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Trance-Formation of America: Clinton Coke Lines (excerpt #6)

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Dec 27, 2001, 6:53:47 PM12/27/01
....Clinton understood that I had just been through "hell" in Lampe,
and took it all in stride as he focused on his speech. He not only was
well aware of the mind-control tortures and criminal covert activities
proliferating in Arkansas and the neighboring state of Missouri, but
he condoned them! Just as there are no partisan preferences in this
world dominance effort, neither are there any strong individual state
considerations or boundaries, either. I knew from experience that
Clinton's Arkansas criminal covert operations meshed with the Lampe,
Missouri center where he routinely tended business and claimed to
"vacation," staying in the compound's resort villas.

In 1983, Houston took me to Lampe for routine trauma and programming
while he was scheduled to "entertain" at the amphitheater. Also
scheduled to perform were Bill Clinton's and George Bush's friends
Lee Greenwook and CIA operative, slave runner and country music singer
Tommy Overstreet. Greenwood and Overstreet were active in both the Lampe,
Missouri and Lake/Mount Shasta, California CIA compounds. Clinton was
flown in from Berryville, Arkansas by helicopter for the shows as well
as for a business meeting.

Before Clinton arrived, Greenwood and Houston were in the backstage
dressing rooms snorting line after line of cocaine. Houston, always
eager to make an extra penny to pinch, attempted to prostitute me to
Greenwood. "She's the real performer," Houston said. "She performs all
kinds of sex acts upon command. For a small price, she's yours."

Greenwood laughed, and referring to my Huntsville, Alabama NASA
programming said, "I've spent more time in Huntsville than she has, and
I know full well who and what she is - "a space cadet" programmed for
sex. She's a modified version of Marilyn Monroe."

Tommy Overstreet had walked in and heard what Greenwood said. "How much
time have you spent in Shasta?"

"Shasta?" Greenwood looked arrogantly at Overstreet and smiled knowingly
as he said, "You don't 'spend time' in Shasta, you maintain the concept
if you can. I haven't lost any time there, either, if thats your next
question. I go there quite a bit. Enough really to override Houston's
suggestion with ease and take what I want, when I want, and how I want

Greenwood began expertly accessing my sex programming and
told the others in the room, "You all can come and go as you please, but
I've been made an offer that I am going to use." He ordered me to
undress and bend over the desk where he roughly sodomized me as he said,
"You're going to think it's daddy all over again".

When Greenwood was through with me, I was ordered out into the
amphitheater concert area. During intermission, I met up with Swiss
Villa manager Hal Meadows, Tommy Overstreet, and Governor Clinton in the
hall. Clinton was wearing a cap that read "Diesel Trainer" which I was
told to equate literally as "these-will-train-her". Puzzled, I looked at
his cap and asked, "Are you a conductor?"

Clinton smiled and said, "Of electricity". Overstreet laughed as he
continued, "Actually it means I check cabooses. How's yours?" I
squirmed. Apparently Greenwood had bragged about sodomizing me. They
laughed even harder as Clinton said, "Still running, I'm sure".

Houston stepped out of the dressing room to greet Clinton. "Hi, Bud."
Houston extended his hand. "I heard you made Governor."

"I hear you deliver a hell of a one liner, " Clinton replied,
cryptically referring to cocaine and NOT Houston's so-called comedy
routine. "I'm always aspiring to achieve new heights."

"Well, come on in," Houston invited. "I have enough (cocaine) to put us
all into orbit." I walked into the dressing room with them as Houston
was saying to Clinton, "I suppose there are no limits for you since
you're across the (state) line."

"What line?" Clinton feigned suprise and ignorance. He looked at Hal
Meadows as he continued, "You mean I've left that state of mine? In the
state of mind I'm in, there are no boundaries anyway." He walked over to
the table and snorted a line of cocaine. "I come here to get away from
it all. This kind of business is pleasure."

"So where's that young wife of yours?" Houston asked, referring to

"She's with friends." Clinton sniffed the coke further up his nose.
"She's minding her own business. I'm just here to unwind, see the show,
maybe do a little hunting (referring to A MOST DANGEROUS GAME). I've got
a bird (helicopter) ready to fly me back when I'm through. Hey speaking
of 'Byrd' (he gestured my way) I hear she's moved up to the big house
(White House)." Referring to his friend and mentor Senator Byrd he
asked, "So what's his position now?"

"The same." Houston answered. "Probably like this..." Houston pantomimed
a lewd sodomy pose while everyone laughed. "He still runs the show."

Clinton kept his eyes fixed on Houston's "caboose" and said "Why don't
you show her (referring to me) the way out and show me that again?" If I
could have thought at the moment, I would have realized Bill Clinton was/is
bisexual. My personal sexual experience with Clinton was limited, but I had
witnessed him engaged in homosexual activity during an orgy at
Swiss Villa.

..Clinton added to what Houston said, talking in local colloquialisms.
"Bottom line is, we've got control of the (drug) industry, therefore,
we've got control of them (suppliers and buyers). You control the guy
underneath ya' and Uncle (Sam) has ya' covered. What have you got to
lose? No risk. No one's gonna hang ya' out to dry. And whatever spills
off the truck as it passes through (he laughed and snorted another line
of coke) you get to clean up.

..Clinton gestured to me and told Houston, "Get her out of here".

Houston didn't move and laughed. "She's a Presidential Model. She's kept
secrets bigger than yours."

Clinton responded "I don't care. Get her the fuck out of here."

Hall's wife led me away and locked me in a back bedroom. After an
indeterminate period of time, I heard her telephone Hillary at the guest
villa. She then drove me up the mountain through the dark to meet with
Hillary. Although I had previously met Hillary we had very little to say
to each other -- particularly since I was still dazed and tranced from
the tortures I had endured at the CIA Near Death Trauma Center in Lampe.
Hillary knew I was a mind-controlled slave, and, like Bill Clinton, just
took it in stride as a "normal" part of life in politics.



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