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Kristi Wachter

Dec 4, 2004, 5:06:21 AM12/4/04
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Scientology Lies

This Day in Scientology History

... a summary of some of the significant events in the history of
Scientology, the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup, and the
individuals involved in exposing Scientology's abuses

On this day (December 04) in Scientology history:

[picket.gif] 1999: Nosey pickets in Chicago, IL.
[picket.gif] 1999: Maggie pickets in Clearwater, FL.
[picket.gif] 1999: Dave Bird, John Ritson picket in London.
[picket.gif] 1999: Nuke pickets in Washington, DC.
[picket.gif] 1999: BatChild, Conner picket in San Diego, California.
[picket.gif] 1999: AndroidCat pickets in Toronto, Ontario.
[media.gif] 1998: Scientology critics hold a press conference in
Clearwater, FL, to discuss Lisa McPherson and Scientology's history of
abuses, hosted by Rod Keller and featuring Stacy Young, Jesse Prince,
Frank Oliver, Bob Minton, and Arnie Lerma.
[event.gif] 1998: Scientology pickets Meklar at his home.
[media.gif] 1997: Talk of the Bay, WMNF radio: Rob Lorei interviews
former Scientologists Martin Ottman, Arnie Lerma, and Birgitta
Dagnell, with CoS PR shill Sylvia Stanard.
[picket.gif] 1997: Critics picket in Stockholm. Notes: Police called
[press.gif] 1996: Hamburger Morgenpost: Blum denounces Scientology -
"There was said to have been numerous hygiene problems, according to
Hamburg Sect Commissioner Ursula Caberta in an interview - from soiled
bed sheets to cat droppings on the carpet. Only one over-worked
custodian was seeing to the infants, some of whose eyes were infected
with filth. Another sect kindergarten by the name of "Happy Kids" on
Finkenau is under observation, and has received a warning from the
Office for Youth."
[document.gif] 1996: Graham Berry writes to Todd Blakely regarding RTC
v FACTnet
[press.gif] 1996: Sun News : Grissom's Travel, Tactics Questioned
(brief mention of Scientology)
[event.gif] 1995: Lisa McPherson remains confined at Scientology's
Fort Harrison. According to Scientology lawyer Elliot Abelson, near
the end of her stay at the Fort Harrison, McPherson's skin took on a
yellow tint. She was seen by someone from the church's Medical Liaison
Office, which refers church staffers to health professionals. "It
didn't seem to be an emergency situation," he said. Scientology
officials have not produced any caretaker logs for this day.
[event.gif] 1995: Cory Brennan accuses Tilman Hausherr, a German
citizen, of "supporting those who promote the Nazi agenda." Challenged
by Tilman and others, Cory retracts this statement on January 16,
[press.gif] 1995: Computerworld: A Nixonian twist to Internet
[event.gif] 1994: Entry from Albert Jaquier's diary: Sick.
[event.gif] 1992: Tom Voltz receives a copy of a document he had
translated, which has been published by WISE. WISE had agreed to pay
him $10,000 for the translation, but then reneged, saying the
translation Tom did was virtually unusable and that they had had to
pay thousands of dollars for corrections. Tom compares his work with
what has been published and finds them to be nearly identical, down to
typos. WISE has lied to him. He continues to demand payment.
[press.gif] 1990: San Jose Mercury News: Cleanup Day Offered By
Garbage Firm (brief mention of Scientology)
[press.gif] 1987: Philadelphia Daily News : Spit & Polish Of Bob
Goldthwait (brief mention of Scientology)
[press.gif] 1984: Los Angeles Times: US Army's 1964 release of germ
warfare bacteria in DC reported
[press.gif] 1984: San Francisco Chronicle: US Army germ warfare
experiments in airport in 1960's
[court.gif] 1984: Michael Flynn v. CoS of CA et al
[press.gif] 1984: Miami Herald: Travelers Given Dose Of Germs (brief
mention of Scientology)
[press.gif] 1984: Philadelphia Daily News: Report: Americans Sprayed
With Bacteria In '60S Army Test
[press.gif] 1984: Lexington Herald-Leader: Bacteria Used On Travelers,
Papers Say (brief mention of Scientology)
[press.gif] 1979: Los Angeles Times: Church of Scientology data on
CIA-Army open-air testing
[press.gif] 1979: San Francisco Chronicle: Church of Scientology
report on CIA-Army testing program
[scripture.gif] 1978: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOB 'How to Read Through
an F/N'.
[scripture.gif] 1977: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOB 'Checklist for
Setting Up Sessions and an E-Meter'.
[press.gif] 1976: Los Angeles Times: Scientologists discuss settlement
of libel suits filed on book
[document.gif] 1975: A Scientology memo summarizes the contents of
some "LA Intel Files," including information about Scientology links
to the Process, references to the "Scientology murders" (Doreen Gaul
and James Sharp, teenage Scientologists who were murdered, possibly by
the Zodiac killer or someone associated with Charles Manson), an
allusion to LRH being arrested in 1968 for counterfeiting, and FBI
information on Scientology.
[document.gif] 1974: Duke Snider sends Mo Budlong a telex informing
him that Snider and his associates had received "two shipments from DC
. . . about ten inches" thick containing documents which the
defendants Mitchell Hermann, Gerald Wolfe, and Michael Meisner had
stolen from the IRS.
[crime.gif] 1974: Using fake passes, Mitchell Hermann and Michael
Meisner illegally enter the Exempt Organization Division of the IRS
and steal a file on Scientology, which they describe in a telex as
"two shipments from DC . . . about ten inches" thick.
[scripture.gif] 1967: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOB 'Case Evaluation and
[scripture.gif] 1966: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOPL 'Expansion, Theory
of Policy'. An excerpt: "Therefore the correct path of expansion lies
in the gradual construction of a general, public demand to let the
public see and experience that we heal, and if the demand is then
there, and one yells for us, then re-interpret the Policy Letters anew
or do away with them."
[event.gif] 1963: J. Edgar Hoover, FBI, replies to request for
information, apparently from another government agency. In addition to
the standard information about Hubbard's wife calling him "hopelessly
insane" and "competent medical advisors" recommending treatment for
paranoid schizophrenia, Hoover also says, "In 1951, the New Jersey
State Board of Medical Examiners filed charges against HDRF for
teaching a branch of medicine without a license. ... In January, 1963,
the Food and Drug Administration directed a raid against the Academy
of Scientology ... in which machines used by the Academy in the
practice of scientology were seized. It was alleged that these
machines, known as "Hubbard Electrometers," were falsely advertised as
being effective in diagnosing and treating various types of illnesses.
Hubbard has corresponded with the Bureau on several occasions for
various reasons, including complaints against his wife and about
alleged communists. We have not conducted an investigation of him or
his organizations."
[scripture.gif] 1963: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOPL 'Org Staff W/H
[scripture.gif] 1963: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'TV Demo: Basic
Auditing-Lecture and Demo'.
[scripture.gif] 1962: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOPL 'R2-12, Validation'.
[scripture.gif] 1962: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOB 'Routine 2-12, List
One-Issue Three, the Scientology List'.
[press.gif] 1960: Sunday Guardian
[scripture.gif] 1957: L. Ron Hubbard writes HCOB 'Clear Procedure
Continued, Step One: Participation in Session by the Pc'.
[scripture.gif] 1954: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'Last Lecture '.
[scripture.gif] 1953: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'Plan of SOP 8-C'.
[scripture.gif] 1953: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'LRHQuestions the Class on
[scripture.gif] 1952: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'The Logics:
Infinity-Valued Logic '.
[scripture.gif] 1952: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'The Logics: Methods of
Thinking '.
[scripture.gif] 1952: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'Spacation: Anchor Points,
Origin '.
[scripture.gif] 1952: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'Spacation: Locating,
Space, Time '.
[scripture.gif] 1952: L. Ron Hubbard writes 'Spacation: Energy
Particles and Time '.

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Special thanks to Rod Keller's alt.religion.scientology Week In Review
Kristi Wachter
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