Pride in the name of Ramen

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Robot Karate Man

Jun 20, 2001, 3:56:42 AM6/20/01
The local Carrs Plus/Safeway store, where I shop, has the most wonderful
"asiental" aisle with all kinds of goofy stuff in it with pictures of
martian fruits and vegetables on the packaging next to bug-eyed cartoon
kids (and poki!). So I'm down that aisle buying Ramen noodles (breakfast of
college students!) on the English side of the aisle and I notice that, not
only is there a NEW!!(tm) flavor of Ramen noodle called "Roast Beef" (mmm-
boy! just as salty as Mom used to make!), but, on the opposite side of the
aisle, where the food that's too cheap to afford English characters on the
packaging are, is a brand new asiental version of Ramen (and all this time
I thought it was just a big practical joke, turns out their college
students eat it too). So I'm looking at the cheap imported imitation Ramen
when I see... joy! "Durian Chicken" flavor! Whoopee!

It tasted much better than the Roast Beef.

"Be good and you will be lonely."
- Mark Twain

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Ranjit Bhatnagar

Jun 23, 2001, 9:59:44 PM6/23/01
> The local Carrs Plus/Safeway store

IWPTA "Carrion Plus/Safeway."

That's just disgusting. Safeway! Ew!


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