Fundamentalism: Islam Without Mercy?

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unforgiven sinner

Dec 3, 2022, 11:44:37 AM12/3/22
Now that the eyes of the world are on Qatar, solving the problem of
the spherical ball, there comes to mind what is the purpose of all
that wealth that purchased the championship in the way of the proverb
that "dime drills where the bore cannot"?

How many hungry mouths could it feed, proving that Allah truly is
Merciful, providing for the poor and the needy from the riches of oil

Truly, I hear that some Christian pastors in Iran were executed for
abandoning Islam and confessing Jesus as Christ.

Nobody should be executed for believing that one Child was born
2030 years ago, and nobody added to that for believing that Christ died
for his or her sins, deciding to pay the ultimate price for all the evil
they've done.

I said that womanising is the greatest weakness of Islam, but I was
wrong. The greatest sin and weakness of Islam is the religious pride
and belief that religious good deeds cancel out the evil done.

Like, I will rape, pillage and murder, but then I will fast for a month,
avoid pork and alcohol, go to pilgrimage, and I got away with it!

What then? Again?

What a shameless man I am!

Indeed, religion is not a football club that I should love mine and
beat the other with a baseball club. For God is One, and so Christ
is One, Messiah, Mesih. Isa bin Miriam.

Allah is not a different deity than Jehovah (Yahweh). It is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, God of Moses (Musa), God of Elijah, God of Jesus and God of Mohammad (PBUH).

Or it is a wrong god and Islam is either the same faith as that of Moses
and Jesus or it is wrong faith, Anti-Christian.

I firmly believe that Jesus and Mohammad believed in the same God,
for Qur'an the honourable says so. Of course, because God is One.

I do not preach trinity dogma, but Jesus Messiah (Mesih).
I do not preach those who lifted three fingers up while murdering
and raping Bosnian Muslims, so help me God!

But I do believe that Jesus, in the love I could never fathom or understand
decided to die for our evil sin because he did not want the Heaven without
us how we have been before the world was created and we consequently
fell from Grace after the first sin of Adam and Eve, even without own
willful sin committed in the full knowledge of the truth (Epistle to Romans
5:14-15, Hebrews 10:26).

"For if we willfully sin after receiving the full knowledge of the Truth,
there is no remaining sacrifice for sin, but only impending Judgment."

in the Lord
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