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Kim P

Feb 19, 2008, 6:06:44 PM2/19/08

MP backs anti-drug organization
par Raffy Boudjikanian
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Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Bernard Patry and Carole Arvisais hold a banner
from Narconon Trois-Rivières, which preaches drug prevention to
students. MP backs anti-drug organization

Pierrefonds-Dollard MP Bernard Patry added his name to a banner
declaring he promised to live a life without drugs, a symbolic gesture
aimed to help non-profit organization Narconon Trois-Rivières preach
prevention to grade school students across Quebec.

"I remember seeing a patient years ago," recalled Patry, a former
physician, "who came to me with a black eye. I asked him what had
happened, and he said his 15-year old son had hit him."

Like other experiences dealing with patients whose lives had been
affected by drugs, this one marked him too. The Liberal MP's first
instinct back then was to give his patient some contact information for
a detox centre, and nowadays he still thinks the work of places like
Narconon is important.

"To me, having Bernard Patry sign our banner is important, because
people like our MPs are popular among children. It sends a positive
message to them," said Carole Arvisais, community relations director
with the organization.

Other colourful signatures that adorn the large white banner include
Senator Jean Lapointe and TVA channel personality Pierre Bruno.

"(Drug addiction) starts at the fourth grade these days," Arvisais said.
Even she was surprised when one school contacted the organization to ask
them to speak to nine and 10 year-olds, she added.

"Part of the reason why it starts so early now is because of how much
this is visible in our media, such as television and the Internet,"
Patry said.

Narconon Trois-Rivières is the only Quebec branch of a global network.
According to Arvisais, the detox centre treats those who are above 18
years of age. Over the course of a program that lasts around five
months, addicts are encouraged to go "cold turkey" and replace their
drug intake with lots of vitamins and proteins. They eventually begin to
undergo three- to four-hour sauna sessions to sweat out all their toxins.

For more information on Narconon Trois-Rivières, call 819-376-8181.


Please write this MP with information about what narconon really is I have

His parliamentary address is:

Kim P

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