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Sunday Mail (Brisbane, Australia) Jan. 16, 1994: "Father's letter pleads for a week's dialogue"

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R. Hill

Feb 6, 2009, 4:00:57 PM2/6/09
Father's letter pleads for a week's dialogue

Dear Lee,

You are my son and there will always be a place for you In my heart. I
will always love you and do anything I can to help you.

Nearly four years ago, we lost your brother Adam. I am still not
reconciled with my grief at this loss. Since you were recruited into
Scientology, I have been losing you, too.

For some months, I have been finding out about Scientology, I have
discovered that Scientology's founder was a pathological liar who made
numerous spurious claims about his life. He was not in fact a war hero,
an explorer, a student of Asian mystics or a nuclear physicist. Nor did
he cure himself of war wounds with the discovery of Dianetics.
Factually, Hubbard was a drug addict and a black magician with no
concern for anyone but himself. I found that there are no published
studies to back up Hubbard's supposedly "scientific" discoveries. I also
found that Hubbard had created an ultraloyal paramilitary organisation,
members of which were willing to commit criminal acts on his behalf. I
could write pages on the information I've seen, but the most worrying
aspect of my investigation is the discovery that thousands of lives have
been destroyed by Hubbard's monstrous organisation.

Despite your belief that Scientology has helped you, the only evidence I
see is of financial and social devastation. Since becoming involved in
Scientology you have abandoned responsibilities and become callous
towards your family and friends. You have become fanatical and unwilling
to even consider evidence that you have been misled. You seem to be
under the control of Scientology.

Letters from the Brisbane Scientology organisation show that before
leaving Australia your life was already controlled.

I arranged to come to England in December, believing that whatever grip
Scientology had on you could be released by our love for one another. A
few hours before I flew out, you phoned to say that I had been to a Cult
Aware meeting in Brisbane, and had met Jon Atack. I was shocked to
realise that I had been under Scientology surveillance, and even more
shocked that you didn't care about this invasion of privacy. While I was
on my way, your Mum was subjected to an interrogation over the phone by
a Scientologist, who asserted that your safety was at risk. I was
outraged that a complete stranger should assert that I would hurt you in
any way. Again, you seemed without feeling.

Once I arrived, it was clear that you were checking in to Scientology,
even to the point of a Scientologist arriving on the doorstep in Manchester.

I spent two weeks talking with you, and visited Saint Hill several times
and the Manchester orgarnisation once. I was alarmed by what I saw, but
most alarmed that you saw nothing wrong.

It was obvious that you were phobic about any information which showed
Scientology in a bad light. You were determined to hang on to
Scientology no matter what. This desperate reaction is frightening.

As I had given two weeks to meeting Scientologists and considering the
Scientology point of view, it seemed fair that you should spend some
time considering documnentary evidence of Hubbard's numerous lies and
crimes, and meet with experts in a friendly environment. After
considerable persuasion, you watched a 25-minute video. You were
unconcerned that this video showed that we had been lied to at Saint
Hill where we were told that Hubbard had only given one television
interview. The harassment practices endorsed by Hubbard, and his obvious
lies to camera made no impression on you. Having said that you would
like to say something to Jon Atack, you went into a paranoid reaction
when you were offered the opportunity. It was as if you believed Atack
had some weird supernatural power which Scientology cannot resist.

You promised not to call Scientology, but broke your word almost
immediately. A squad from the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) arrived to
take you from the hotel.

The next day, you refused to even look at documents I had brought; even
though these were largely documents written by Hubbard, and photocopies
were offered to you. Later that day, you became extremely interested in
seeing the documents, presumably with instructions from OSA.

On Monday, I went through documents which prove without doubt that
Hubbard lied about his war wounds, had Scientologists thrown overboard
from his ship, initiated harassment campaigns year in, year out, against
critics. I showed you that Scientology lies about membership figures,
and Hubbard's admission that the techniques you have been subjected to
are hypnotic. Hubbard's orders clearly state that opponents of
Scientology can be murdered by Scientologists without penalty. None of
this had any effect. You said that you are committed to Scientology no
matter what — beyond reason and beyond hope.

It is obvious that Scientology has manipulated your desperation. Since
joining you have borrowed heavily and messed up your relationship with
your girlfriend and your infant son. You have also antagonised friends
and family alike with your unreasoning obsession. Scientology has given
you a refuge in world-avoiding euphoria and placed you under hypnotic

My request is that we take a week together, with no one else present and
no contact with Scientology. During that week we should review the
evidence against Scientology. If having considered the evidence you
decide to continue with Scientology, I shall not interfere. While you
remain impervious to evidence I will do everything possible to expose

If I do not have your written agreement to spend a week with me
reviewing the evidence, without contacting Scientology, within 24 hours,
I shall send this letter the the media.

I have already lost one beloved son. I understand that if I oppose
Scientology, you will be forced to cease communicating with me (to
"disconnect"), but I will never give up on you. I love you and will
always be your friend.

With love,
Stuart Riley

Kim P

Feb 6, 2009, 5:13:50 PM2/6/09

This just breaks my heart,,,it is so sad. Destroying a family because of
useless tech created by a liar and a conman. I do sincerely hope this
father and son can be re-united

Kim P


Feb 6, 2009, 7:47:42 PM2/6/09

Bump. And very sad. Scientology, the religion that's all about
communication, except their leaders get to choose who you'll
communicate with and how.

Android Cat

Feb 6, 2009, 7:55:43 PM2/6/09

It reminds me of Alistair Cooke's account of a daughter's involvement with
the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a Scientology spin-off:

'It is dreadful to be an onlooking parent, for the loved child is lost'
October 20, 1999, Nick Clarke, The Guardian,,259531,00.html

"The blanket word that covers a lot of doubt is 'brainwashed', by which a
lot of people seem to mean that she has been either drugged or tortured into
an insensibility in which she'll say anything that's spoon-fed to her. Or
that she is acting out the tough guerrilla recruit under threat of having
her sister kidnapped, or her family murdered. There is, however, one other
definition of the word 'brainwashed' and I incline to it. Maybe because of
an old painful experience with a group not political but pseudo-religious,
skilled at recruiting impressionable young people, able to tap the dynamite
of their unconscious, but not to guide it, so that a daughter, say, that you
knew deeply, could explode into an unrecognisable monster giving her all -
money, devotion, total belief - to the movement. And incidentally, renounce
and despise the parents in a language and a voice that had its own alien and
brutal and unfamiliar tone. In such cases of what you might call malign
conversion it is a dreadful experience to be an onlooking parent, for the
loved child has been brainwashed into a genuine conversion and is for the
time being lost. At worst, is lost forever."

Ron of that ilk.


Feb 7, 2009, 9:15:09 PM2/7/09

Son still in?

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