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Dave Touretzky

Mar 30, 2007, 7:55:09 PM3/30/07
"The Many Moods of Vince Daniels" Radio Show, February 24, 2007

Segment 2

VINCE DANIELS: Thirty-four after the hour and it's a pleasure to welcome

back to "The Many Moods." A couple of ladies that were with us on the show,

show that you missed here last week, Jay, although you did watch it, I know,

later on.

JAY BOATMAN: Yes, on YouTube, wow.

VINCE DANIELS: It was a great--it was our highest rated and for good reason

because we broke some things down. I mean, we told it like it was and

apparently it sounds to me like another radio station out here is [laughter]

stealing the idea. I don't know if I should be complimented by that.

JAY BOATMAN: I think you should be complimented on it. I think you should be

vigilant of it because it's there's no such thing as bad publicity, there's

no such thing as--it's good when they're chattering about it. Even though you

get a little rubbed the wrong way, that means you're doing your job. If you

weren't doing you're job then no one would be talking about you.

VINCE DANIELS: I think I would get mad if people went to other stations and

ignored us when we're the ones that essentially broke it, first of all.

JAY BOATMAN: People, they already have their base. They have their base so

don't worry about it.

VINCE DANIELS: If it's Daniels' show, they know. They come here, yeah, and

it was broke here last week--you laugh; you don't know me--I mean, I'm very

protective what I--

KIM JOHNSON: I see that.

VINCE DANIELS: Of my intellectual, what I like to think of my intellectual


JAY BOATMAN: [Inaudible] by the way. So, no, I'm just teasing you a little

bit. [Laughter]

VINCE DANIELS: We want to welcome back two people that we heard from in this

half hour last week. They are the fiancés a couple of the students that were

previously attending Stone Hawk Narconon. I think we should let the other

people handle it because I can never pronounce the name of this place, Stone

Hawk Narconon in Battle Creek, Michigan.

JAY BOATMAN: You need to apologize to them, Vinnie, because you don't know

how to pronounce it.

KIM JOHNSON: She called it Stone Hegg.

VINCE DANIELS: Stone Hegg, she did, in that letter?

KIM JOHNSON: That was kind of a--

JAY BOATMAN: Boneheads.

VINCE DANIELS: In the letter earlier that we read?

KIM JOHNSON: Last week on the show when she came on she said she--

VINCE DANIELS: We want to welcome back Kimberly Darr. Kimberly, are you out


KIMBERLY DARR: I certainly am. Hi, Vinnie.

VINCE DANIELS: It's good to talk to you. They know me on a first-name basis

which is great. [Laughter]


JAY BOATMAN: Call him Mr. Daniels. He likes it that way.

KIM JOHNSON: It's easy to do.

VINCE DANIELS: That's Mr. Honey. [Laughter] Also, and we might add that

David Bowser is Kimberly's fiancé. David Bowser was with us last week as

well. Also joining us, Sheri Koenig, and Sheri is the fiancée of Daryl who

got out of the program the day after the show aired last week. Welcome back,

Sheri. It's great to--

SHERI KOENIG: Thank you.

VINCE DANIELS: And I know that there was some hesitancy on your part to come

back on here today. But I shouldn't really say hesitancy but just a lot of

stress going on right now, and we're going to talk about that because I want

to build up. There's a lot of things that have happened since we were on the

air Saturday, things that started transpiring just minutes after we went off

the air, and I'm not sure which one of you actually wrote me or called me to

tell me what was going on. I think it might have been you, Kimberly, to tell

us what happened at the center that very day, but let's start back from there

and work up. [Pause] Either one of you.

KIMBERLY DARR: [Laughs] Well, first, I want to thank you so much for giving

us the opportunity last week to voice our issues with Narconon Stone Hawk or

Stone Hack, as I like to call it now.

VINCE DANIELS: [Laughter] That wasn't an accident.

KIMBERLY DARR: Because immediately after the show, I started receiving e-

mails galore from people reaching out and voicing, you know, their concern

with their children and loved ones that were in there. And also a TV station,

a local TV station--

VINCE DANIELS: Back it up. What happened on Saturday?

KIMBERLY DARR: Well, Saturday afterwards, talking to a couple of students

that were still in there and in Sauna--now, you have to know that when

they're in Sauna they're not supposed to be doing chores. They're not

assigned chores because, you know, they don't hire people to clean the place;

they have the students supposedly do it. But apparently right after the show,

they had an emergency staff meeting and all of the students were handed out

job responsibilities--you know, "We need to get this place cleaned up

immediately," and it has to be done before this certain time--so they pulled

people out of Sauna to start cleaning and stuff.



KIMBERLY DARR: You know, I think a lot of that has to do with some of the

hygiene and cleanliness issues that we had discussed last week.



KIMBERLY DARR: But, and I heard this from more than one person in there, so

yeah, I think that maybe Vince got out of his cave and actually walked around

there and saw some of the dirt and mice droppings, and maybe he got bit by a

spider himself, who knows, but they certainly decided to clean the place up a

little bit as best as they could.

KIM JOHNSON: I think that's positive.

VINCE DANIELS: Yeah. So they basically scrambled because they knew they

might get a visit from the Health Department.

KIM JOHNSON: Yeah, I think that's interesting the power of what radio and

what you've done, Vince. I think you should be very proud of yourself.



KIMBERLY DARR: It wasn't only just the people who were in Sauna, like Kim

was saying that, and then as well they pulled people out of their Ethics,

which is where you go if you're in some sort of trouble and you're not

following the program--

VINCE DANIELS: You know, that's something that comes up a lot, Ethics. You

talked about last week. That's something, they call you into the office, they

call that Ethics? What do they do there?

KIMBERLY DARR: Well, if you're not following the program to a T or if you

refuse to do something, then they'll stick you in an Ethics class for a day

or two until you get back with the program. And it is my understanding that

in this Ethics class is you do a lot of TRs which is what we talked about

last week, where you sit across from somebody and sit perfectly still for

hours on end.


KIMBERLY DARR: I also got a phone call from another student who was there

that, they not only pulled people out of Sauna and Ethics, they were pulling

people out of their visiting hours with their loved ones who came to see them

last Sunday.

VINCE DANIELS: To get them to scramble and clean up the place.



KIMBERLY DARR: I came straight here from--

KIM JOHNSON: I've heard that the health board was going there this past


SHERI KOENIG: They were actually in there Thursday.

VINCE DANIELS: They were there on Thursday? Tell us a little bit, Sheri or

Kimberly, about--you had mentioned to me that there's a reporter by the name

of Patrick Center from TV8 there in Battle Creek.

KIMBERLY DARR: Yes. I received an e-mail and it was also posted on the

Scientology or the dot-org that we all post to against, you know, some of the

issues out there with Narconon and stuff, and he had sent me an e-mail

stating that he wanted to hear our story and that, you know, he wanted to

talk to any previous or current students that could contact him. And that's

WOOD-TV Target 8 Consumer Investigations and his name was Patrick Center, and

of course you can see it online, too. I don't know if I'm allowed to do this

but it's or you can just go to and go

to Consumer.

VINCE DANIELS: That's the call letters, W-O-O-D?

KIMBERLY DARR: Yeah, W-O-O-D-T-V-dot-com, and that's in Grand Rapids.

VINCE DANIELS: Have they done any--have they started filming or started

taping over there yet?

KIMBERLY DARR: I have heard that they have already tried to contact Per but

that's all I know.

VINCE DANIELS: Okay. Let's get to you--

KIMBERLY DARR: I have a telephone number, too, to Patrick Center if you--

VINCE DANIELS: Yeah, you can go ahead and put that out.

KIMBERLY DARR: It is 616-771-9663, and that's Patrick Center, Target 8

Consumer Investigations.

VINCE DANIELS: Say that number again.

KIMBERLY DARR: That's 616-771-9663.

VINCE DANIELS: Sheri, you've had quite a week.

SHERI KOENIG: Yes. [Laughs]

VINCE DANIELS: I want you to--I'm sitting here and I'm looking at something

you didn't want me to talk about but, of course, you could talk about. I was

reading it over. It's a funny thing actually, but one of the letters--and we

didn't read it here today and I purposely did not read it here today--by a

person named Michele Darrell. I found it interesting. Jay earlier read from

the mailbag a legitimate letter from somebody but at least included her phone

number. Now, when I got this letter from Michele Darrell, what was

interesting is she says if you're interested in, you know, debating me, give

me a call or write me back and give me your phone number and I'll call you,

which I did, twice. After the second time she says, "Yeah, I'm going to call

you tonight." Then I wrote her back and said, "Well, I've got to work

tonight. Can we hook up maybe in the morning?" Never heard from her and that

was Wednesday.

And then I found out something from you yesterday. Let's start, because I

just had this gut feeling she was a put-up, that something was just not right

about her e-mail. I mean, it was like she was digging for something and I

have to think that that's that way with a lot of these negative e-mails that

I'm getting because they all say the same kinds of things in their letters,

the way they word it. I don't think--it just, for one, it would take too

long. I think they just wrote it up once. It's kind of a boilerplate,

standard letter and they all use it basically just in different variations.

Tell us a little bit about what happened to you, who you were contacted by

this week.

SHERI KOENIG: It happened on Fri--well, Wednesday, Daryl's parents, his

financial supporters, had written a letter to Narconon requesting a refund

based on services that were promised and not provided, etc. And that Thursday

evening after the health board had gone through, they were on a conference

call and they started to negotiate the contracts and the refund that was to

come out of it. They were told that because of things that specifically Sheri

Koenig had said, that I had caused them to lose two additional clients that

evening and that the things that I was saying were completely untrue.


SHERI KOENIG: They then followed up with telling Daryl's parents that if I

did not sign a waiver or a release of claim against the center, that his

parents were not to get any of their money back whatsoever. And then I--

VINCE DANIELS: Now this is Kimberly talking, right?

SHERI KOENIG: No, this is Sheri.


SHERI KOENIG: Yup, and then Friday--now, I've been under some extreme

pressure from different family members and under my own stress of what to do

in a situation like this, because it seems like I don't have any part to do

with this contract whatsoever. It was Daryl that received the services, it

was him that had the breach of contract and etcetera that happened with this


VINCE DANIELS: Now, Daryl left there on Sunday, we should back up, right?

SHERI KOENIG: Oh, can I talk about that for a moment?


SHERI KOENIG: Within hours of the show, he had called me because I was

planning to go get him. I had gotten a call from him 7:00 that evening, and

probably ten minutes later he had to get off the phone because one of the

counselors was after him, wanted to speak with him. Said that they heard the

show and asked him how he felt about it and he confirmed some of the

complaints and told them, you know, what was going on. They asked him to

leave. They packed up his bags and dropped him off 20-some miles away at a

Red Roof Inn. He only had a couple of dollars on him so, and he called me and

told me what had happened.

What kind of floored me is, as much as they try to say that they want to help

individuals, they did not ask him to stay. They didn't say, "What can we do?"

They didn't say, "What are your complaints? How can we fix them or help you

with them?" They just said, "You're suspended. Here's some bags. We're

driving you to a hotel." That's what happened when I was on my way up to pick

him up. And then the letters came and then his parents started negotiating.

Well, yesterday I also got an e-mail.

VINCE DANIELS: And we should point out, too, his parents are the ones that

were keeping him in because just out of tough love.

SHERI KOENIG: His mom, correct.

VINCE DANIELS: His mom, right.

SHERI KOENIG: Correct. So on my way to pick him up, it took me about a

little over 11 hours because it was snowing the whole trip up, but on my way

to pick him up I got other phone calls about it and I actually went back to

the center on Sunday with him because he had left his glasses there. Nobody

would look at me. There were some of the big crunch--there were some of the

big counselors there. Jay was there, Rob was there, somebody who had gone

through the system who is now, I guess, one of the facilitators I should call

him, not an instructor, was there, and no one would look at me. And as I was

walking around I heard, "Don't you know who she is?" So it was a little

uncomfortable. They were fair to Daryl, so we got our stuff and left.

So let me fast-forward past the negotiation that his parents were going

through right now. They were offered a sum of money, which I don't want to

say. Then I got a letter from the same lady you were talking about, Michele



SHERI KOENIG: And her title, I guess, it said was an executive assistant

there. All the e-mail said was, "Please sign and fax that to me. Call me with

questions." And what this release was, I need to say first that I have no

part of this contract. It is not between me or anybody else. But in this it's

saying that, you know, you waive any rights against this company, anything

compensatory as far as medical relief, breach of contracts and the like. And

they go on to say that if I sign this, I understand that it's a settlement,

which it doesn't state any terms of a settlement and how can I have a

settlement if I'm not involved in this contract?


SHERI KOENIG: And they're asking me not to speak on anything or else Daryl's

parents won't receive a penny. I don't want to use the word--

KIM JOHNSON: Is that legal?

VINCE DANIELS: Well, it says here, "I further agree that I will not report--

I further agree that this release will be invalid if any of the following

people attend and/or appear on any radio show from this day forth," and of

course you're named.

SHERI KOENIG: Right, and I find that--there's two things with that. One, I

cannot control those individuals that are listed there, that my signature

cannot guarantee what their actions are.


SHERI KOENIG: And two, this release will be invalid? I thought we were

talking about a contract or, you know, what I'm supposed to be signing. So,

hey, I'm on the radio now. According to this letter, the release is invalid,

so it has nothing to do with the settlement.


SHERI KOENIG: [Sighs] I feel extremely pressured into giving up my own

constitutional rights. As somebody who has seen the company offer a service

and does not come through with it, it's my right and freedom of speech to

tell people that it's not a good service or company. I don't understand why

I'm being asked to be quiet.


SHERI KOENIG: So that's my whole problem with this and I don't want to use--

KIM JOHNSON: Because you have a strong voice. [Laughs]

SHERI KOENIG: Yeah, and I don't want to use the word "extortion" but how can

you ask a third party to not comment on a company when they're not even

involved and say that you won't give somebody else who is involved in the

contract their money if a third party speaks up? It's illegal to me.

VINCE DANIELS: Right. Don't gag orders have to be court-ordered, it seems to


SHERI KOENIG: Yeah, and that's where they got a little smart on this.

They're not calling it a gag order now. Gag orders do have to be ordered by

the court and by a judge.


SHERI KOENIG: They're calling this "release of all claims," which is

interesting because me, Sheri, is not making a claim. I am simply stating and

putting out there a service--

VINCE DANIELS: You're stating an opinion. Not an opinion; you're actually

stating what somebody that was inside put on the record here last week. You


KIM JOHNSON: Well, they want to cauterize all the veins of where this is

coming from, so they want to stop it at every vein.

SHERI KOENIG: But they're penalizing Daryl's family because of a third party

and that's not right.

VINCE DANIELS: No, it's not. We have a right to sit--listen, we could call

anybody out that we--if there's a business that needs to be closed down then

it needs to be closed. I have a right to sit here and state why I think it

needs to be closed down and--


KIM JOHNSON: Smart business to me wouldn't mean nickel-diming the

settlement. It would be giving what is right and then it's not a matter of

people up; it's because the problem has been solved.

VINCE DANIELS: Yeah, you should get the money anyway and it should have


KIM JOHNSON: If the problem has been solved and things have been clean and

Scientology has now come out and say, yes, we are in--

VINCE DANIELS: But it's not clean. It is cleaned up for appearance. You know

that it's not, and you're going to hear how unclean it became after they

cleaned it up last week.


VINCE DANIELS: So they haven't fixed this problem. As a matter of fact, can

I--well, I wanted to read something that came to me that I cannot say who

wrote this but before I do, is there anything--I mean, what's going on right

now? Because, I mean, when I talked to you on Thursday night, you were just--

you didn't know what to do.

SHERI KOENIG: You're talking to me?

VINCE DANIELS: Sheri, yeah.

SHERI KOENIG: Oh, we got a call about 1:15 this afternoon by Per.


SHERI KOENIG: Daryl had received a call by Per.

KIMBERLY DARR: I told you, Sheri.

VINCE DANIELS: You see, I knew.

KIMBERLY DARR: [While Vince talks] He is becoming so predictable.

VINCE DANIELS: And I said it to somebody yesterday. See, we have our

announcer here this week and, of course, we didn't put any names in the e-

blast this week or the promo but I knew that once the names went out over the

announcement this morning, butchered though they were, [Jay laughs] I knew

that they would figure who was going to be on the show and they'd probably

start calling people. So what did they say?

KIMBERLY DARR: They're becoming very predictable and I think it's because

they're scared.


KIMBERLY DARR: Because we're not--this is not the end of this. The show is

not the end of this. There's other media and people need to know about this


SHERI KOENIG: Yeah. They again had asked Daryl if he had received the

paperwork in which he hadn't. For some known reason they sent it to his mom

in North Carolina even though his address on file is in Maryland. And he

hasn't seen it, he hasn't signed anything yet, and he expressed some concern

about it. And they again asked him, "Could you talk to Sheri to see if she,

you know, we want to stop the bad publicity. Is there a way that she can not

go back on the radio?" And my response to that is no.


SHERI KOENIG: They said that it was me that caused them to lose two clients

and I'm here to say it was not me.

VINCE DANIELS: In other words, they said that it was your words, your

testimony last week on this show--


VINCE DANIELS: --that did the most damage but yet, Kim--


VINCE DANIELS: When we started the segment last week--and Kimberly and Kim--

who was the first one on this show that started reeling off the list of all

the things that were going on there? Who started it off?

SHERI KOENIG: Oh, goodness, I don't remember. Was it me?

VINCE DANIELS: Who introduced the whole segment and started everything?

KIM JOHNSON: I believe that was me.

KIMBERLY DARR: It was you.

VINCE DANIELS: Yeah, no, I did. [Laughter] Wasn't it last week? Yes, that

was me.

KIM JOHNSON: I was present. Vinnie? Settle down there. I didn't know what

you were getting at.


SHERI KOENIG: Had you not heard from the Wickstroms? They haven't offered to

send you money to shut up yet?

KIM JOHNSON: Humor is your life.


SHERI KOENIG: They won't call me.

VINCE DANIELS: They won't call?

SHERI KOENIG: If they want me so bad to sign this, it's their center and

it's their way that they run this that caused them to lose clients. We're

just getting the word out there and helping other families see it. But if

they want me to sign something and be involved, why are you afraid to call



SHERI KOENIG: Oh, well, maybe because I'm a third party and I have nothing

to do with this contract. And that's why I'm upset.

KIMBERLY DARR: Sheri called me right after she got it and she wanted to

know, "Kim, did you get one of these? Are they trying to shut you up, too?"

I'm like no. [Laughs]


VINCE DANIELS: So, they actually offered your--so, Sheri, they offered

Daryl's mom and dad a substantial amount of money.


VINCE DANIELS: As long as you would sign--part of that is they would get

their money as long as you signed to say that you're not coming on this show

or any media.


VINCE DANIELS: And you haven't signed anything yet.

SHERI KOENIG: No, and I refuse to. They claim it's--

VINCE DANIELS: So this has caused--

KIM JOHNSON: How is that going over with the family?

VINCE DANIELS: I was about to--yeah, exactly. How is it going with your


SHERI KOENIG: I have not spoken to them. Daryl has. I believe that they're

not happy but I still stand by what I believe in and I'm not a part of this.

I am simply stating my opinion about something and that's my constitutional

right and I will not back down from it.

VINCE DANIELS: Good for you.


VINCE DANIELS: Good for you. I received 3:30 the other morning, Friday

morning, a letter. I can't identify this guy but he's an employee of Stone

Hawk and it says right here. First off, I need to know that my name will not

be used because I am still employed with Stone Hawk and need my job. Next, I

have listened to the show that aired about a week ago and I wanted to add my

input. One of your callers stated that the guards were involved with getting

the students drunk and high. This is not true. The security officers were not

involved until it was discovered that the students were using. The employee

that did supply the alcohol and drugs is, in fact, Kate Wickstrom's brother.

He was accepting sexual favors in exchange for the alcohol and drugs.


VINCE DANIELS: There are two different centers. There is the Withdrawal in

the second half and Albion and the Sauna in the first half in Battle Creek.

So the students start out in Albion until they leave Withdrawal, then they go

to Battle Creek once they get to a certain point in their program and they

come back to Albion to finish. Battle Creek is just plain nasty and, yes,

they do have ants and spiders throughout the center. The carpets, furniture

are gross with cigarette smoke and burns. When it rains, the roof leaks in

several different areas of the building. Stone Hawk has not paid many of

their bills. That is why the trash piles up. They require us to wear uniforms

and when they turn them in to be cleaned they keep them instead because Stone

Hawk has not paid their cleaning bill. They allow the students to place

orders for things they need or want. Before they were using--I guess the

store is Meijers, M-E-I-J-E-R-S--up until about a month or so ago. I guess

Meijers is a pharmacy place out that way? And now they're using Kmart. They

never gave a reason why the switch but I know that it's because of them not

paying their bill.

There had been at least ten different employees that have had their paychecks

bounce on payday and this has happened more than once. I know one employee

that had his check bounce every week for a month. There are very few of us

working here that have not been through the program already. The only reason

that I continue to come to work every day is for the kids that are here. I

try to comfort them and to get them out of here. This is just some of what

goes on around here, and he gives his name.

KIM JOHNSON: Wow. That's a pretty powerful [inaudible]--

VINCE DANIELS: He's backing it up right there. It's Kate Wickstrom's

brother, and I would love for Kate Wickstrom to call the show and if she

wants to deny this, that's fine, I'll hear her out. But it's right here and

[unintelligible], you know. I checked this person out and the person is legit

and it's just--and you've heard similar things yourselves.

SHERI KOENIG: Yeah. I actually had heard that story before you saw that e-


VINCE DANIELS: Uh-hmm. I don't know what to say except that I think that

what you're both doing, you know, I asked this question last week, that if

they offered you a substantial amount of money--in fact, I even said that if

this happened two days before a follow-up show, which it did happen two days

before a follow-up show--


VINCE DANIELS: Would you take the money, basically, and not come back? And

your answer then was no, and apparently it still is no. Now, we should add

that Daryl is not on the show, nor is David, and there's reasons for that

today and maybe you can explain them. A lot of it, my guess, would be stress.

SHERI KOENIG: Yes. It's stress, it's concern for the family and what will

happen. They may speak out at a later time but today he does not feel

comfortable coming on just yet.

VINCE DANIELS: Uh-hmm. And he was so well-spoken here last week, too, David

Bowser, and fantastic. As a matter of fact, we're going to hear from his

roommate, Doug Kaneen, after the news here at noon.



KIMBERLY DARR: This is Kim. Just to give you one update on Dave, that he's

doing really, really well, and thanks to part of your program last week, he

is getting himself into a 12-step program, an outpatient rehab, still focused

on what's more important and that's repairing his life and the life of his

family. So that's obviously where his heart is right now is trying to put

that first. I can tell you that there is some repercussions that he suffered

from this emotionally and mentally. You know, he has issues with people being

honest with him. I mean, they look you in the eye and lie straight to you,

and now it's though he's suffering from trust issues and we need to get his

blood sugar checked again because high doses of niacin but raised his blood

sugar levels. And so, you know, there are some other things that these

students have to face when they come out of there.

VINCE DANIELS: Yeah. I was talking to a lady yesterday whose son is still in

there and she just was shocked because every time she calls her son he has to

rush off the phone and she can't figure it out. When I talked to her

yesterday she understood. It's they're very abusive in there.

KIMBERLY DARR: Vinnie, would you mind if I also--there are some other

avenues that we all need to take aside from just voicing our opinions. We

have to put it down in writing and get it in front of the proper authorities

if we want this place shut down.

VINCE DANIELS: I am still committed to it and I will not stop until this

place gets its business license revoked. I'm going to tell you that I've

talked to a couple of people this week that says it's not a joke anymore. I'm

very much on Scientology's radar and not to take any of this lightly. And I

was sitting, you know, I had a moment to myself this week and I thought to

myself, you know, is it too much to ask to come on the radio just to do my

due, to shut a place down, get their business license revoked, and not be

hassled in the process? And I think that answers my own question, of course

not. If I'm going to do something like that, of course I'm going to get

hassled for it.

KIMBERLY DARR: Uh-hmm. Well--

VINCE DANIELS: It doesn't seem right that I should because I'm doing the

right thing, but in their minds they don't see it as the right thing. They

think they're doing right.

SHERI KOENIG: And they're not.

KIMBERLY DARR: If you want their licensing pulled, there is an individual

who is in charge of licensing for the state of Michigan. I have his name and

telephone number and the students need to call him. I also have the Quality

Assurance Manager at the Mid-South Substance Abuse Commission in East

Lansing, Michigan, and those are the people--and they've given us their

telephone numbers. They want to talk to the students. They want to hear the


VINCE DANIELS: Go ahead and give us that information.

KIMBERLY DARR: Okay. One is John Wilhelmsen. That's W-I-L-H-E-L-M-S-E-N. He

is in charge of licensing and he would like to hear from any of the previous

students of Narconon. His telephone number is 517-241-1970. And then there is

Jeannie Diver. She is the Quality Assurance Manager for the Mid-South

Substance Abuse Commission and her number is 517-337-4406. Any of the

students that have been there, I mean, even if you didn't have all of the bad

things happen to you, they want to know information. We're not talking about

just the place being dirty. We're talking about civil rights, we're talking

about lies and deceit.

VINCE DANIELS: Gross civil rights violations.

KIMBERLY DARR: [While Vince talks] We're talking about a company--

VINCE DANIELS: Gross civil rights violations.

KIMBERLY DARR: Oh, yeah, and we're talking about a company, and I believe in

freedom of religion, but we're talking about a company that is selling their

religion through lying to people that need help.

VINCE DANIELS: Right, exactly.

KIMBERLY DARR: And that is just wrong. I can't believe that they're allowed

to do this.

VINCE DANIELS: And I don't want anybody, as I said earlier, out there

blaming themselves because they think they quote/unquote "were duped" into

joining this. When you go on Google and do a search, it all leads back to

Stone Hawk, doesn't it? And then, of course, in your mind that's what you

think, but the fact is they want you to think that. They're doing--

KIMBERLY DARR: They are selling their beliefs as medically and

scientifically, you know, a program and they're not. They're not at all.

VINCE DANIELS: No. And I'm going to say, too, also, for those of you who are

coming on the show that want to talk and your main interest is in getting a

refund, there are plenty of shows. You could go check out Troubleshooter Tom

Martino over on the Westwood One network. He'll get a settlement check for

you. If you want to talk about this because it's a matter of principle and

you don't care about the money, then you come on this show. And I know you

can't pay bills with principle and all you can do with principles is just--

listen. You can't pay your bills with them, you can't buy lunch with it, but

you know what? I admire the both of you, Kimberly Darr and Sheri Koenig,

because this isn't about the money for you. It is about principle and you

guys genuinely are heroes to me. And I wanted, if nothing else, not only to

have you on but I wanted to honor you for that this morning and thank you

because I know you've been through a lot and thank you for everything you are

doing to try to band a coalition of people to get together. Again, I--

SHERI KOENIG: Thank you for the opportunity.

VINCE DANIELS: Absolutely.

KIMBERLY DARR: Thank you very much.

VINCE DANIELS: You are heroes to us and thanks for coming along. And then a

hero comes along. Sheri Koenig, Kimberly Darr, keep up the good fight. We're

going to check in with you from time to time, so [laughs].


VINCE DANIELS: Don't sign any papers yet! [Laughter]

SHERI KOENIG: No, I'm not signing nothing. [Laughter] Thanks, Vin.

VINCE DANIELS: Thanks to the both of you.

KIM JOHNSON: Good talking to you again.

VINCE DANIELS: We're going to come back on the other side after Melissa

Chavez and the news and we're going to talk to Cash Williams and also the

roommate of David Bowser, Doug Kaneen. We haven't heard their stories yet.

We're going to hear them when we come back for our third and final hour.

You're listening to the Vince Daniels Show.

[End of Segment 2.]

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