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Nicholas Forystek

May 11, 2023, 7:36:43 PM5/11/23
My life endures in beginning durability before 6 years old:

7 counts of criminally drugged without warning.

3 counts of near fatal head wounds (1 not before age 6).

2 counts of frozen, injured sleep for 666 years, cold souled.

2 counts of consists implant and organ donation unknown from.

1 count of blood loss induced comatose, unknown length of time.

2 counts of cut in half at the waist and put back together with.

2 counts of surgery I still can't find trace on me, or my memory.

1 count of artificially induced comatose, 6 years confused with...

7 coutns of ambulance uses, or possibly more, between 5 major hosptials.

4 counts of weeks stayed in 4 wards for mental illnesses. (PTSD blockage)

1 count of full body third degree mantel bruising from liver function loss.

2 counts of mortally damaged in the lower private parts by man handled animals.

3 counts of abducted and found kidnapping before I’m alerted/aware it’s happened.

2 counts of birth rights loss by thieved of identity, same name, dead with impostures.

1 count of facial deflation, where your face sinks an inch into your skull in a few seconds.

1 count of been called an Infant King of France for surviving 5 brutal days premature born into a mutiny.

How did Mary put it? "I just called to make sure you're okay, and that you're still alive, that's all." - Mary Katherine.
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