(MPES) 9 Michael Pattinson's Experiences with Scientology. Part 9

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michael pattinson

Aug 30, 2003, 10:47:56 PM8/30/03
Part 9.

In February 1990 I completed the highest current level of pastoral
counselling in the Church of Scientology, called O.T. 8. on the ship
"Freewinds". I had, by that time,been an active member of C. of S.
since 1973. I had spent a very large sum of money on church counseling
and training procedures, and had helped the C. of S. on numerous
occasions when it had had difficulties.
As a furtherance of my career and my desire to see artists do better
in life I decided to write up my own personal experiences in the field
of the arts and to give the benefit of these experiences to young
artists in particular. It is a difficult profession to be successful
in, and I had learned "the hard way" what worked and what didn't work.
I wrote up a few pages of text on art and culture from my own
experience, and started to send them out to others, to get their
feed-back on its usefulness or not. The responses were wonderful, and
this was from artists and art lovers alike. I decided to do this more
fully and to start an artists association to unite artists under the
umbrella of true data concerning the arts. The arts are full of false
data that can drown a young artist very early on in their career.

I had a meeting of the newly-forming association in my home in Paris
on April 7 1991. The people who attended were invited there by Mrs
M.A. Doree, an assistant of mine back then. I did not know some of the
people present, as it was the first time we met. The meeting went very
well for all concerned, and a few attendees decided to enrol in the
association. It was a very happy occasion.
On 9 April 1991 I went to the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre
of Paris to have lunch with Mr. and Mrs.Rosenberg, the Director and
President of the Celebrity Centre. During lunch I mentioned actions I
was doing to help artists under my new Initiative. Both Mr. and Mrs.
Rosenberg became very angry at my actions, without explaining why at
that time.
Mrs. Sarit Rosenberg insisted that I come to her office to see some
references on the subject (some internal administrative rules not
written by L.Ron Hubbard, but by Church officials in Los Angeles).
Sarit Rosenberg proceeded to hysterically and angrily denounce all I
was doing as some kind of "crime" (in her viewpoint) against the C.of
S. I refused to abandon my purposes in the arts and, in particular, I
would not agree to stopping the formation of my artists association.
At this point she made the following threats from her position as
President of the C.of S. CC Paris;
that if I did not stop my artists association and my writings on art
she would;

a)issue an official C. of S. restraining order (called a
"Non-Enturbulation Order")on me. When one of these is issued it puts
the "parishoner" in a very unsafe position in the Church in that if
even one other report comes from any other parishoner that is upset
with the person ("Joe", for example) then Joe will be instantly cut
off from the Church, his friends in Scientology, and from any further
Church counseling or training. It is no light matter to issue one of
these on someone. It, basically, puts them at very high risk of
"excommunication"on anyone's whim.

b)cut all of my communication lines to my artist friends that were in
the C. of S. in Paris and ensure that she would use her position as
President of the C. of S. Celebrity Centre to make the friendships
cease until I would comply with her orders to me.

c) that she would use her C. of S, position to have removed any status
I had within the C. of S., particularly as a person who had "O.T."
status (O.T. means "operating thetan", where thetan refers to the
spiritual being or "soul" of the person). I had worked since 1973 to
attain this state within the C. of S.» and I was proud of my efforts,
persistence and result I had achieved. Sarit Rosenberg was threatening
to have all of this "cancelled" if I did not bow down to her wishes
for me to stop helping artists by my writings and artists association.

I did not comply to her angry ranting, and had no intention of bowing
down to her threats.

I left the building and went home to write up a report to the C. of S.
management on her behavior. For me it was totally unacceptable that
the Church of Scientology would interfere in my profession and my
artistic purposes by threat and "blackmail" of a spiritual nature. The
next day it was all written up and sent to Los Angeles with the facts.
I never went back to the Celebrity Centre since then,for any training
or events.
I continued my work at home in the meantime, including helping out as
a leader in the Paris office of "W.I.S.E." (WORLD INSTITUTE OF
SCIENTOLOGY ENTERPRISES). I had paid several thousand dollars for a
franchise to help Scientology businessmen do better in life. I was the
"Charter Committee" leader, as I wanted to be useful to the group.

At this time my career was going normally, I was still maintaining a
sales percent of paintings sold of over 95%. I had minimal credit or

In April 1991 Sarit Rosenberg went to the Freewinds ship. Apparently,
while she was there she criticized me strongly to the staff member who
was in charge of "parishoner" ethics. I suspect that she gave this
person (Christine Mc. Nocher) a false impression of me of a very
negative nature. Also, Mr. Alain Franck Rosenberg went at a different
moment in April 1991 to the Freewinds. I learned later from Miss
McNocher that while he was there he had been "briefed" by the Senior
Case Supervisor, Mrs Margaret Supak, on the contents of my
auditing/ethics folders, which was a highly personal confessional
write-up I had volunteered under confidence in what I considered to be
a sacred trust. It is a severe violation to betray this trust as then
any person can become subject to abuse or even blackmail by the
unauthorized revealing of their private confessional actions. Mr.
Rosenberg, apparently, told Sarit Rosenberg about this confessional
content. During this time I was waiting for a reply to my report from
the Religious Technology Centre on the threats I had met with from the
C. of S. executive in Paris.

Shortly after the visit of the Rosenbergs to the Freewinds ship Miss
Me Nocher issued an official document, with broad issue world-wide to
Scientologists, that I was no longer to be considered an "O.T.", or
even a Pre"O.T" (someone doing grades lower than actual "O.T.". This
was issued from the Freewinds ship on 2 May 1991.

The publication also said that I had been "found guilty" of various
crimes and high crimes against church policies (without any on-policy
"Justice" action to stand behind these accusations). It also stated
that, in order to regain the status I had paid for, worked through and
completed I would have to complete an extensive program written for
me by Margaret Supak. It also issued an official threat that if I did
not perform the actions required that I might be cut off from
Scientology (declared as a "suppressive person").

Remember that all this comes from the fact that I wanted to help other
artists! When I later asked Miss Me Nocher why this had been written
she said it was because of things I had written in my volunteered
confessional write-up on what was occurring in my private love-life
(yes, "gay" activity in Paris after OT8). It is specifically forbidden
in the C.of S. policies to write an ethics order on this subject, yet
here was one officially issued after my confidence and privacy had
been violated by Mrs. Supak. My personal life is a matter of private
concern, and I had turned to the Church of Scientology in 1973 to get
help specifically on some aspects of this. I recently learned that the
exact procedures that would have helped me on this were never given to
me, even after 23 years and thousands of hours purchased for auditing
at various organizations of the C. of S. I also recently learned that
the C. of S. has issued a confidential (but general content revealed
to me by friends) publication where it is found that the previous
level of spiritual counselling (O.T.7) was delivered defectively, and
that this may have created severe difficulties for "parishoners" who
had previously paid for, done and completed this Scientology level,
such as myself.

AS OF 1997;NOTE{Currently, all persons having experienced this
defective level of training and auditing are called back to Clearwater
to pay for and re-do this level at their own expense. Even though I
have experienced this level of Scientology I have been denied access
to the publication at the Flag Land Base in Clearwater.

To continue on the history of what occurred in 1991; the program
written by Mrs Supak required me to do an extensive "amends
project"for the C. of S. and to do other technical items of C. of S.
services. It also threatened that if I did not comply with all of
these points, as well as having "a flawless Ethics record" (a thing
virtually impossible to attain in the realities of the everyday world,
as any Scientologist will confirm who works outside the Church) that I
would be instantly cut off from Scientology, my friends and
aquaintances in the C. of S. This document was issued by the Flag Ship
Service Organization on May 30 1991.

In May 1991 I was still in Paris waiting for a reply to my report on
the threats. None-came.

Unknown to me at the time (April and May 1991) Sarit Rosenberg had
gone to the effort of having some of her other staff members (Claude
Tizioli, Marie-Yvonne Leclerc and Philippe Coriou) write ethics
violation reports on me, even though they had no personal knowledge of
what had transpired as they had not been present at the meeting
between myself and Sarit Rosenberg. These reports were sent to the
Freewinds ethics office, all containing erroneous and negatively
alarming falsehoods on me. No copies were sent to me so I did not know
of their existence until it was "too late". These could have been
corrected by policy applications if I had known about them. It appears
that the fact of not sending me any copies was part of Mrs.
Rosenberg's plan to get me thoroughly discredited within the C. of S.

I will save comments on what I learned during this "attack" phase from
the C. of S. until I have posted all its sections.


Aug 31, 2003, 1:16:36 AM8/31/03
kare...@msn.com (michael pattinson) wrote in

When I read this, my mind is forming thoughts that are inappropiate to
publish here. But the question must be publicly raised, how this
'material' of 'human' personell, which seems in it's willingness to act on
'Gleichschaltungsmode' unparalleled since the third reich, could have been
bred in this shadow of society, called Scientology, or if it merely was,
that this organisation with it's mixture of technism and fanatism was setup
to deliver stage for exactly this people, and there was no breeding needed.
I remember well, when I first saw this long haired catchers in tv and
realized, that I must have slept the last 15 years. When we had long hair,
it stood exactly for the opposite of what long haired ruthless or witty
football and what not fighters were standing now.
There is enough stuff in the writings of this scam collection scientology,
that can attract well meaning beings. It was stolen by Hubbard from other
sources and melted by his no doubt profund talent to hammer hypnotical
messages into a mass, that he must be their Ron.
Much more systematical for example than Hitler, who had Radio, and, well,
not really the goal, to take over this planet. It was 'morgen die ganze
Welt', but one could read it for an expression of enthusiasm without
detailed plans attached, and most germans took it for that.
The systematical approach by Hubbard, to choose the idea of an religion was
in this light only a further development, but how efficient!
The enemy isn't defined by worldly measures, so there are no worldly limits
attached. That he has a body - well, most here know, what a Scientologist
thinks about bodies. It's a carbon-oxigene machine, and loosing it is part
of the game. So, it's really in the end, that a management Scientologist
has no barrier implied, to show anyone where zero in back to zero is. These
are simply fascists, without the shudder attached, as there is no
'Entmenschlichung' needed. Scientologists, and remember, for them any being
is a Scientologist, it only does not know yet, for them, a being is not
human. That is true. They were dancing to the Beatles in Munich in 76, but
that was something to be enjoyed consciously, and thrillingly, as a human
being played!, switch it off, puff, gone. Sex, children, all it's part of a
game, it's called, we are on earth. It *is* really like in the opening
scene of rocky horror picture show, down there, opening the door from the
weather, going in, this diabolic grin, it's just without the grin.
They are 'Über', this menschen, they try hard, and that hurts even harder.
I am sorry Michael, that you had to experience this behaviour of people,
who are so remarkably nothing as theirselfes, but remarkably present,
working as cogwheels in a machinery to brake people.
I always was, and still am wondering, how Chick Corea, with his, well, I
thought, he must have human wisdom, to be able to make this music, how he
could stay in such an organisation! I mean, in the third reich, it was
forbidden to hear BBC, one could die for that, but this guy somehow must
perceive, what is going on?
Was his daddy Mafia, had he sex with children, or what do they have on him?
I always found his music cold, yet wetted by emotions, but somehow
admiringly, and the older stuff rather pleasant. He 'is' someone, or not?
Helnwein is a money asshole, who is just too happy, to have some
conspirative parties going on, of course cool! I wouldn't trust him.
Ah, what else do I feel appropiate to say.
It would not help to sniper this asshole lady in Paris. But it would, to
take the first ten up. That's for sure. I wonder. Then, Gandhi was one of
the greatest leaders of the last 2000 years, and he showed it wonderfully.
There is a lot of hope in the circumstance, that we have globally fast and
many means of communication. It would help in any case, to have witnesses,
and take them down by law. Not only by the countrie's, but the onces of
common sense and human understanding. It is not desirable for humans, to be
lied to. It may be part of Scientologist's game, but society has thanks god
no understanding for it. It is too obvious, that if everybody can lie at
will and be proud of it, it would be the end of society functioning.
So, a systematic approach, to point out their lies towards each other, and
the human world, will deliver the smoothest success.
The fact alone driven home to the people, that Scientologists will take
offence being called human beings, will dry them out of material. And the
5% wise undertakers, like these unspeakable Mexicans, or the american
exploiters - that's, what they are, and what they will be seen for,
exploiters. It may not sound very remarkable with that as standing out of
the crowd at current world state of economical affairs, many trie to
exploit, desperately, but this works only that long.
Hei, enough rant, give us more of your wounds:-(, and what they could mean
in a free world. Yes, to choose, to be good. And not, after Hubbard
explained, why there is no good or bad.
The only time, that this idiot tried to do politics, he fell flat on his
rassist's nose. They didn't like his american belly. Haha, no Schwarzbrot
in the morning.
Well, they may even get another ten thousand followers during the next
years, they will go down the drain. I bet my live on it. Who is they? The
gang of lieing spiritless dwarfs.
Fuck, I saw the whole gang standing on stage there in 83. I thought, they
were up to it. They were waiting for orders. And then they started to
listen to this bacillic cmo valence of Hubbard, because it was the only
sound in the room. They did not take it down. A mistake. I thought, they'd
remember style. By now, they are just ordinary criminals. Though, I find it
moving, how they persist. Is Lesevre still ED int? No, lately not, is it.
It's like in any bad company. All heads up in the ass of the next one.
Upper management does it in circles and smiles. They never get out of it:-)
Scientology, as it is layed out by Hubbard, will never work, as it was
advertised: A pieceful way for society. There are no SPs, there are only


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