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If This Won't Get Girls, I Don't Know What Will.

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Joseph Michael Bay

Oct 22, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/22/97
to (James "Kibo" Parry) writes:

>P.S. And for maximum coolness, my computer is mounted
> in one of those Trans Am shaped kiddie beds.


Chimes peal joy. Bah. Joseph Michael Bay
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Oct 27, 1997, 3:00:00 AM10/27/97

Sleepbot ZZ09.4 wrote in message <632ppg$iaf$>...
> (James "Kibo" Parry) wrote:
>i've often found the following things are very effective in causing a
>circumstance to occur that results in the acquisition of a remarkably
>girl-like item:
>(blah, blah, blah....)
>(3) money, freshly pressed in your basement. smell that ink! woo!
> the girls go absolutely bonkers. why, i've found that the most
> incredulous sex i've ever had has been in the immediate vicinity
> of newly-minted money

INCREDULOUS sex? Who was more increduluous - Her because she was slumming,
or You because you were actually getting some? I find your whole theory
absurd. It takes more than money. It takes a Platinum VISA. Some of us
have some pride.

"Whoever said 'All men are created equal' has never taken a shower at the

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