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Bizarre Scientology Plot to Get Official

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Aug 8, 2001, 4:28:54 PM8/8/01

Los Angeles Herald Examiner
May 29, 1980

Scientology Bizarre Plot to Get Official


Church of Scientology members planned to discredit a high-level official in the
California attorney general's office in Los Angeles with a bizarre undercover
operation involving a pregnant woman, a phony nun and a fake bribery kickback,
according to documents obtained by the Herald Examiner.

The church's records of "Operation Snapper" - part of 100,000 pages of
documents seized by the FBI in Los Angeles three years ago - identified the
target at Lawrence Tapper, deputy attorney general in charge of the charitable
trust unit.

These documents reveal a complex "three-channel" operation "to get Larry Tapper
removed from his post in the AG's office so that he can no longer commit overts
(sic)" against the worldwide church formed in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Church has come under fire recently for similar operations to discredit
public officials in Clearwater, Fla. But this is the first indication that
group members planned undercover operations against local officials.

Heber Jentzsch, a spokesman for the church in Los Angeles, confirmed the
existence of the operation against Tapper. "I had heard of the 'Snapper'
operation, " said Jentzsch. "It was a gross operation. I can't condone that
kind of activity... Someone obviously got frustrated and decided to carry out
their own scenario. It should never have happened."

Jentzsch said he had no idea who in the church planned "Operation Snapper" or
whether any phases of it were actually carried out. Tapper became a target
after handling consumer fraud complaints against the church in the middle and
late '70s.

Tapper at one point advised one of his superiors that the church is "long
overdue" for a state investigation, and that interoffice memo - dated May 12,
1976 - was among the church's records.

It is unclear whether any elements of the operation were carried out. Tapper,
who still serves in the same position with the attorney general's office,
declined to comment because the church has an ongoing $1 million lawsuit
against him and other public officials charging "illegal infiltration" of the

The well-planned operation against Tapper was outlined in a lengthy church

Channel 1 had two phases. The first: "Recruit a very tough (woman) that is
obviously pregnant and that is a good actress... she does a practice run on the
AG's office to ascertain the best place in (Evelle) Younger's office (former
attorney general) to do the action.

"Pregnant woman simply walks into the AG's office (Younger's) in Sacramento and
says in so many words: 'I told Larry I wouldn't do this but he gave me no
choise (sic). I don't care about his career anymore! I mean look at me! I'll go
to the press even if it does ruin my family's reputation. I won't have an
abortion!'" After creating a scene and crying, the woman was to leave, saying,
"Oh, never mind, nobody will help me anyway."

The second phase: "Recruit trusted male... must be able to talk angerly (sic)
and sound about 45 to 50 years old over the phone. "He is the father of the
pregnant girl. He calls up the two areas his daughter visited and gives them
hell (from an outside phone), says, 'My daughter came into your office
yesterday. The pregnant girl. Well, I don't know what you people said to her
but she is terrified... talks of suicide... this guy is Larry Tapper. Who is
he? My daughter tells me he is the father of her child.

"'And he's threatened to have her committed if she reveals this... You can only
protect basterds (sic) like Tapper for so long and then you'll get a

Five days later, Channel 2 was to be carried out. The first phase: "Recruit a
trusted female with a lot of courage. Find out what's the biggest order of nuns
in the area, and what habit they would be wearing during this season... Recruit
a reliable person who can actually take professional photograph (sic) indoors."

The woman dressed like a nun goes into AG's office and asks a receptionist what
the proper procedure is for filing a complaint against someone in the AG's
office. The photographer, who has come in independently of the "nun," overhears

The plan then calls for the photographer to say: "Holy cow! What a story," so
that the receptionist can hear him. "Excuse me sister, I couldn't help
overhearing you, are you filing a complaint?"

"Pressure is quickly put on the nun, forcing her to stammer out... He uses his
position to attack anything that's not Jewish... Well, if you must know, it's
Lawrence Tapper. Oh, I shouldn't have said that." The photographer takes her
picture, showing the receptionist in the background. "Nun covers her face
completely. She says please don't. No! Oh God. I shouldn't have come here. Nun
leaves very upset. Photographer asks receptionist who was that... and leaves."

The second phase: The next day, a man posing as a newspaper reporter is sent
back to the same office. He asks questions like: "Is it true a nun came in here
yesterday and accused Younger of protecting Lawrence Tapper... Any statement on
this. Is Younger protecting Tapper on this? What's it all about?"

Also, the photographer's picture is developed and sent to various minority
newspapers. "Telephone bigger papers to see if they would be interested... The
headline would read something like 'Mysterious Nun Claims Prejudice in AG's
office.' GET ARTICLE PUBLISHED. The article will cast aspersions on the charity
fraud area and Tapper."

One week later, channel 3 was to go into operation: "Find out where Tapper
banks... Obtain the name and address of the San Diego Mental Health's executive
who just got busted for dealing in drugs.

"Recruit a 30-year old tough looking male... He will be taking five $20 bills
($100) and depositing them into Tapper's account. He'll ensure no prints of his
are on any papers... He should wear glasses and some sort of hat so he can't be
recognized again... He reports back with receipt."

The receipt is delivered by another field agent - "an upstate banker type male"
- to Younger's office. The note names the San Diego official and explains that
the deposit is proof that Tapper is receiving "payoffs from some rather strange
areas." The "banker" leaves without giving his name.

"The above channel workable (sic) is derived from the fact that Younger has
been involved with bad PR concerning bankers and banks. This should... have
Younger put a lot of attention on this caper." Tapper, who is still in charge
of charitable trusts in the attorney general's office, was reportedly recently
informed of the operation against him by Henrietta Crampton of Redondo Beach,
director of the Citizens Freedom Foundation, a group composed largely of
parents whose children are members of various cults.

"When I told him about it (by phone)," Crampton said, "he was quiet for a
moment, and then he asked if it had anything to do with a pregnant woman. I
told him it did and that I had it in writing. He said, 'You've made my
weekend," and asked me to send him copies." Tapper confirmed his conversation
with Carmpton to the Herald Examiner but refused further comment on "Operation

Tapper and former attorney General Evelle Younger and City Attorney Burt Pines
are defendants in a million-dollar suit filed by the church in 1976 alleging
"illegal infiltration" by state officials. The suit has not yet gone to trial.

"The church has hit us for talking to the press (before),"said Robert O'Brien,
an assistent attorney general who is defending Tapper in the suit. "I not going
to have a million-dollar judgment slapped against Larry Tapper for talking to
the press about this."

Younger, who said he has "never taken this (the church's) suit very seriously,"
had no knowledge of "Operation Snapper."

"I do know that group (Scientologists) had among its targets our office," said
Younger. "But I have never heard of that particular operation. If it was
carried out, it was not brought to my attention. Mr. Tapper's reputation is
unsullied as far as I'm concerned."


Android Cat

Aug 8, 2001, 8:57:49 PM8/8/01
"JimDBB" <> wrote in message

> Heber Jentzsch, a spokesman for the church in Los Angeles, confirmed
> existence of the operation against Tapper. "I had heard of the
> operation, " said Jentzsch. "It was a gross operation. I can't condone
> kind of activity... Someone obviously got frustrated and decided to
carry out
> their own scenario. It should never have happened."

That's right Heber, another rogue ex-$cientologist caper. Just like
Snow White, just like Ontario, etc...

Say Heber, after skipping bail in Spain, are you a rogue
ex-$cientologist? Or just ex?

Ron of that ilk.


Aug 9, 2001, 12:15:56 AM8/9/01
to (JimDBB) wrote:

>Los Angeles Herald Examiner
>May 29, 1980
>Scientology Bizarre Plot to Get Official

Who says the clams don't have a (crude) sense of humor?


I saw
many people
reduced to
incoherent babbling,
stripping off clothes,
crawling around on the ground,
banging heads, limbs and other body parts
against furniture and walls,
losing all sense of one's identity
and intense and persistent suicidal ideation.

--Declaration of Andre Tabayoyon

I'm an OT.--Lisa McPherson

If you imagine 40-50 Scientologists
posting on the Internet every few days,
we'll just run the SP's right off the system.
It will be quite simple, actually.

--Elaine Siegel, OSA INT (1996)


M. C. DiPietra

Aug 9, 2001, 8:41:52 AM8/9/01
in article, mimus at mused on 8/9/01 12:15 AM:

>> The Church has come under fire recently for similar operations to discredit
>> public officials in Clearwater, Fla. But this is the first indication that
>> group members planned undercover operations against local officials.

Whatever *happened* to them for that?

Any kind of sanction or punishment?

M.C.DiPietra <>, SP5, KoX
"Hell, if you understood everything I say, you'd be me!" -Miles Davis

Phil Scott

Aug 9, 2001, 12:14:30 PM8/9/01
On Thu, 09 Aug 2001 12:41:52 GMT, "M. C. DiPietra" <>

>in article, mimus at
> mused on 8/9/01 12:15 AM:
>>> The Church has come under fire recently for similar operations to discredit
>>> public officials in Clearwater, Fla. But this is the first indication that
>>> group members planned undercover operations against local officials.
>Whatever *happened* to them for that?
>Any kind of sanction or punishment?

Good question.... conspiracy to subvert governments locally and world wide,
with massive evidence, stealing US govt and local govt documents, planting fake
documents, lying in court.

Not ONE single prosecution for that in the US since 1982, and then the cult got
off relatively light.

This begs the question, 'why'? What motive would the US govt have for not
prosecuting the cult? There has to be a motive. It couldnt possibly be the
same motive the corrupt officials in Zwickau had... they were complicit with the
cult in hundreds of millions of dollars in realestate tax dodges and money
laundering schemes...

ah I see, no way could that happen in the US.... and of course those billions
stolen by corrupt US govt weapons contractors ... sometimes detected and
reported on by the GAO... who launders that money? And where is it laundered.

Maybe one might notice that retired top level govt brass is in bed with (running
actually) several cultie founded companies, one of which Helen Cobrins husband
is involved with. ATG I think. they have a web site. Only one of the top
guys listed is an ex military intelligence col. Last year the list of ex
military people was much longer.... hiding under the rug these days apparently.

And what to they sell... take a look, trinkets mostly, high sounding research
with no substance. We need 10 or 15 retired military brass people to man
those operations? I dont think so.

why then?

The brass maintains high level contacts within the military of course, and can
arrange for these front companies to get govt contracts, for research and
products all in the *black budget (top secret budget, sometimes not even listed
as a line item in congress's budget, for top secret military procurement, not
auditable except by US top brass... dang, and we have them retiring to work
for cultie companies. what a coincidence.)

I've seen billion dollar projects go several billion dollars over budget... on
the thinnest excuses. One friend of mine was designing a pumping station for
one of those semi secret weapons production plants, about a million dollars
worth of pumps. (for the larger project, a billion dollars or so)

the larger job for some strange reason kept exeeding each successive budget, and
the management blamed one of the hundred million dollar escallations on his pump

and no way in hell could that be true. his pumps went in without a hitch as
designed, no extra's... etc... so he complained to the management.. and was
told to shut up, then threatened when he kept pressing the point. His pumps
would have to have been made of solid gold for the cost to have risen anywhere
near that level. So where WAS the extra 100 million on that single
glitch...where was the money actually "spent'.... how does a billion dollar
job end up costing 5 billion... the door knobs were off center or something?

the 100 million was a bogus escallation.

they had to blame his dinky little pump job. So where did the 100 million
go, and how would it get laundered? Who would launder it, what fake contract
could be written for the money... who could the contract it be written to that
the money could be counted on to float the money back to the corrupt agencies or

All it takes is some ex insiders, moved outside into secure and corrupt vendor
companies. This accomdates the sale of 'consulting services etc'

....or in the case of ATG, 'new radioactive waste treatment' (what a hoot),
and with ex military brass involved to lie credibly in court later if they have

They can say that it was top secret .... and they can say no more. Thats how
its done, and it is protected by need for military secrecy.

Now thats a tactic to launder cash.

How can the money be invested undetectably?

Try unrecorded interests in realestate and corporations.... both tactics Reed
Slatkin was involved in according to statements from the SEC.... which has
suddenly clammed up and boogied off.

Unrecorded is the key word here. When the transactions span nations and
oceans, and languages, and court systems and juristictions...and are mixed with
10 or 20 shell corporations they start to become completely untraceable.

Accordingly its not so hard to see why the US govt does not want to have anyone
involved in this investigated or prosecuted.... in fact if the cult was
prosectuted well they would blow the whistle on the corruption, these govt
officials would all go to prison.

another cultie blackmail scheme.... Zwickau writ large. The cult deliberately
set it up to compromise and then control governments world wide.

Phil Scott

Mike Krotz

Aug 9, 2001, 12:09:00 PM8/9/01
$cientology punished in Pinellas county? You must be joking.


Fellow Engineer

Aug 9, 2001, 2:15:46 PM8/9/01
In article <>, Phil Scott says...

Very well written, cogent piece, Phil. Keep up the excellent work.

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