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Doktor notaw

da leggere,
12 giu 1999, 03:00:0012/06/99
This newsgroup was founded on the basis that it is a needed group!
Dishwashing is a very important work. The dish wash is our church, and
we are its reverends! Therefore the placement under the alt.religion
hierachy! We perform the art of zen! The idea for this newsgroup occured
to me some time ago, and thanks to the support of fellow jackals, it has
been made possible. A place for dish washers of all ages and from all
countries to collaborate, to talk, to chat, to engage about the passion
of our life, dish washing. With no boss to jerk us around. Since the
group was just added to today, few local ISP's have it on their list
yet, but it will come. Have patience.

A general charter is under construction and will be posted soon!


Doktor notaw
Dishwasher en large

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