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Jacob W. Haller

Jan 1, 2004, 10:33:57 AM1/1/04
As we enter this futuristic year of 2005, I would like to remind us all
of the amazing developments of the past year:

* Scientists have finally invented a computer small enough to fit inside
your kitchen, but still powerful enough to keep track of all your
recipes and perform most routine kitchen tasks! (Unfortunately,
making good pie crust has finally been proven to be NP-complete,

* Scientists in Des Moines, Iowa reported late in the year that they
were extremely close to perfecting the technology required to make
three-dimensional television sets. Won't that be COOL?

* Flying cars have finally become a reality, the result of 99% of
humanity moving to the moon in early April, drawn by the cheap real
estate there.

* iPods started disappearing at an alarming rate for reasons unknown.
However, their previous owners appear to be very relaxed about the
whole thing and have even gone so far as to give iPods as gifts to
their friends and relatives. When asked about the phenomina, Apple
CEO Steve Jobs jerkily pointed at the interviewer and emitted
high-pitched, disturbing screeches.

I hope that 2004 was a great year for you all!


"I don't advocate responding to rudeness with rudeness, but inducing
fear is always a good option."
-- Paula on alt.religion.kibology, 30 November 2003

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