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Adam Funk

Oct 21, 2021, 3:30:04 PM10/21/21
On 2021-10-20, CDB wrote:

> On 10/19/2021 9:35 PM, Peter Moylan wrote:
>> bruce bowser wrote:
>>> Seeing is definitely believing. Like I can't believe that the
>>> phrase "higgelty piggelty" has appeared in AUE only once since
>>> when? 1987, when it started? Or even before then?
>> It was a children's rhyme.
>> Higgledy piggledy, my fat hen, Went to bed with his trousers on.
>> Or something like that.
> "Higgledy-piggledy" is the first line of a formally correct double
> dactyl. Some of those have been posted here.
> WP says they were invented in 1951. As you say, the nonsense-word is
> much older.

Plorkwort! Thou shouldst be posting at this hour:
USERNET hath need of thee.

I only regret that I have but one shirt to give for my country.
---Abbie Hoffman

Leo Sgouros

Oct 29, 2021, 3:27:07 AM10/29/21
I wonder what Plorkwurst would be made of?
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