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God and the crazy quantum world

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Apr 17, 2023, 8:28:08 PM4/17/23
If we were shrunk down to live in the quantum world, we would see the
laws of physics broken right and left. Don't fret if you don't
understand the quantum world, neither do I and many scientists. Here
are some of what you might find there:

Quantum entanglement. Einstein called it "spooky action at a
distance". Here is one example. You have two coins. One is placed a
mile from the other one. The home coin flips as heads. Then the coin a
mile away always matches what the home coin does; thus in our example,

Now take one of the coins and put it on a distant star. Then flip the
home coin. If it lands tails, so will the one on the distant star. It
instantaneously 'knows' what the home coin always is. It even breaks
the speed of light, which it has to do, to perceive that home coin.

Quantum superposition.In the quantum world, an object can be in two
different places at the same time. When you go to measure it, it is
only in one place. But before and after, it can be in two places at

Also, more than one measurement made on 2 identical particles in the
same environment, might not always give the same reading results. It's
like taking a 20 lb weight and weighing it. No surprises, it always
comes up 20 our world. But in the quantum world, it may give
different readings each time it is weighed.

Quantum mechanics vs Classical mechanics. By now you should be able to
see a difference between the two. In Classical mechanics (the one we
are familiar with), you can predict the position of an particle at a
certain time.

Not so with Quantum mechanics. To find the location of a particle you
have to rely on probability rather than determinability.

Light in the world we know can act like a wave OR a particle. But in
the quantum world it acts as a wave AND a particle.

Since our reality is built upon the quantum world, one would think
that our world would be just as crazy. But it isn't. It is quite
stable and follows certain laws to the letter. So if I go to boil some
distilled water at sea level, I can always count on it boiling at 212

We can give thanks to our Creator for giving us stability in our
world. We don't directly live in the quantum world of craziness, and
are grateful that we don't. Praise Jah.(Ps 102:18)

Sincerely James

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