(@)(@) JIHADITS LOOK HERE!!!! The Zahid Family.......liars....apostates from Islaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sep 23, 2009, 6:07:38 PM9/23/09
The Zahid family of Greenwich, Connecticut, are the owners of ZAHID
AMECO (Arabian Motors and Engineering Company) of Dammam, Saudi
Arabia. AMECO is a multi-billion dollar company that transport most
equipment for large engineering jobs in Saudi Arabia, and also own
Ameco Travel of Saudi Arabia; a major travel company.

The Zahid family present themselves as "Muslims" to other Muslims,
they are in fact DAHESHISTS---followers of Dr. Dahesh, the miracle-
working Prophet of Lebanon.

Daheshists refer to Dahesh as "Our Beloved Prophet".

There are about 3,000 Daheshists worldwide, about 2,000 in Lebanon
1,000 in North America and the rest of the world.

The Zahid family are in fact the "hidden rulers" of Daheshism
worldwide. They include:

Mahmoud Zahid
Amira Zahid
Amr Zahid
Mervat Zahid

Their telephone number in Greenwhich is 203-861-7818 and

Ask them: "Are you Muslims or are you Daheshists?

Are you the "Trustees" of Daheshism worldwide?

Did you establish the
Dahesh Museum of New York City?

Do you fund the Daheshist Publishing
Company of New York City which publishes "Revelations" of Doctor
Dahesh in Arabic and English?

Do you believe that Doctor Dahesh is
your "Beloved Guiding Prophet"????

Publicly, the Zahid family has said that Dahesh "is a humanistic
philsopher and art collector". True, he collected art, but HE IS NOT
PHILOSOPHER! He claimed to start his own religion in 1942 in Beirut,
called al-Dahishiyyah!!!

Ali ibn Talib and Jesus Christ!!! THEY BELIEVE HE IS "AL-

Why are Muslims in Saudi Arabia doing hundreds of millions of dollars
of business with people who have changed their religion? Ask them,
"Are you Muslims, or are you Daheshists?"

If they say, "We are Muslims!" then they are LYING, because they are
In Daheshism, Muhammad is a minor prophet, and Ali was greater than
him. And Dahesh is the reincarnation of Ali.

QUESTION: Should MUSLIMS in Saudi Arabia continue to do BILLIONS of
dollars of business each year with ZAHID AMECO, which is WHOLLY owned
by the ZAHID family, who are Daheshists and not

Let Saudi newspapers know about this. Muslims in Saudi Arabia and
Egypt, copy this email and send it to newspapers in your country!!!

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