The Denny's Revelations

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Jacob W. Haller

Dec 29, 2003, 4:59:00 PM12/29/03
I had a group of friends in college who, if they all happened to be up
together past around 2 am, would naturally all drive to Denny's and have
some food. I usually was not part of this, but on a couple of occasions
I went along.

The first time I went to Denny's with them, we were looking over the
menus to see what we would order and someone noticed that there was a
note at the bottom of the first page that explained that any item on the
menu that had a little red heart next to it contained LESS THAN TEN

We were all very impressed by this. Ten grams of fat! Everyone knows
that that's the true mark of healthy food, is when it has ten grams of
fat or less in it. You should definately go out and eat as many items
that have ten or fewer grams of fat in them as you can, as that is the
clear way to maximise your cardiovascular health!

This was all well and good, until somebody made the second big discovery
of the night, which was that there was only one item on the entire menu
that actually had the little red heart symbol next to it: the SALAD WITH

We were all even more impressed by this.

I had a milkshake and a hamburger. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, I

The second time I went to Denny's on one of these expiditions one of us
asked about the whole red heart thing and we were told that Denny's has
different menus that they have at different times of the day, and some
of the other ones did indeed have more RED HEART items. Apparently
Denny's doesn't think that the midnight-to-six-a.m. crowd is necessarily
all that health conscious.


"I don't advocate responding to rudeness with rudeness, but inducing
fear is always a good option."
-- Paula on alt.religion.kibology, 30 November 2003

E Teflon Piano

Dec 30, 2003, 10:06:05 AM12/30/03
In article <>, (Jacob W. Haller) wrote:
} Apparently
}Denny's doesn't think that the midnight-to-six-a.m. crowd is necessarily
}all that [...] conscious.


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