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1985: Frank Notaro pickets, is kidnapped

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Jan 8, 2007, 2:17:28 PM1/8/07
Frank Notaro Picket report, from The Free Spirit, January 1986 issue,
page 30 (the indicated photos are poor quality)

Saturday, 5 Oct. 95: I went down to AOLA to ask for a refund of $2,000
for a level which has been hanging fire for almost 10 years with much
associated pain. My request was in writing. A security guard told me to
get out or I would be arrested. I said OK, but then I will have to

Sunday, 6 Oct.: at 1 P.M. I picketed by myself in front of ASHO, LA
Org, and AOLA with three signs which had "confidential" OT 3 materials
on them. A CofS security guard came from the front and grabbed my
signs, while three or four others jumped me from behind and threw me to
the pavement in the middle of the street, where they pinned me down and
handcuffed me from behind. They then took me inside the building across
from AOLA. On the way, I managed to shout to a friend to call the
police, as I was afraid. I was held captive for an hour or so until
the police came and released me. The Police Officers told the church
officials that I had every right to picket and escorted me to safety
out of the area.

Thursday 17 Oct 85: Here's my motorcycle [indicating photo on next
page] as I get ready to pickete in front of downtown LA Courthouse.
Later, I was chased from the CofS "Religious Crusade Rally" by the
courthouse by about ten CofS "security" guards. A mob of about forty
fanatical cult members joined the chase, grabbing my signs and forcing
me into the street while a Channel 11 camerawoman (see middle lower
picture) was filming away. Jeff Pomerantz (lower right corner), and
others of the mob, demonstrated how "Scientology works" by trying to
cover up the camera woman's lense, which resulted in her being struck
by a passing car in the street. The police stopped all traffic to
handle the situation and helped me escape from the mob unharmed (see
lower left picture).

Sunday 17 Nov. 85: After seeing a defamatory poster with my name on it
by the cash register at a nearby store, I walked up Barendo St. to see
if there were any more posted. I was approached by two CofS security
guards, who said I shouldn't be there. I continued walking and told
them to just leave me alone. Two security guards grabbed an arm each
and a third, used painfully crippling, high voltage stun gun on me
several times, until I collapsed on the pavement (this caused a severe
and painful recurrence of an old back injury). They then handcuffed me,
dragged me across the street into a building and threw me on the floor
of a basement, where one of the security guards held me down with his
foot for about an hour until the police arrived. What I did not know
was that the CofS had gotten a valid restraining order on me to prevent
me from coming within 50 yeards of the complex. In the past, I had been
"served" several restraining orders which did not apply to me, but not
this one. When the police arrived they arrested me, took me downtown,
and booked me. I was released on bail. Stay tuned for court results
* * * *

[Just wondering, why didn't Frank sue Co$ for kidnapping?].

Jan 8, 2007, 2:21:58 PM1/8/07

Perhaps he couldn't find a lawyer...

Does that situation sound familiar??

arnie lerma

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years ago. These spirits attach themselves by "clusters"
to individuals in the contemporary world, causing
spiritual harm and negatively influencing the lives
of their hosts"
[Judge Leonie Brinkema 4 Oct 96 Memorandum Opinion]

29 November 1995
Memorandum Opinion Judge Leonie Brinkema
"the Court is now convinced that the primary motivation..
in suing Lerma, to stifle criticism of
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Jan 8, 2007, 2:24:33 PM1/8/07

Wow. Defamatory posters -- Just like Shawn in Clearwater!

-maggie, human being

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