Influence, the effects of a few

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Phil Scott

Jul 4, 2006, 7:40:51 PM7/4/06
Influence, the effects of a few and the limitless

This is a story about my experience in scientology as the
first cracks began to appear in its walls.

In approx 1984 when I was doing courses at the Flub Land base
inside what is now known as the glorious Fort Homicide hotel
in Clearwater.... I went out the front door for some fresh
air. Thats a 9 story building with an oval ball room at the
top, used to be US Army (or Navy) intelligence in world war
two, not know to scientologists..I learned that on meeting one
of the veterans who served there at the time.

Hubbard has links going away back with US Naval Intelligence..
earlier even than his association with Commander (snake)
Thompson. that situation is another range of issues I wont go
into further here.

I met my first picketer.
An old guy in sandals, beard, thin..and worn was standing just
under the front awning and called out to me in a calm but
insistent voice that the place was a 'criminal cult' or some

myself generally being open..especially with a genuine looking
person, this guy was at least 70... I walked over to him and
congratulated him on his courage and told him that indeed the
place was a little dark around the edges....

He was holding a well worn wooden cross he had made from drift
wood and leather ties and took great pains to show it to me
and tell me how long he had carried it.. decades... and
telling me things Ive since forgotten, but mentioning Hubbards
satanic aspects...

I had to agree, I had already some insight into the larger
mess but at the time had rationalized it.

after a time I think I was retrieved by of the scnists and the
guy run off...I waived Im sure and thanked him for his
openness again..he left somewhat doubtful...probably thinking
I had shinned him on.... when in fact the meeting chain
reacted to shake the criminal cult to its knees.

I man..and old torn clothes and a humble voice.

After that and in session I was grilled on the
conversation..... in that time frame the reverse processing
that had happened sporatically before seemed to get worse.

The old man no doubt long since passed...

..maybe even 9 years later when I discovered the internet via
AOL..and the scientology 'boards' there...

I began posting with expose ... and then someone came on our
AOL board from the .... 'Usenet'... I had no clue..but in time
found ARS.,, 1993 or so maybe earlier.

ARS was getting one or two posts a day or less...but those
were from old timer scientology insiders with the hottest of
hot dope on the larger scene ... that one need to know to sort
the mess out.

I went back to AOL most of the time and began posting in reply
to 'diconnected' (arnaldo but not saying so at the time)...and
many others, and later 'Safe' who did the wonderful series on
DM changing hubbards books, tapes and etc..

There were about 20 critics posting to the AOL boards, it was
messy, AOL monitors and all sorts of limits etc..but the word
got out fast and soon many of the kind folks, all swing short
swords and fighting cult thugs from their front porches.... I
met on AOL were posting ARS :)

That put the word out onto the wide open and very wooly web.

From there and as the word spread via Dennis Erlich and a few
others primarily and in the 'freezone' magazines at the time..
The Free Spirit... and others .by various means... ARS grew to
the worlds busiest USENET news group by 1994 or so... the
rest is history most of us know.

The cult came out swinging spending over 100 million dollars
on thugs, attorneys, PI's and attempts to ruin many of us
critics pesonally...Arnaldo, Dennis Erlich, Enid Vien. myself,
a dozen others...they arranged elaborate frame ups and paid
off courts and police to raid homes and seize computers as
they planted LSD on at least a few tooth brushes...the cult
was out with all guns blazing.... alas, they remained morons.

vicious though.
On the side of the critics was heart...when the cult
operatives infiltrated my ISP and planted forged messages and
called the police and I was phone to Grady
Ward, his call to Arnaldo...and the phones rang off at the
police station the holding station from around the world...
another massive foot bullet from the criminal cult....
actually I think they blew their entire ass off with that
one.... it took me 2 years to recover as they continued to
harrass myself and dozens of others...killing peoples

Scientology set a pit bull onto Torys cat one time at her
front door, her cat jumped straight up into the air, landed on
the pitbulls back and scratched its face into raw meat... the
dog took off and jumped into the side door of a waiting
car......... there were many such stories, that one was more
recent though.

There are hundreds of those accounts ..Kristy and Peach have
dozens each... the scn thugs never had the balls though to
face me directly... just my those lies to my clients and the
police....all backfired.

In the earlier time frame there were no critical web sites...
but soon as the talent developed, and especially after Helena
Kobrin tried to RM the group... internet activists came on
board. fire in their eyes...and magically many folks, such as
Arnaldo began to develop their world class web sites.... ARS
grew some more.

Then more magic happened... Ted Mayette came on line and asked
how to get his money back.... Earlier when I was in Houston
with the same problem a wonderful babe from Las Vegas (a
dancer and ex scn) called to tell me how to pull that off... I
passed that advice and other information on to Ted.

I suggested picketing and then picketing longer if the cult
dwandled in getting his money to him....... they dwandled.

Ted in his brilliance picketed for YEARS after that,
developing world class picketing insights and demonstrating
real advance that motivated dozens from around the world to
picket their local orgs and myself eventually to
picket...first in Houston at the org on Westheimer (by
fluffies pizza, I gave fluffy a can of smoked clams, he made
clam pizza for us)..

then later at the SF org many times.... all this had been a
complete and utter resergence for me, and a huge part of my
healing and of course that spread to others,,, then to

now we have hundreds of expose sites and hundreds of world
class experts on how to defeat mind control and how to cope
with ruthless criminal assaults by scum.

what are the the roots? Well the earliest roots were from
the real hero's who dug deep and hard as scientology was
trying to frame them with crimes... Paullette Cooper was early
and public.. Ida Camburn huge behind the scenes.. many others
I don't know.. and many long time ex scientologists in the
print media prior to all this... Dennis Erlich...with the
'informer'...there were others.

then Appliantology was developed ...all about L Rong Hooovahh
and the suuccchem up da cash vacuuuum sucker... that was on
AOL mostly.. Kristy used to carry a bag of suckers on her
pickets... she kept offering them to me until she was sure I
was not a plant.

True talent.

Then the more brilliant among us, Arnaldo and a few others
began setting up live IRC chat groups... heavily
infiltrated..but none the less these blossomed to help shake
out the larger scene and unit the expose.

Finally has come waves of ex's..for help..... then they moved
on...and some stayed and became world class exposing the cult
the world could imagine. ..Tory Christman comes to mind,
daugher of the Hall of Fame Quarter back Paul Christman who
gifted her with grace and integrity that has changed many
lives... others have followed now. Barbz and Dave Tourestsky
have been remarkable among others... effective, targeted to
the dark core, cutting the balls off of scientologys nasty

Instead of more people getting drawn into scientology by its
lies.... the lies of scientologists has resulted in more than
a few of them going to prison and loosing millions in law
suits, and the expose of L Ron Hubbard and his dark roots into
satanism and all those he spawned, Charlie Manson for

So what effect then did the old man with worn drift wood cross
have on the world?.. and the others.

Never in history it seems have so few done so much for so
many.. anon quote from ARS, maybe from Tarla Star

Tarla personally asked the magic words that turned me
around... she said..OK.. tell me very very specifically and
in every detail how Scientology has helped you in your life.

I was ready... I started to type... then errr..well no...
that wasn't it... within a few hours the blinders came off...

So one thanks, once again ...Tarla Star, and rest of the
'sisters of the perpetually juicy'... we had fun... these were
hard core... and very effective.

now she is in retirement from all this, living in Australia
last report ... her name was mentiioned on a financial NG a
year or so ago..I replied... she returned to bless ARS with
her closing salvo.

so this is part of the story of ARS... a small slice with a
billion other aspects left out.

It has been an honor and a privilage to stand with these
people, and Peach and Kristi and Phyr and 8 others one night
in front of the San Francisco Org at is old location 137
McAlister street.... in the absolute blackness in the driving
wind and rain.. with our candles in rememberance of Lisa
McPhersons murder...blown out. the streets were silent...

...12 or 13 of us in line... silent, tears streaming down our
faces...picket signs held high in our strong right arms
motionless.... as those inside fled to their upstairs and
turned out their sign lights.... then their building went

we stood another long silence that changed our
worlds and the world of scientology.. as her dark guardians
from where she was sent arrived and said nothing ...maybe we
retrieved her much later, but not then....the criminal cult
had ripped out her very soul and sent her to pits of hell
itself ...for that time at least.

So now you see, here some of still stand. We are not angry,
or even upset at this ... we stand like the samurai going into
battle against all possible odds... glad to have been up to
the fight.... bowing low and gently to the adversary that has
given us so much without realizing it our swords


Phil Scott
Ideas are bullet proof.
a line from the film, V for Vendetta.


Jul 4, 2006, 8:30:01 PM7/4/06

"Phil Scott" <> wrote in message

Wonderful details..........thank you so much, Phil.

You are quite a writer, and always have been.
No wonder Scientology hasn't "Taken you on".....
They don't have sharp enough swords...and they know it.

Happy 4th of July, to you my friend, and all others
here today, and the many who have drifted away, for
various reasons.

Most of all, Happy 4th to my dearest
friend whose b-day was today, who took his own life,
some years ago, way too young.....trapped inside the cult,
having only one choice left: Lose all or die. He chose death.
I just realized it right now, perhaps these kids who were
in Scientology and then take their lives are using
Scientology's Code of Honor. They were raised with it:

Never desert a friend, in need, in danger or in trouble.

Each of them had one parent out, one in, and I'm quite
sure each one wanted out. Perhaps taking their own lives
was their way of not deserting either.

They couldn't leave, they wouldn't hurt either,
so they departed.

My blessings to each of them,
and their families who so tragically lost their
loved ones to this insidious CULT using Disconnection
to try to control people.

Scientology isn't a religion, it's a spiritual
draining, mind control, financial damaging,
life taking CULT.

Tory/Magoo~~Thrilled to be out of there after
30 YEARS "in"
Free at last!
For more info, please read
Burbank, CA
(818) 841-3632

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