"Trained Like Laboratory Rats"

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May 24, 1998, 3:00:00 AM5/24/98

"Trained like Laboratory Rats"

From: "Nordwest-Net"
May 21, 1998

Ex-Scientologist Norbert Potthoff lectured and answered questions
in the Ganderkesee secondary school. Was life in Scientology
easier than life after Scientology? What was going on the with the
sect's secret service? Are Scientology missionaries in the schools?
The questions of the students after the lecture by ex-Scientologist
Norbert Potthoff showed a high degree of interest in Potthoff's
experiences with the totalitarian sect. For one and a half hours, the
50 year old reported on the teachings of the Scientologists and their
founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and his own, seven year experience in
this system. Potthoff has written a book on the subject, therefore his
presentation was in conjunction with the community library and the
central library in Luneburg.

The author was very clear on one point -- that the teachings were
based upon social Darwinistic principles. "Making the capable more
capable," according to Potthoff, is a Scientology motto which does
not take an interest in the weak. To another question, Potthoff
explained how he, as an advertising artist, was convinced to joint
the sect, namely, the teachings are arranged in hidden layers. At
first, Scientology helped him greatly in arranging his contracts. That
was his big professional weakness. He then explained the training
methods in a medical manner. At first, the concentration exercises
result in the release of adrenaline, later, in the release of the body's
own painkiller hormone, endorphin, which is related to morphine.
That is how the Scientology training went so well for him. It was a
"drug experience", stated Potthoff. "We were trained like rats."

In the mid 1980's, Potthoff was one of the leading strategists in
Scientology's European theater. That was how he learned the rigid
hierarchical side of the sect from the inside. He was not able to
adequately answer the question as to why he left after barely a year,
because of a lack of time.

His criticism of the sect, he repeatedly stated, was not about
whether Scientology is a religion or not. He devotes his attention to
the sect's demeaning nature, which nullifies social contacts and
obligations, thereby carrying out "social terrorism."

German Scientology News

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