, or to
a former Federal Grand Jury. Woolard was engaging in psychological
terrorism, in my opinion. Or, perhaps she thought by mentioning this
bizarre notion, I might believe it happened.

"I was shocked, and went to call for help. She came out of the
bathroom and came to me saying this: "I am a representative of the
Church of Scientology, and I think you should do as attorney Thomas
Small has said you should do--disconnect Dennis Erlich from the

"She immediately returned to the bathroom.

"She told me she was sent on a mission to do what she was doing. I
believe she did not know I had called the police and had left the
apartment door wide open for them to come in. She was surprised to see
them. She left several things behind.

"Then she came out undressed, saying: "I have been sent on a mission,
and I have been instructed to put some blood in your bed." She said
this courteously, with a smile. As she turned to lay down on the bed,
I saw the sausage of blood nestled in her crotch. She wiggled her butt
in the bed, got up, looked at the stain on the sheets to see if she
liked the stain, and returned to the bathroom. She did this with no
interference from me.

"A phone call was placed to 911. However, the telephone call was
placed by me. When the police came to my apartment, I was in fact
arrested on the false allegations of the plaintiff that I threatened
her. The police never pursued these allegations.

"She told the police she had a unique medical problem. This problem is
of the type that caused a few pints of blood to be smeared on bathroom
walls, in my shower, on carpets, my chairs, and bed. The medical
problem takes the form of causing all my linens, and new rolls of
toilet paper to be strewn on the floor and rubbed in the produce of
her problem.

"In fact, the blood came from a bag, bladder, or balloon nestled in
her crotch. I saw it. If this is a medical problem, then she has an
intestine or artery running outside her body filled with cold almost
coagulated blood."


Tom suspects his drinks were drugged and the drug was probably the
cult's favourite, chloral hydrate, also used to keep Lisa McPherson
under control while she died of dehydration. Tom has a high tolerance
to downers and it seems Ms Woolard did not use enough. Tom spoiled
the operation by calling the police after he discover her spreading
blood all over his bathroom and bedroom. If this was not an act of
terrorism, I don't know what it would be called. (The police copy of
the 911 recording went missing--common for Scientology cases--but a
backup tape from the fire department was found. The transcript is
posted in a number of places on the Internet, for example a March 22,
2001 posting by ptsc in the thread "Recap of the story of Miss
Bloodybutt - for Tom Klemesrud.") The police who came in response
to his call to arrested Tom
911 and he spent the night in jail based on false accusations of
threats by Ms Woolard. Ms Woolard refused medical treatment and
vanished after the police arrived. The details of this bizarre story
are on the Internet:

Ms Woolard even left her address book and had tried to make calls to a
private detective, Gene Ingram. Ingram (a former police officer
kicked out of the Los Angeles Police Department) is paid over $700,000
a year by Scientology for his work intimidating people and running
operations such as the one against Tom Klemesrud. It is not known if
Ms Woolard was a scientologist, but (I believe) her sister was
eventually found to be one.

There was no question this was a Scientology operation, but the goal
of the operation was not clear for a number of years. March 22, 2001 posted:

"Scientology's OSA department had one or two of its 'agents' work on a
DA package including the incident even before Ms. Bloodybutt tried to
frame Tom Klemesrud. That DA package was to included the claim that
Tom Klemesrud was being questioned by the police about murdering a
woman. (An anonymous telephone call to the police by a woman screaming
for help was probably planned, but the woman was too drunk to perform
the call or remember to call.) The plan was to make Tom Klemesrud
appear that he had murdered someone and then successfully hide /
dispose of the body, and to have him incarcerated for a crime that had
not even been committed."

Tom was not even the primary target of this operation. The entire
over-complicated operation was done with the object of getting Dennis
Erlich, a former high-level Scientologist, and subscriber to Tom's
Internet service,, off the net. Dennis had earned the ire
of Scientology by openly talking about their "secrets," particularly
the OT3/Xenu story and Scientology's illegal practice of medicine
using "emeters."

As we have long known -AB- (Sea Org member Thomas Gerard Rummelhart,
former radio officer of the Freewinds) was working at "INCOMM," the
cult's computer operation in LA. In late 1994, early 1995, he was
reading and posting on a.r.s. There may have been no specific
provision against it in those days but -AB- was paranoid enough to be
posting through that anon remailer at penet. Perhaps he figured the
general prohibition against contact with SPs applied.

When Tom's version of the Ms Blood story showed up on a.r.s, -AB- had
seen a different story in someone's files on the INCOMM computers. If
the cult's assertion on legal papers supplied to the police in Finland
can be believed, the document had never been on paper. In the 1992
Caltech Alumni Directory -AB- was listed this way:

RUMMELHART, Thomas G.; '84 MS EE; r. Same as Business;
b. Computer Operations Dir.; Incomm, 4833 Fountain Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90029, 213 664-0371

So he almost certainly had root access at INCOMM.

January 23, 1995 -AB- posted Ingram's/Ms Blood's version on a.r.s
through penet and a mail2news gateway from his account at Cal Tech,
thinking (no doubt) he was doing a good deed defending scientology.
Jan 25, 1995 according to an ARS posting, he sent the name and phone
number of Linda Woolard (Ms Blood) to Vega. (There's a name not seen
in a while!)

What he did not realize was that the "shore story" of the partly
failed blood attack on Tom Klemesrud was an internal maximum level
scientology secret until released--and no decision had been made about
releasing it. When the story appeared on a.r.s, prior to Helena
Kobrin faxing a close version to the Los Angeles Times, or even any
copies being printed, it looked to the powers running the Ms Blood
operation that their internal secret computer files were being tapped.
(Knowing scientology, David Miscavige was probably micromanaging the
operation against Tom Klemesrud and was in a diminutive frothing

-AB- knew they were after him and posted in reply to "Old Timer" about
11 pm PST January 25:

> There is something about this cycle...I can not put my finger
> on it...but maybe just maybe there is some truth to -AB-.
> I do not feel OSA had anything to do with a set up. I also
> feel, more investigation IS warranted.
> I am asking for a Board of Investigation.
> Old Timer

Why thank you, O.T.! And you risk being branded "OSA" along
with me! Your courage is encouraging that one day a.r.s will pursue
more truth and less bashing and accusations that no one ever proves
on one side or the other.

I told in another post how I got the data, and I submit that to
the B of I. On top of that I also sent you the exact name and phone
number of Linda, by private e-mail. Since it seems that some feel now
that Vega and I are "OSA" <sheesh>, maybe they will believe you.

I am not OSA. In fact OSA is looking for me since I "scooped" them
on this and got to the bottom of it before they did. But I choose to
remain anon to both sides. FWIW.



This was the last known posting from -AB-.

From what we can see from the outside, there was a frantic, no expense
barred, effort using Gene Ingram, the LAPD, then Interpol, the Finnish
police and the LAPD again to determine how the leak had occurred.

The LA Times Feb 22, 1995 reported:

"Helsingius refused at first to knuckle [under] to the church's
demands, but he
says the search warrant gave Finnish authorities the right to seize
computer, which contains the identity of all 200,000 people who have
messages through during its 2 1/2 years of existence.
with a potentially catastrophic loss of
processes more than 7,000 messages daily, mostly for
Americans--Helsingius and his attorney negotiated a compromise: On
8, he gave police the single identity in question.

"Within the hour, Helsingius reports, a church representative told him
the church had the name. (A church spokeswoman contacted would say
that "we took actions to handle illegal posting," insisting that her
organization was simply defending its rights. As for anonymous
the spokeswoman added, "People should be responsible for what they

Julf Helsingius, the administrator of, wrote:

"Based on a request from Interpol, the Finnish police have gotten a
search&seizure warrant on my home and the server, and
gotten the real mail address of a user that has allegedly posted
material stolen from the Church of Scientology. Fortunately I managed
to prevent them from getting more than this one, single address."

The information they got pointed back to an account, on the Cal Tech computers. Within hours
scientologists were there. Cal Tech system administrators at first
would not give up the name. Months later Rich Fagen Director, Campus
Computing Organization Caltech wrote:

By (Richard E. Fagen)
26 Jun 1995 16:24:03 GMT

"On Wednesday afternoon, February 8th, three private investigators
visited the Caltech Security Office and the Campus Computing
Organization. The P.I.s wanted to know the identity of the holder of
the account "tc" on the Caltech Alumni Association computer system
( They claimed to have gotten the account name
from the server via the Helsinki police. Due to the
unusual nature of this request, the P.I.s were told that Caltech would
need more information before this type of information could be given
out. Later that day, an attorney representing the Church of
Scientology called the campus computing support office demanding the
name of the account holder. The attorney claimed that a document had
been stolen from a CoS computer system, and that the document had been
posted to the a.r.s newsgroup from via the anon
remailer. (The claim was the document was created on Jan. 21 and
appeared in a.r.s. on Jan. 24). The computing support staff did not
divulge the name of the account holder, and the CoS attorney was
referred to the Caltech General Counsel's office.

"The Computer Crime Unit of the Bunco-Forgery Division of the LAPD
subsequently contacted Caltech security and asked for more information
on the case. The LAPD wanted to know if a breakin to the CoS computer
had occurred from the alumni system. Caltech told the LAPD that no
evidence of such a break in could be found. The LAPD requested and was
given the name of the "tc" account holder with the understanding that
this information would not be divulged. A couple days after that
Caltech was informed that the LAPD could find no evidence that a crime
had been committed.

"In the ensuing several days, the attorney and P.I.s representing CoS
made repeated attempts (both via phone and by physically appearing on
the Caltech and JPL campuses) to obtain the contents of the tc account
and also the tape backups (the account holder had admitted to deleting
most of the contents of the account). The CoS attorney produced a
letter allegedly signed by the tc account holder allowing CoS
permission to get the data stored on that account and the backups. Due
to irregularities with both the letter and a phone conversation with
the account holder, permission for CoS to have access to the data in
the account was denied by Caltech.

"After the CoS attorney and P.I.s continued their attempts to get the
data, Caltech retained the counsel of an independent law firm. Soon
after that, all communication with the CoS ended. One phone call from
the tc account holder requesting the backup data was received by the
computing support staff. This request was also denied. That was the
last communication with the account holder."

It is looks like an LAPD fraud investigation officer forced
Rummelhart's name out of Cal Tech and gave it to scientology. However
they found him, Rummelhart was obviously confronted and put under
pressure to try to get his files on Cal Tech's computer restored from
tape and returned to the cult. (So they could check what *else* he
had been doing.)

After this episode, of course, he would never be trusted or permitted
to be on staff. He had been granted the highest level security
clearance for working on their central computers, yet he had been
exposed as a major SP. (Anyone who gets upper management's shorts in
a knot qualifies as a major SP. Tom suspects that Rummelhart tried
to make amends by breaking in to his mailbox and stealing his identity
and that Rummelhart showed up at the small claims action with Ingram
and Wollard.)

There was a good deal of speculation and worry at the time that he
might have been imprisoned in the RPF or even killed. A good number
of months later he was reported as having been located in the New
England area but I don't believe anyone has reported speaking to him.
Apparently he was thrown out, though he might have been held as a
prisoner for a long time--possibly even to this day. (The cult just
does that, and people are so terrorized by the experience they seldom
talk before the statute of limitations runs out. The kidnapping and
hideous abuse of TF being a case on point.)

So far this is a recap of what we already knew or had guessed right.
What we *didn't* know (or at least *I* didn't know) was that the
people around -AB- in INCOMM were also horribly abused. They were
blamed for not detecting an SP! Some were sent to the RPF, a few of
those most remote from -AB- were kept because otherwise the computers
would have been shut down, a bunch of them went to "lower" sea orgs
like FB and PAC Estates after intense interrogation and a few months
of house arrest. Those in the RPF were in for various lengths of
time, some for years, and one of them may be there to this day. None
of the tossed INCOMM people ever went back to INCOMM.

However this information was obtained, I got the impression from the
person I was talking to it had been known for a *long* time. Perhaps
NSA's interest in the cult didn't end in 1977 and they *did* have a
fly on the wall. Or perhaps people who were there have since talked
to the Feds like Jesse Prince did.

Thomas Gerard Rummelhart if you are reading a.r.s, I would *love* to
hear from you. The phone here in Canada is 905-844-6216. If you feel
email is better, my PGP key is on the servers, but the servers seem to
be acting up lately so I will append it.

What bothers me is that people in US government law enforcement had
detailed knowledge in 1995 about scientology's attempt to frame Tom
Klemesrud for murder just like scientology had successfully framed
Paulette Cooper for bomb threats back in the 70s. I get a shrug when
I express amazement at this. Maybe it is not a Federal crime.

Scientology *did* get Tom falsely arrested and later manipulated (or
outright corrupted) a small claims court to provide Ms Blood with a
cover justification and manipulated a Federal court (Judge Whyte's) so
scientology's operation against Tom was not exposed.

When -AB- reported the cult's "shore story" of the operation against
Tom on a.r.s, scientology manipulated Interpol, the Finnish police,
the Los Angeles Police Department, and through them Cal Tech in a
private prosecution to find him. When they located their target,
brutal coercion was applied to him. It just amazes me that the US
government would let scientology brazenly commit crimes and usurp the
government's function of investigation and prosecution even in those
days when there was a rule against investigating scientology. (Of
course, the government never charged anyone for the criminal coercion
scientology applied to get the illegal tax exemption from the IRS or
for manipulating the US Attorney and a grand jury into indicting
Paulette Cooper either.)

We are talking about events now more than 7 years in the past. There
might be people who could confirm this story who have since left the
cult. I can't offer a speck of proof myself and in fact the entire
business of being south of the US border seems quite bizarre.

Keith Henson

(key snipped to see if this will post right)


Apr 30, 2002, 8:02:26 AM4/30/02
On Tue, 30 Apr 2002 10:43:04 GMT, (Keith Henson) wrote:

>[Third attempt to post this article. This time I took out the PGP
>block at the end and tick mark variation on Cafe in the subject line.

>I have posted other even longer articles and they all made it hkh]

That *might* have been it. I believe that technically, you are not supposed
to have 8-bit characters in header lines. Usually they propagate, though.
I pasted that from email, so perhaps it never got out at all.


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